Just like we did a proper update on the Quests this Monday, we’re now putting the magnifying glass on the three DiabloWikiclasses revealed so far. First off is the latest class, the DiabloWikiWizard.

    The Wizard is really the second class closely resembling a Diablo II ditto, after the DiabloWikiBarbarian, even if she has a new nickname. The Wizard is a DiabloWikiSorceress, but with a little chaotic and arcane edge to her spells. She does the elemental stuff like a pro, but since she learned a thing or two in the DiabloWikiAncient Repositories she’s also wielding arcane and a time-altering DiabloWikimagics.

    In DiabloWikiJay Wilson‘s own words, she’s a Sorceress with a little pen & paper RPG feel. A lot like my halfling sorcerer in my Monday D&D sessions.

    So, regardless if you love Sorceresses, or the classic DiabloWikiDisintegrate spell from D&D, make sure you check out the new and updated DiabloWikiWizard!

    If you want to help out in the wiki, feel free to add more pictures to the Wizard’s media gallery, from Diii.net’s!

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