Blizzard has updated the official DiabloWikiWitch Doctor page with the in-game animation of the female witch doctor, at last giving us a look under the mask. If not under the face paint. There are two new pieces of female WD concept art as well.

    The female witch doctor has been added to our Diablo III site, and you can head over now to check out a new concept, as well as a close up of her in-game model. An apple a day will ensure you can avoid having to visit this alchemist of undeath at the witch doctor class page.

    We’ve also added seven screenshots featuring the female witch doctor to the screenshot gallery, as well as an additional concept in the artwork gallery.

    What’s your take on the new look? I like it; fierce and warlike, but not cartoonish. The face paint does a nice job of making her scary and serious, without making her ugly or resolving our ongoing “too sexy/ugly?” questions. It’s also interesting that the female Witch Doctor joins her male counterpart in being the only two characters (so far) who are actually looking directly at the “camera’ in their in-game animations.


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