The final part to present in DiabloWiki from Flux’s original collection of Witch Doctor skills is now available in DiabloWiki with more notes, structure and images. We get to see what is perhaps now the coolest of the three Witch Doctor trees, the Voodoo tree.

    Blizzard moved some cool skills to this tree in the latest build, and now has both Skull of Flame and Firebats in it. I don’t think anyone cares that the other very cool Zombie Wall was moved as it all makes much more sense now! DiabloWikiSignature skills should be treated right, and now it seems more like a proper witch doctor.

    Sadly, for the last time, we have the opportunity to thank DxAxxxTyriel for massive work on the skills since he’s temporarily a bit burned out on them. We sure could use help on the upcoming Wizard skill updates in the next week or so! Even if that might seem a bit to advanced, just finding and uploading pictures of the skills in use would be very useful! If you need help, check out DiabloWikiHelp:Image, or contact me.

    If you want to see further differences, you can always head back to the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skill archive.

    DiabloWikiVoodoo Skill Tree

    The Voodoo skill tree comprises most of the Witch Doctor’s offensive skills, in addition to a few summoning skills.

    Tier I

    • Skull of Flame – Lob a skull filled with fire dealing 4-5 fire damage to all enemies caught in the explosion.
    • Jungle Fortitude – Increase your Vitality by 5% of your Strength, 5% of your Dexterity, and 5% of your Willpower.

    Tier II

    • Hex – Summon a Fetish caster to cast hexes on enemies for 6 seconds.
    • Corpse Spiders Summon 3 spiders to attack nearby enemies for 8-13 poison damage per hit.

    Tier III

    • Locust Swarm – Assault nearby foes with a swarm of locusts that spread to additional, nearby targets.
    • Plague of Toads – Release a handful of toads that deal poison damage to anybody who steps on them.

    Tier IV

    • Pit of Fire – Call up to 4 Fetishes to bathe a region in fire.
    • Firebats – Launch a swarm of bats, saturated in a fiery blaze to burn targeted enemies.

    Tier V

    • Acid Cloud – Detonate a bottle of acid in the air to damage enemies with the initial explosion and, over time for enemies who remain in it’s area of effect.
    • Blood Rites – Increase your spell damage by consuming health globes.

    Tier VI

    • Fetish Army – Summon an army of Fetishes to fight by your side.

    Besides DxAxxxTyriel, Eoweniel, Melianor, Agito, Darfus, Holyknight3000, Defx and Vipermagi also deserves a standing ovation for contributing in making DiabloWiki the best source of Diablo information on the net!

    Also, if you like the Fan classes made by site members, do check out the Telepath by Quis Ut Deus!

    Keep a look out for further skill updates, as we soon will have polished the Voodoo skill tree to go! As always, if you can find good images to add, please do.

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