Win a trip to BlizzCon

Bank balance low? Never been to BlizzCon? Well the guys at Steel Series are giving fans the chance to snag two tickets to the event as well as the airfare, spending money and even food. There’s around $2500 worth of additional prizes also up for grabs including peripherals so it’s worth checking this out to be in with a chance to win head here.

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  1. when i try to enter the contest, nothing happens on the page :/

  2. When I click on the Enter Now button it doesn’t go to any contest entry form.It goes right back to the page with the Enter Now Button.Anyone else having this problem?

  3. same problem here.. enter now dont do shit for contest 👿

  4. Yeah, the page is broken for me in firefox. I have noscript, but it fails even with “allow scripts globally” activated.

  5. Tried with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Brings me back to the normal page.

    GG Blizzcon.

  6. Works for me in Chrome

  7. Its working now.Just tried it and it went to an entry form.

  8. Always only north america, north america get all from blizz and more – beta on my country only press media for marketing. 😥

  9. Yeah ofcourse US only, tsss… racists!

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