Witch Doctor Diablo 3 Machinima Music Video

A few weeks ago we showed Diablo 3 being tested in the WoW Machinima tool to great effect, even it it was quite rudimentary. Today Olibith sent over his first music video which he created with Malu05’s Machinima tool. Again this is pretty much a test of what will be possible as the WoW Machinima tool is still being being tweaked to work with Diablo 3. I think you’ll agree that even for a test, Olibith has done a good job here and this took about four hours to create with the tool.

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8 thoughts on “Witch Doctor Diablo 3 Machinima Music Video

  1. Wait, the Olibith? Awesome, I wonder what kind of weird and interesting stuff he’ll come up with Diablo 3. I loved some of his WoW parodies and music video mash-ups.

  2. Nice… I’m glad such a prominent WoW machinima maker is doing some cross-over work with D3… maybe D3 will bring back some of the great ones that quit…

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