Diablo 3 Cosplay Witch Doctor Film

Fmulder points us to a new cosplay movie featuring a Witch Doctor and a pair of evil/sexy Wretched Mothers. It’s very well done for fan work, with artsy camera work, good costumes, nice sound editing, and even some creepy special effects.

Almost makes me want to go play some Demon Hunter. Or at least revisit Act One to nuke some zombie pukers, even if they’re not quite blue-tinged bikini girls in the game itself.

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10 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Cosplay Witch Doctor Film

  1. Great. Now every time I see a Wretched Mother in-game, I’ll also hear an imaginary saxophone solo.

  2. Actually, it’s pretty nice. I don’t like cosplays, but, imo, the fell of “I got some parts of dead animals to make my armor and I’m creepy” is way better displayed in that movie than in-game.

  3. Honestly, much better than I expected (especially considering it’s a fan made piece- you’ve got to cut them some slack). But two things did kind of stick in my head while watching, no matter how hard I tried to overlook them:

    Really, you couldn’t find an African American to play the Witch Doctor? I’m not going to go anywhere near as far as martymart and call it racism, but you do have to understand that blackface makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. And some them get a might tad angry as well. Best avoided at all costs.

    On a lighter note, I’m not sure Wretched Mothers would have such well pedicured feet. I’m generally put off by feet, but those are some nice looking toes for whatever the hell a Wretched Mother is supposed to be. Seriously, one shot is damn near full-screen pedicured toes. You clearly have some make-up on hand (see paragraph above). Jack those things up, make ’em look all bloody and scarred. These women wander throughout the land vomiting zombies barefoot. It’s kind of hard to imagine that they make it to the salon all that often.

    All nit-picking (or creative-suggestion-making-for-future-projects) aside, that was honestly light years ahead of any other fan made D3 short I’ve seen yet. So I’ll say “Well done, with some room for improvement”.

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