YouTube is simply awash in fraudulent videos purporting to show Diablo III dupes and hacks. Most of these videos are obviously fake, others are just ads to get you to visit some gold selling site, and a few are pushing trojans or other malware. It’s a sad state of affairs.

    A new video went up today though, showing what is supposedly a working item dupe. It doesn’t have any links to crappy hack sites, they don’t point you to some malware D3KeyLogger.exe file, and the alleged dupe utilizes a very simple method that seems to basically brute force the server into confusion. And since two readers have already mailed in about it; one pointing to it and another saying he tried it and it worked… who knows? Maybe we’ll see Diablo 3’s first Rust Storm coming up soon.

    I have not tried it and I certainly hope it doesn’t work. If it does I hope they ban accounts that used it. That said, if anyone’s suicidal or greedy enough to try it, watch the video and see what you think. We’ll be happy to post debunking if it can be provided.

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