Wizard Bugs in Patch 2.1, Firebird’s Set and Hydra Buffs. The Wizard set DiabloWikiFirebird’s Finery was disabled due to a bug when Patch 2.1 went live. A day later the set was declared functional and hotfixed back in… but fan reports said it was still not working right. More testing was done, and tonight there’s an update from the Blues.

    Firebird’s Finery was tested again over night, and it was discovered that the 6-piece set bonus is incorrectly basing its damage off of whether or not the first ability cast to trigger it was a critical hit or not.

    This is an issue we plan to address as soon as we can, but there is unfortunately not an ETA yet on when the fix will be ready though.

    Thanks everybody who submitted their reports on this issue, those reports were really helpful… you guys totally rock 🙂

    In other Wizard spell news, Hyrda has been upgraded/bug fixed in several ways in this patch, even if some players aren’t noticing. There’s still work to be done, though.

    They fixed bug with apocalypse on patch release, even Blizzard developer posted about it in Wizard forum, acknowledging that they can fix quite fast anything if they want (usually nerfing sth), but they cannot fix bugged hydra for 4 months??? There is only one explanation – they know about hydra bug (apocalypse bug was reported not long time ago, yet they managed to spot it), but they won’t fix it, because this is INTENDED. So say goodbye to hydra – it will never be fixed, mark my words.

    only attack speed isnt working with mammoth, rest is working somehow.
    Tyvalir: Correct! All runes of the Hydra skill take Critical Hit Damage and Critical Hit Chance into account, and most of them (except Blazing Hydra) can deal Critical Hits.

    Blazing Hydra is the only rune where CHD and CHC are rolled into the attack itself. Instead of producing Critical Hits, Blazing Hydra calculates CHC and CHD as part of its regular attack damage. It’s also the only rune that incorporates Increased Attack Speed, which increases its damage per tick.

    Although the other runes don’t currently benefit from Increased Attack Speed, it is something we want to implement in the future.

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