win blizzcon tickets

    You may have lucked out trying to buy tickets for this year’s Blizzcon when they went on sale but that’s not the end of the road for your hopes of going to Blizzcon and getting your hands on DiabloWikiReaper of Souls.

    IncGamers is giving away three pairs of Blizzcon tickets so you can take a loved one or a not-so-loved-but-quite-fond-of-in-a-totally-platonic-way one along for two days of glorious geekieness with thousands of other geeks AND get to play Reaper of Souls.

    We are running three competitions and you can enter each one, once.

    Details after the break.

    First competition

    Enter in the comments here your answer to:

    If you could give your second ticket to any monster from Diablo 3 who would you take with you to Blizzcon and why?

    You need to be registered so that you may be PM’d when you win 🙂

    Second competition

    For our Facebook users page we have a screenshot (zoomed in) of somewhere in game. Where is it, name the level? We will randomly select a winner from the correct entries.

    Put your answer here on Facebook.


    Third competition

    For our Twitter followers answer this….

    If the Prime Evils were to form a band to play at Blizzcon 2013 what would they call themselves? (Not the Prime Evils).

    Just hit reply on this Tweet to submit your suggestion.  We will randomly select a winner from the correct entries.


    Three pairs of tickets, three chances. Best of luck guys.


    Rules (read ’em, they are relevant, not just waffle):

    • Only one entry per competition. You can enter the one here, the one on Twitter and the one on Facebook also if you wish.
    • Each person can only win one pair of tickets.
    • There is no provision of travel or accommodation.
    • The deadline is Sunday November 3rd 3:00am GMT.
    • Winners will be notified by a Private Message here or on Facebook or Twitter depending on which competition won and will need to provide Diablo: IncGamers with details of First Name, Last Name, Email and Character Name (optional) within 24 hours.
    • Diablo: IncGamers decision is final.

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