In case you did not spot this, Blizzard has added more to the Wizard blog update highlighting the changes to Meteor and Arcane Torrent.

    DiabloWikiMeteor (db) and DiabloWikiArcane Torrent (db) are both going to get buffs, as well, since neither of those feel strong enough to justify the Arcane Power expenditure.


    • Base damage increased from 200% + 60% over 3 seconds to 260% + 60% over 3 seconds
    • Molten Impact damage increased from 260% +78% over 3 seconds to 390% + 90% over 3 seconds
    • Meteor Shower damage increased from 80% to 104% for each smaller Meteor
    • Comet damage (of initial hit) increased from 240% to 312%

    Arcane Torrent:

    • Arcane Power cost reduced from 20 to 16
    • Base damage increased from 175% to 210%
    • Arcane Mines damage increased from 150% to 180%
    • Cascade damage increased from 175% to 210%
    • Death Blossom projectiles are now less random

    Meteor requires the player to correctly predict enemy movement in order to deal maximum damage, and Arcane Torrent requires you to stand still for extended periods of time to do damage. Since a player is putting in some extra effort to use these skills, some extra damage seems justified.

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