More of Flux’s collection of Witch Doctor skills are now prepared in DiabloWiki with more notes, structure and images. The Spirit tree is next up to be presented, and us wiki contributors hope you enjoy it thoroughly!

    DxAxxxTyriel is once again the man of the hour, preparing the majority of the skills, but we could still use a lot more images, so if you have a few minutes to spare, please help adding some. If you need help, check out DiabloWikiHelp:Image.

    Without further ado, we present the DiabloWikiSpirit Skill Tree, which is much updated from the older versions you can find in the DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skill archive:

    DiabloWikiSpirit Skill Tree
    There are very few purely offensive skills here. Several skills in this tree focus on enabling mana-regeneration abilities for the Witch Doctor.

    Tier I

    • Haunt – Launch a Spirit to invade the bodies of your enemies, causing sustained damage over time; the spirit lasts longer when inhabiting a host than when searching for one.
    • Spirit Vessel – Replenishes your mana when consuming a health globe.

    Tier II

    • Soul Harvest – Draw out the life of enemies to replenish your mana.
    • Rituals – Increase your spell power by a percentage (%) of your vitality.

    Tier III

    • Spirit Sense – Increase damage against targets with low health by X% percentage.
    • Horrify – Don a spectral mask that horrifies enemies, causing them to run away from you.

    Tier IV

    • Spirit Barrage – A multitude of spirit bolts bombard enemies in targeted areas.
    • Ritual of Blood – Whilst active, X% of all mana costs are paid for with health.

    Tier V

    • Spirit Walk – Traverse your physical body into the spirit realm, allowing unhindered movement for a time.
    • Meditation – Your spirit spells return X% of their mana cost over 10 seconds.

    Tier VI

    • Death Pact – Induce momentary invulnerability whenever you are reduced to 10% of your maximum health. This effect cannot occur more than once every 60 seconds.
    • Mass Confusion – Induce paranoia in enemies, causing some to fight for the Witch Doctor for a period of time.

    Besides DxAxxxTyriel, Eoweniel, Melianor, Agito, Darfus, Holyknight3000, Defx and Vipermagi also deserves a standing ovation for contributing in making DiabloWiki the best source of Diablo information on the net!

    Also, if you like the Fan classes made by site members, do check out the Telepath by Quis Ut Deus!

    Keep a look out for further skill updates, as we soon will have polished the Voodoo skill tree to go! As always, if you can find good images to add, please do.

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