The next spotlight has been put put up for the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor on IGN. This is one of the better videos yet; there’s some nice insight into the Witch Doctor’s backstory, plus the gameplay footage is very good. It’s not the headless chicken style of gameplay video we’ve become used to, but a nice demonstration of a wide variety of DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skills and rune effects, including a good close up look at the DiabloWikiGargantuan minion.

    You only have one day left to unlock your DiabloWikiMonk banner, so if you haven’t done that already, head over to the Heroes Rise promotional page. While we’re at it, we’re currently at 55% for the next unlock which will occur at 60% (and give us a preview of The Order), so get on it! If you’re into that sorta thing…

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