The fifth and final class spotlight video has been posted on IGN. It’s the Wizard!

    Lots of concept art at the start of thing one, and then the gameplay is pretty good. There weren’t any notably new skills or rune effects (though they’ve shown off almost everything from the Wizard already, so it’s tough to break new ground) other than the Shock Pulse effect Living Lightning, and the monsters and settings aren’t new either, but it’s a nice class intro, and certainly fulfills the kick ass mega powerful mage archetype they’re selling to the casuals these vids and the rest of their REVEAL promotions are aimed at.

    The video also contains virtually every one of the Wizard’s taunts, and I’m curious how you guys liked them? I don’t mind when my chars voice them in the game, but I’ve seen a lot of posts criticizing those remarks, and Blizzard cramming half a dozen of them into this short video might bring that issue to a boil.

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