Witch Doctor Spotlight Video Debuts

The next spotlight has been put put up for the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor on IGN. This is one of the better videos yet; there’s some nice insight into the Witch Doctor’s backstory, plus the gameplay footage is very good. It’s not the headless chicken style of gameplay video we’ve become used to, but a nice demonstration of a wide variety of DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills and rune effects, including a good close up look at the DiabloWikiGargantuan minion.

You only have one day left to unlock your DiabloWikiMonk banner, so if you haven’t done that already, head over to the Heroes Rise promotional page. While we’re at it, we’re currently at 55% for the next unlock which will occur at 60% (and give us a preview of The Order), so get on it! If you’re into that sorta thing…

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44 thoughts on “Witch Doctor Spotlight Video Debuts

    • Is it me, or the only time the WD actually really killed stuff is when he sacrificed mongrels?

  1. this is the best preview video so far! Too bad they won’t be redoing the monk one 😛

    Hello there Gargantuan and Giant Toad <3 

    • I thought this was a good one too. Nice insight into the class lore/story at the start; sounds like maybe the WD high priests are corrupted like the Zakarum were in D2? 

      And good gameplay; fair number of new skills and runes shown off. GIANT TOAD! The multi-bouncing Firebombs were interesting also; WD was throwing them almost straight up, and yet the bounces still moved them well across the screen, almost like his own form of Elemental Arrow.

      Despite the narration, I don’t think a new fan would get any sense of this not being just a different type of wizard. Everything is so colorful, glowing zombies and bats, exploding fire galore, etc.  Nothing thematic or darker or tied to the human sacrifice lore at the start, alas.

      • “Nice insight into the class lore/story at the start”
        I think that’s the key right there that makes it the best yet.  This one feels like it had the most actual story elements.  The others just felt like they could be talking about anyone that happen to call themselves a Monk, Barb, or DH, and not the ones you get to play as.

  2. Much more interesting than I expected. I’m really liking the WD even after playing the OB with all the classes. The monk is a strong contender for my first but the WD is the closest to the necro that I loved in D2.
    Despite the excitement, I think the WD lacks something from 1-13. I’ve been trying to do different variations before level 13 and it seems the best skills to use are Grasp of the dead, Darts, Soul harvest and firebats. The others don’t do too much. Horrify might be a decent ‘get off me’ skill but firebats does great damage with soul harvest. I’m trying a pet build but zombie dogs aren’t that good IMO. 

    • yeah my sentiments exactly. I will play WD but having played it heaps in the closed beta my best skill combos were soul harvest, grasp of the dead and fire bats.  Had to change to poison dart for SK cause firebats runs out too quickly for any enemy with loads of hit points like SK

    • i went poison and it rocked, poison darts, plague of toads, zombie dogs with poison damage too and blow them up with sacrifice gave me a corpse explosion like feeling.

  3. btw why does IGN get these videos? i mean: arent there a dozen of gaming sites like this? and why isnt it hosted on blizz official?

    • Probably they made some kind of deal with Blizzard to have 1 day exclusivity on it, which is imho a terrible idea, but what can you do, it’s how modern gaming journalism work…

      • Maybe you’re right or maybe Blizz just wishes to reach a broader audience, therefore “giving” IGN exclusive rights to their vids, since gamers not interested in or familiar with other Blizz titles, properly still frequently visits sites like IGN, while they would never visit Blizz site  😉

        • Even if Blizzard released these videos themselves, IGN would cover the reveal of the same way.  The link would just head toward a Blizzard video instead of an IGN one.  

  4. Thic class looks very similar to wizard to be honest. Few summons, few curses, but most of it are just direct aoe spells.

    • WD looks like an AOE monster. grasp of the dead, Locust swarm with other spells with Runes that have AOE aspects to the.
      In beta I’m using or trying to use a vairaint with Grasp of the dead, Haunt and corpse spiders with some close quartet firebats  as well. Clears mobs fairly well.

    • Hmm I always thought that it was DH that’s similar to Wizard.

      WD have more CC and pet control compared to both classes. 

  5. Was thinking nothing could top the barbarian video but this is really nice. Makes me want to play a class that didn’t interest me before which is saying a lot. Still scratching my head at the monks video though, it really pales in comparison to the others.

    • maybe it was their summer intern that created their monk video last year? 😛

      you know I bet this video is over a year old too…. 

  6. Only 21 more days, that’s what is really turns me on! And I was already gonna be WD first, PapaLegba, and now I’m only wishing more of it. Though right now Soul Harvest is playing too good on my opinion, almost mandatory. 

  7. Looks like a very busy class to play. It looks you have to spam 3-4 spells at the same time, constantly, in order to kill monsters before they kill you. 

    I only tried him for a short time in the beta. 

    • I think this is a good quality to have.  It’s quite the opposite from their Necromancer predecessors as a summoning class.  

  8. He’s become my least favorite class because whenever I’m playing multi with someone who is WD, he clutters my screen with his spiders and spell effects and I lose the enemies in the mess.

    • My least favorite as well, but just my least favorite to play. I like having them in my party.
      The skills are so lackluster to me. *shrug*

      Video was nice. Feels like we’re going to be fighting fallen, goatmen, and snake men for the entire game, though. 

      • yeah wait til they get Big Bad Voodoo… best buff in the game.  I’ll be looking for a WD for my party each time I play.

    • Enable enemy health bars. You will be able to pick them out of the crowd much more easily then.

      Also, there’s that useful red outline to help guide you! 😀 

  9. finally a spotlight vid that doesn’t actually make the class appear sucky. enjoyed that, cheers Nizaris.

    PS: boy did that Gargantuan look badass laying the smackdown on that winged demon!!!  

  10. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggg

     …. Was my reaction …

    Can’t wait to unleash the TIKI-PUNCH ! 

  11. Best movie of introduction sofar. Many new monsters (for me), this bomb that touching ahead and the gargantuan. I like, not my lovly necro, but surly my first choice…

  12. I hate the IGN player. It gives me white borders on the sides of my screen when I play the video full-screen, and the bar at the bottom doesn’t disappear. Blech.

      • Cool, thanks. Wasn’t meaning to rag on you guys at incgamers over IGN’s crappy player, of course.

  13. Initially I was nervous about how this vid would turn out… and frankly I’m impressed with it. My interest in the class has been further cemented.
    BTW – Anyone have an idea of what’s going on at 1:40? I hope that was a WD rune effect and not an enemy skill!

      • I meant the bit right after that with the purple waves of light flying all over the place. It doesn’t seem to fit the description of any of the WD rune effects.

        • That would be a monster with the Vortex affix which pulls you toward them when they cast it.

  14. Beautiful! 
    Even got interesented into playing the WD.
    Hope the wizard video is awesome like that! 

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