Working Item Dupe Technique?

YouTube is simply awash in fraudulent videos purporting to show Diablo III dupes and hacks. Most of these videos are obviously fake, others are just ads to get you to visit some gold selling site, and a few are pushing trojans or other malware. It’s a sad state of affairs.

A new video went up today though, showing what is supposedly a working item dupe. It doesn’t have any links to crappy hack sites, they don’t point you to some malware D3KeyLogger.exe file, and the alleged dupe utilizes a very simple method that seems to basically brute force the server into confusion. And since two readers have already mailed in about it; one pointing to it and another saying he tried it and it worked… who knows? Maybe we’ll see Diablo 3’s first Rust Storm coming up soon.

I have not tried it and I certainly hope it doesn’t work. If it does I hope they ban accounts that used it. That said, if anyone’s suicidal or greedy enough to try it, watch the video and see what you think. We’ll be happy to post debunking if it can be provided.

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44 thoughts on “Working Item Dupe Technique?

      • Pro tip: When someone discovers a dupe method and decides to share, they won’t only have 6M gold in their account.
        Silly author is silly.

  1. There’s a bug in the game where 2 identical items will drop back to back… basically the game dupes the items, not players.

    So all the auctions you see with the same duration for the same item are most likely caused by this bug, not by people actually duping items.

    That’s how that guy got that bracer.

    Ever notice how no one has more than 2 of the same item? It’s never like 4 identical items…

    • The reason you see 10x the same auction with the same price is not duping nor anything sketchy. It is savvy players shopping the vendors. When you see something good on a vendor, you can purchase an unlimited number of copies.

    • +1 this. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you a pair of identical rare boots as proof of a dupe method, then sell you said method for 10,000 USD.

  2. In the previous post about a dupe method, you said you didn’t post about it until it no longer worked as some sort of moral standard. Yet now…?

  3. So you don’t even try it and you post this. Why? Are you really that desperate for something to post?

    There is something weird about the item stats because it didn’t work for the first three items I tried, but then it worked on the fourth.

    Will get up a confirmation video asap.

    Just need to figure out why some items work and some don’t.

    • Go ahead and post it then 🙂 One that isn’t spliced and explains how you did it. Otherwise, I’m calling this whole entire thing a fake until the next “dupe” claim comes out.

  5. just watch his character animation around 37-38 secs into the video. Obviously spliced the video together.

    • The revealing part to me was the zoom effect. Clearly the video was edited, and if the software can do a zoom effect, it can probably cut video just as easy.

    • It took me a few watches around that mark to notice the glow jump, but you are correct. I still had a gut feeling that it was spliced around that mark.

      The zoom in distracts a lot of the ambient animations that are going out in the world. It’s easier to splice a video when three characters are doing idle animations at the same rate over a period of time. Also notice that the stats stop their jumping when the video begins to zoom out.

      Its a stupid palor trick that makes the weak minded scream “ZOMG DUPE” and “always online” comments.

  6. Didn’t Blizz already rust storm China? I remember reading about how they took down servers and destroyed tons of bot items and then reopened saying something like, “we told you this would happen, blame them not us”.

  7. you know it’s fake when there’s no possibility to thumb down that shitty video, don’t waste your time clicking like an idiot.

  8. There is a working dupe – works best before server maintenance time 😉

    Need 2 players to do it and enjoy the rewards gold and item work.

  9. One of the FIRST laws in journalism is CHECK out your info and sources.

    Man this game is SOOOOOO much trolled with hate it is unbelievable.

    Remember the group session account stealing ?

    Even weeks after Blizzard announced is was impossoble to do so, hundreds of Blizzard haters still posted about it on the official forums.

    Diablo 3 is a great game with a great engine and some needed tweaks to make it a super game.

    But some out there on the internet need a brain check.

    • if i recalled correctly from journalism school, the first rule was always double check you have the name of your interviewee correct.

      • I though the first rule was to always have a bullshit story on hand to rustle some jimmies?

        Or is that the first rule of running a news site?

        (PS, sincerely thanks for the entertainment IncGamers crew)

  10. Not sure if this method works for item duping but as Bobby pointed out there is a working dupe method that works with 2 accounts.

  11. A previous commenter is correct in indicating that there is a bug in which the game will drop two exact items back-to-back.

    I was doing a run in act3 hell when I killed a pack of minions and a rare sheath dropped. I identified it and moved on. The next pack of minions I pulled also dropped a rare sheath. When I identified it, the name, armor, and every single modifier was exactly the same. The only difference between these belts was that it seemed the text was slightly shifted upwards on one of them.

  12. from what i understand there is a method to crash the client and roll back (hence everyone buying unid items) but no working dupe. who knows though

  13. Pretty much agree with you, except I don’t really find it unbelievable that the game is so filled with haters. It’s a Blizzard product – a massive amount of haterz and children throwing tantrums is a given.

    I do think the game has some serious design flaws, but constructive criticsm is usually lost in the tidal wave of venom and entitlement, and the slightest flaws are exaggerated all out of proportion, and the whining reaches near epic levels.

    Edit: This was ‘sposed to be in response to Benbos post on the bottom of page 1. Doh!

  14. Yea it doesn’t work, in addition to all the other pieces of evidence explaining what happened in the Video I tried it with 2 ilevel 61 bracers and it doesn’t work. In addition I tried posting on the comments section to that video and comments are pending uploader approval.

  15. So it’s been about a day, half these comments are people spotting the splice and fakeness, the poster who said be had it working has yet to put up his video “ASAP”.

    Flux said he would debunk this if people could prove it fake. A lot have spotted the splice, which is proof enough, yet he has not done so.

  16. So if this was a working dupe, why doesn’t he have an inventory full of those bracers, and why didn’t he dupe more than just his bracers?

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