D3_CollectibleItems_MercysWings_XA_02 copyOne of our Blizzcon agents, Tyr, reports nothing of new Diablo content on the press CD… aside from five screenshots showing a Diablo 3 in-game item granted by the purchase of Overwatch: Origins. (Which is basically the Collector’s Edition version, with extra skins and other digital loots.)

    Finally, you can fly like an angel! Or at least look like one… They are called the “Wings of Mercy”, and they glow. How they glow.

    Wings of Mercy via Overwatch Origins. The wings are identical to those sported by the character Mercy in Overwatch, but they’re near enough to all the angel wings in Diablo 3 that most players won’t ever know or care about their true Origin.

    What do you guys think? Angelic enough? I’m not much of a fan of the cosmetic features, but I have to admit this is a cool look, especially matched with that gleaming silver/gold armor. (BTW, I twice typo’ed this as the “Wings of Merch” while writing this post. True enough, I guess?)

    You can see the D3 wings and other digital bonuses for other Blizzard games in the preview video, if you click through:

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