We have continued to add the Full Wizard Skill Trees Flux was so kind to summarize for us after DiabloWikiBlizzCon 2009 into the Diablo Wiki. The Conjuring skills were finished on Wednesday, and now we’re done adding all the Arcane ones.

    These are some of the coolest skills in the game, including Slow Time and Disintegrate. Here are the ten Arcane skills:

    Arcane skills
    Spells that warp time, and brings out ancient arcane energy goes into this tree.

    Tier I

    • Magic Missile – Fire X missile(s) of energy at your enemies causing Y-Z arcane damage to them.
    • Expanded Mind – Expands the Wizard’s knowledge increasing the Wizard’s mana by X%.

    Tier II

    • Wave of Force – Project a wave of force outwards, repelling enemies and projectiles and dealing X-Y damage.

    Tier III

    • Arcane Orb – An orb of pure energy deals X-Y on contact and an additional Z-Q arcane damage to all enemies in the blast area.
    • Energy Shield – A protective barrier absorbs incoming damage using mana. Every point of damage costs 2 mana. Damage absorbed: 75. Duration: 120 seconds.

    Tier IV

    • Disintegrate – Emanate a beam of pure energy dealing X arcane damage per second. Damage is modified to 80% each time the beam passes through a target.
    • Slow Time – Warp space and time, slowing nearby monsters and projectiles. Cooldown: 20 seconds. Enemy cooldown increase: 1 seconds.

    Tier V

    • Arcane Torrent – Meteorites pelt the targeted region dealing X to Y damage per second.
    • Arcane Weakness – Enemies damaged by your arcane spells are affected with Arcane Weakness, increasing damage taken by 20% for 5 seconds.

    Tier VI

    • Teleport Teleport to the selected location up to 100 feet away. Teleport can only be used every 9 seconds.

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