It seems to me from what DiabloWikiBashiok posted, that It would be best not to post threads debating class skill stats.  It is pointless to do so when the developers haven’t yet started to balance each class.  It can’t be done without the last class, which hasn’t been announced yet.  Once that’s done, and beta has started, they can tweak around the skill tree and some abilities/spells.  What we see in its current form is a placeholder, so to speak.

    Regardless, this response adds some info that wasn’t known before.  Though the Wizard’s DiabloWikiteleport is set in the present with a 9 sec cooldown, that’s a placeholder and that can be reduced with runes and skill points.  I think everyone will agree that teleport isn’t much of a problem at low level.  As Bashiok says, the cooldown can be lowered through the skill tree.  On another topic, all classes will have their own way to leap like the Barbarian, though in different ways. The Barbarian can leap, the Wizard can teleport.  It remains to be seen what the analog to other classes will be. Speculating, surely the Witch Doctor has a Wall of Zombies … I guess the Witch Doctor might summon a bridge of bones or catapult himself across a bridge by casting Wall of Zombies below his feet? Why not? What do you think? What about the Monk? Join the discussion.

    Blizzard’s lengthy post on this after the break.

    Bashiok: In general most people seem to be concerned with the cooldown on teleport as it relates to other skills. As some have pointed out, the game isn’t finished. Cooldown times, damage amounts, etc. are all sort of best guesses at this point as to what will be close to balanced. It likely won’t be. Not until all the classes are implemented and the majority of skills are nailed down can we start finalizing runes and balancing the skills.

    It’s a fine topic to discuss, what is or is not balanced, but to actually argue over it is ridiculous in and of itself.

    Through skill point spending and runes the cooldown time on teleport can be reduced. But that’s not really the point.

    Another concern, also a bit premature, is that now the barbarian leap skill will be the ultimate travel skill and everyone will play a barb because he can just jump through the entire game and do boss runs the fastest and we’ll have to add a leap-enigma to fix the game once it’s…

    No. We don’t have intend to have any one skill as the ultimate travel skill.

    Ok ..u might argue that teleport encourages rushing and not to play the game as intended – i belive this should be the players choice…not imposed by the game

    Bashiok: I did quote this one part of the OPs post because I see it as a common perception throughout a lot of posts. That the player should be allowed to self moderate how they choose to play the game.

    It should DEFINITELY be the players choice… as to what class they want to play. If you’re playing a witch doctor you shouldn’t be essentially forced to level a wizard because they’re able to travel, kill, and get item drops faster than any other class.

    Once a player finds the best way to do something they’ll do it. There’s no self moderation there. Once you discover that the fastest way to travel in super mario sunshine is to do a leaping belly slide, you slide around on your belly looking like a fool for the rest of the game. It’s obviously not intended for you to be jumping and belly sliding like an idiot for the entire game, but once you discover those little tricks there’s no going back. There’s no moderation on those things. It’s immediately accepted and adopted as an intended mechanic, because it serves our goals within the game. No matter how glitchy or silly it looks.

    We want to encourage player choice and ability to play the class they want to play. Leaving one class with a skill that’s essentially broken like a cooldown-less teleport – we would be killing player choice.

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