Windows 10 Teaming Up With Blizzard For BlizzCon 2015

Looks like for Blizzcon 2015 Windows 10 is teaming up with Blizzard as a sponsor and for the first time ever for fans not attending the event can see the opening ceremony streaming live on their Xbox One.

For the first time ever, fans not attending BlizzCon 2015 in person can watch the Opening Ceremony streaming LIVE on their Xbox One via the Xbox Live Events interactive (XLEi) app starting Friday, November 6. (Details coming soon.)


Normally you’d need the Virtual Ticket to view this event but its unclear if the xbox one users will still need this or not. Also Xbox’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb is giving away five tickets to the event as well.

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  1. The opening ceremony is free for everyone including non-ticket buyers. This just gives them another avenue to watch it.

  2. This site is so dead without Flux…

  3. I’ve realised that I come here for Flux first and articles second.

  4. roflmalo, the opening ceremony is always free for everyone.

  5. In other news, Blizzard is whoring herselve out to the copyright industry to the fullest…:

    Guess ‘online only’ was just an anti piracy measure after all…

  6. I’m still resisting installing Windows 10 despite the constant reminders about it being free.

    I don’t know anyone who has taken the plunge yet but I’m waiting for others to go first.

    • Ain’t waiting. It’s Windows 1’m 0ut for me. If my mainsystem weren’t damaged to the degree that I’m essentially only able to keep my old hds and, if lucky, the gfx card (, and I ain’t got the money for that), I’d already put Mint onto my laptop to acquaint myself with the Unix style of thinking…

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