Witch Doctor – Illusions’ Summoner Build


If you fancy trying a DiabloWikiWitch Doctor summoning build, Illusions has shared his in the Witch Doctor forum.

This Summoner can solo DiabloWikiInferno on MP 5, has minimal repairs and requires absolutely no mana boost, you’ll never run out of mana. Skill details and explanations why they were chosen over perhaps more obvious skill are all in his guide.

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    4 thoughts on “Witch Doctor – Illusions’ Summoner Build

    1. When the mp0 requirement for a WD to do inferno mp0 is 25k, 120k+ dps requirement for a spec to work is… quite interesting. Ofcourse you can make everything “work” with better gear, but is it really working?

    2. I have a low level WD that I haven’t got round to playing for a couple of months. I wasn’t sure where to take her. Your dps is impressive. 175k. yes please. 🙂

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