Witch Doctor Tattoo

We’ve seen some cool Diablo tattoos in the past, but this new one of the Witch Doctor, modeled exactly from this piece of concept art, is an impressive example.

Thanks to fu_kear for the tip, who spotted it on BME Zine. Here’s a quote from the post there.

You know someone is a fan of video games when they get a tattoo of a video game character from a game that isn’t even released yet. Diablo 3 is sure to be a big hit, and this tattoo of the witch doctor by Roger from Star City Tattoo in Roanoke, VA shows us just how excited Diablo fans are for the new game.

So how about it, guys and girls? Do you have any tats? Would you consider adding one (or getting your first) of an image from Diablo III?

I wouldn’t entirely rule it out for my arm or back at some point, but I’d want to be sure my artist was good enough to do the original piece justice; the quality of the Blizzard artists is a hard act to follow. After all, the Internet abounds with pictures of tattoos that are really not “close enough.”

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28 thoughts on “Witch Doctor Tattoo

  1. i would get a tat as said above if the artist is very good, but i wouldnt use a diablo 3 image. probably some anime symbol or something

  2. I’m not a tattoo guy, but hot damn did they do a good job on that. The soft colors and then the hard line art makes for a hell of an image. Awesome. If I ever get a tattoo, I’m going to that guy.

  3. If I was gunna get a video game tat it would prob just be a cool little symbol, I really wouldn’t want to look like a nerd.. even tho deep inside i know it to be true. I’d probably get a little protoss symbol. My life for Aiur baby

  4. I’m surprised how good that looks, especially since most game-related tattoos look horrible. That tattoo artist did a very fine job indeed, it looks almost identical to the source and retains a lot of detail.

  5. I was thinking about it for a while now. The problem with the tattoos is that they are kinda permanent. Will I like this design twenty years from now? But if anything it will be something small – like D3 logo.

  6. I wouldnt mind getting the diablo tattoo of him roaring on my chest so when i take off my shirt for the womenz, thell be like dayum! are you that beasty in bed?  8)

  7. Tats not worth it, they fade and blur with age. Wouldn’t get one unless it was extremely meaningful somehow and in a suitable location.

  8. w/e tattoos are about looking good when you are young, when your old you get ugly anyway, only natural that your tattoos get ugly too, who wants to live forever anyway

  9. What is he/she gonna do 20 years from now when that tattoo looks like an 8-bit game character compared to whats out??

  10. I have a tattoo from Warcraft, the original game.
    It’s 15 years old now, would you like to see?

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