Wizard Spotlight Video Debuts

The fifth and final class spotlight video has been posted on IGN. It’s the Wizard!

Lots of concept art at the start of thing one, and then the gameplay is pretty good. There weren’t any notably new skills or rune effects (though they’ve shown off almost everything from the Wizard already, so it’s tough to break new ground) other than the Shock Pulse effect Living Lightning, and the monsters and settings aren’t new either, but it’s a nice class intro, and certainly fulfills the kick ass mega powerful mage archetype they’re selling to the casuals these vids and the rest of their REVEAL promotions are aimed at.

The video also contains virtually every one of the Wizard’s taunts, and I’m curious how you guys liked them? I don’t mind when my chars voice them in the game, but I’ve seen a lot of posts criticizing those remarks, and Blizzard cramming half a dozen of them into this short video might bring that issue to a boil.

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56 thoughts on “Wizard Spotlight Video Debuts

    • I have that slider down pretty low myself, but it’s mostly since I’m sick of the same 15 words of dialogue from the town NPCs and quest intros every time I run past. And that’s probably due to playing the same little bit of beta 500x since September.  I’ll turn that back up for the full game, at least once I’m past Leoric and the NPCs might have something new to say.

  1. As far as these teaser videos go, I love the taunts, especially the Monk’s. They add an epic/funny feel to the fight.

    It remains to be seen how it plays out in game. If it triggers once a minute, it can quickly become irritating.

    • It only triggers when you get a “mighty blow” (6 or more monsters killed with a single skill cast) so it just depends on how often you get those…

  2. There are two interesting monsters in this video:
    The first one isn’t exactly new, it’s the Morlu Caster, seen on some concept arts and during the Monk machinema.
    The next one is unkown for me. Both can be seen at the end of the video at 2:51-2:53

      • The weird thing about that area is that it looks like it has architectural elements from heaven, but the terrain looks hellish… seems like what was gleaned from the datamining is true… 😉

  3. Its great for the first few weeks and runs.  It becomes self-inflicted ignore later.  A mute feature might be nice once you start burning through the higher difficulties and farm-runs.  I suppose it ultimately ties you in the toon you selected when you hear them shouting back at you regarding the progress they’re making.

    BTW – how does shouting “your grave awaits” after “killing” a skeleton really work?  Dont they just reform and rise again?

  4. Some nice spells, doesn’t compare at all to D2. What prolly impressed me the most was the crowd control scene at about 1:46, this is what I was hoping for more of the game to play like but unfortunately by looking at these clips they’re only going to be far and few between. 🙁

    • Maybe this was common knowledge and I missed it, but unlimited AP in Archon form?  Archon just got even more exciting 🙂  Now the only limit is finding enough enemies to kill so you can keep the party rolling.

  5. I don’t mind the taunts. It’s the “my wounds are closing” or “I feel better now” that bug the ever-loving hell out of me.

    And for the video, they saved the best for last, obviously. Wizard being the best class. 🙂

    • Personal opinion for me  the WD is the best class. Somethings new somethings borrowed. Good DOT skills and lots CC/ Plenty of varied play-styles. Can play as caster or pet class. Tons of fun.

    • If the getting healed lines bother you then don’t get hurt so often. 😉 
      Also, agreed that the Wizard is the best class. :mrgreen:

    • It did look better didn’t it? Or was that just because of the poor quality of previous vids?

      • Is it just me that thinks the gfx in this vid look poorer than the others? I can’t see any reason they’d put out a vid w/o ultra gfx, but it was like the textures were turned down or something, everything looked a bit plain.

  6. So let’s talk about more than just the voice…

    @1:11 Dual disintegrate beam? Is that just the way the Convergence runestone effect looks (misleading if that’s the case) or are there +skill effects that actually do change the visuals?

    Also why is there no shot here of her wearing shields or 2H staves?

  7. Meteor looks really lame. It hits the ground  from the side, but the “explosion” goes verticaly. Skill like meteor should be much much cooler.

    • Um… what? Your argument for meteor not looking cool enough is the direction of the explosion? What direction do you think it would go? Explosions don’t go sideways, heat rises so fire and smoke does too…

      • It should reflect proper transfer of kinetic energy. Meteor hits at an angle dust and explosion rises at a tangential angle. What the OP probably meant.
        And I agree why not reflect it. Not game breaking.

        • It’s not really an explosion anyways… more like rays of red-ish light coming out of the impact area… Maybe that’s what disappoints him…

  8. i think the 12 year olds would still play the game if the wiz had correct character design.
    but as long as the gameplay is good i still buy it ^^ needless to say

  9. Oh Flux…must you always encourage angry discussion? Cant we all just get along?

    P.S. The video is good but i thought they would make it a bit better since this class has potential for massive destruction. I loved this version of Blizzard though!! Barb video is still the best!

  10. :mrgreen: 😐 ➡ 💡 ❓ 🙄 😈 👿 😥 😳 😛 😡 😆 8) 😕 😯 😮 🙁 🙂 😀

  11. mirror image looks great
    hope the blizzard effect looks better with runes
    wtf with the disintegrate on archon lol looks kinda out of place
    but who cares, this is all nit-picking anyway, and this is my favourite teaser so far, cant wait for these 2 weeks to go past!!! 

  12. I have specifically kept away from Wizard videos and seeing all of the rune variants for that class. I didn’t want to get too hyped up so far out from the game. But, with 15 days left…

    So this was my first view of Archon, living Lightning, Dual-Disintegrate, Mirror Image, tons of flying magical dagger things…

    AWESOME! That video did a great job of hilighting the Wizard for me. She’s going to be so wickedly awesome!

  13. the super saiyan eh i mean archon form looks intriguing. It totally gave the wizard a new charme, even though i still dislike the male wizard, the role of a power hungry bitch simply doesn’t suit him well. The Shewizard should be it then.

  14. I like the Wizard dialogue, very cheeky!

    I have to say though…the narration dialogue is way over the top and over-dramatic; not a big deal all in all, and I guess it suits the purpose, but I still get a sense of “…really?”

  15. Yea I’ll probably go with the male wizard, though I’ll have to test him out to see if his taunts are annoying. Just something about the laugh kind of irks me in some way.

    The movie was quite well done except in the background there was some sort of whiny trumpet playing which kind of helped make the movie a little cheesy lolz.

    Teleport with Wormhole was also shown, looked like the wizard used it… 3 times? Before stopping or the cc kicking in. It’s also cool that blizzard can be spammed quite well (in d2 there was a slight cc and you had to get items to make casting faster).

    • The male wizard says the same things just so you know. The only difference is the voice (obviously).

      Btw, the whiny music in the background is with a guitar not a trumpet and it’s been in other videos they’ve done.

  16. Wizard looks awesome, but still debating if its the best for my first HC char 

    I’m still thinking Witch Doctor, Monk and Barb have a little more survivability. So maybe use them first to farm some items ?

  17. Flux, we have seen Living Lightning before. In fact you see it every time you select the wizard on the character creation screen, it’s in the class video there.
    Also, there is a couple runed versions of Blizzard in there. The first one is the rune that increases it’s area, and notice that there’s another one at 2:54 with white ice chunks instead of the usual light blue. Also I’m pretty sure the place and monsters people mentioned earlier that appear at 2:51 are new.

  18. never played much as the sorceress in D2, doesn’t excite me much. the sad truth is, i don’t really like any of the classes in D3… the monk could be great but only uses his punches which is lame, barbarian feels slow and has to run and hit every mob one by one in close combat which is boring, and the WD is a retarded necromancer remixed by walt disney. I’m only left with the DH which would be interesting if it wasn’t for her skills that look like fugly laser missiles.
    I hope they’ll add a kind of thieve/rogue class that fights with daggers or a reworked necromancer in the expansion…
    I really think all D2 classes looked and felt better than these… maybe they weren’t near as good gameplay-wise, but from what i remember an arrow felt like an arrow, not like some fluo fireworks.

      • I did, sure some of the action is fun but it didn’t change my opinion on any of all these aesthetical choices that more or less ruin it for me.
        Dog zombies? please… Gargantuan? oh come on… Alright, the necro’s Golem looked like crap as well, but at least there was something “traditional” and creepy about a golem. I could go on forever like this (voice acting, plot, new tristram music, …) – at least the backgrounds look great, especially the other act 1 zones that we can’t play on the beta. From the little we’ve seen and heard, I have a bad feeling about act 3 though.

  19. Have to say, I think the female wizard’s voice is quite annoying and whiny but other than that. It’s a good class 🙂

  20. Definitely going with a male Wiz. CANNOT stand that voice of hers!!

    I agree, Blizzard looks wayy better now! Actually all the skills look sick except for meteor.

    Do we know what skills can be used while in Archon yet?

    • Yeah… its pretty much a super-disintegrate, a frontal cone attack, and a nova-ish thing. All arcane damage. And then runes can add a 4th skill.

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