Wings of Mercy via Overwatch Origins

D3_CollectibleItems_MercysWings_XA_02 copyOne of our Blizzcon agents, Tyr, reports nothing of new Diablo content on the press CD… aside from five screenshots showing a Diablo 3 in-game item granted by the purchase of Overwatch: Origins. (Which is basically the Collector’s Edition version, with extra skins and other digital loots.)

Finally, you can fly like an angel! Or at least look like one… They are called the “Wings of Mercy”, and they glow. How they glow.

Wings of Mercy via Overwatch Origins. The wings are identical to those sported by the character Mercy in Overwatch, but they’re near enough to all the angel wings in Diablo 3 that most players won’t ever know or care about their true Origin.

What do you guys think? Angelic enough? I’m not much of a fan of the cosmetic features, but I have to admit this is a cool look, especially matched with that gleaming silver/gold armor. (BTW, I twice typo’ed this as the “Wings of Merch” while writing this post. True enough, I guess?)

You can see the D3 wings and other digital bonuses for other Blizzard games in the preview video, if you click through:

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  1. It's not really the Collector's Edition because there is an actual Collector's Edition above the Origins Edition 🙂 So far haven't been too interested in the cosmetic wings/pets etc because there's so few of them that everybody is using the same ones, but as they put up more new ones it will start to add some variety to the mix.

  2. I’d prefer more cosmetics in terms of armour and weapons added to Diablo 3 directly.

  3. I like my Diablo 3 Collectors Edition White Wings.

    Filthy Plebs with their piss-yellow RoS Wings are 3rd tier, even below the CE HotS one.

    “Yummy in my Tummy”
    That’s right captcha. That’s how I feel whenever someone asks me about my pretty wings.

    /dont take this too serious lol

    • I also like the fact that they are so exclusive and from that Unique. Lot of people still keep asking me where they come from.Those new Green ones will be quite exclusive as well – hard to get so not many will go for that.

  4. Does anybody even give a shit about this crap? Give us a f*cking expansion.

  5. Also there are another Wings coming from WoW Legion expansion – which looks more like pink bat wings.I like more those robotic ones thou.

  6. really don’t care
    these wings are ugly and the game it comes from is a stupid fps so no thank you

    • We really appreciate that you came here to tell Us how much you don`t care about something what we talking about in here. Now go back to your important things and take those who up voted you.

  7. I hope we can get these on the consoles. Those Andarial Wings look sick, just like Diablo 2.

  8. i hate that i really want these wings. at one point i was all for overwatch and planned to play the hell out of it but now i dont know. i am in the camp that really does not like the idea of switching heroes so figure maybe its not for me and there is no way i am dropping 60 on a maybe and a pair of wings

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