Flux’s collection of all Witch Doctor skills from last week has now made its way to a multitude of skills in DiabloWiki! With more notes, structure and images, the Zombie skills are now described in further detail. As you all know, the Zombie skills used to be called “Plague” skills, but the D3 Team changed the theme of the tree slightly, to be more Zombish…

    DxAxxxTyriel continued from the huge effort adding the Barbarian skills last week with the new Zombie tree. Huge kudos to him, but please improve on his work yourself by fixing any errors you might find, or, more importantly, help us find MORE IMAGES to add to each article!

    First out with a DiabloWiki level of quality is the DiabloWikiZombie Skill Tree, which is much updated from the older versions you still can find in the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skill archive:

    DiabloWikiZombie Skill Tree
    Tier I

    • Summon Zombie Dog – Summon a pet Zombie Dog (formerly known as Mongrel).
    • Mind and Body – A passive skill; regenerates mana and health.

    Tier II

    • Zombie Charger – Summon a reckless, enraged zombie from the ground to assault your enemies.
    • Sacrifice – Detonate a nearby Zombie Dog in an explosion, dealing damage X% of the Zombie Dog’s health to monsters nearby.

    Tier III

    • Grasp of the Dead – Summon undead hands that reach out from the ground, attacking all enemies within 8 yards of the targeted location.
    • Unrelenting Assault – Enables one of your Zombie Dogs to instantaneously resurrect itself upon its death.

    Tier IV

    • Gargantuan – Summons a large zombie follower to fight for you.
    • Leader of the Pack – Increases spell damage by 1% for every Zombie Dog under your command.

    Tier V

    • Parasite – Launch a parasite at an enemy dealing 3 damage per second. If the target dies while under the effects of the Parasite a Zombie Dog emerges from the slain body.
    • Wall of Zombies – Zombies emerge from the ground and attack nearby monsters for 7 damage per second.

    Tier VI

    • Ferocity – Increases the health and damage of your Zombie Dogs and Gargantuan by 8%.

    Besides DxAxxxTyriel, us info-thirsty fans also need to thank Eoweniel, Melianor, Agito, Darfus, Holyknight3000, Defx and Vipermagi for a bunch of related and unrelated contributions to DiabloWiki.

    Also, if you like the Fan classes made by site members, do check out the Telepath by Quis Ut Deus!

    Keep a look out for further skill updates, as we soon will have polished the Spirit and Voodoo skill trees as well!

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