Win a Beta Key with the Gold Sellers

I was always under the impression that Blizzard didn’t like third-party gold sellers, however, not one but three Beta keyed accounts have appeared on German Gold sellers MMOGA. They could have received these keys on accounts that may have been running bots but who knows. You do of course run the risk of some sort of dodgy dealings if you enter this but I guess it depends how desperate you are for a key 🙂

The three keys are being given away here and the contest is open until the 4th of October. To enter you can send in your email address or simply like them on their Facebook page.

Thanks to Noru381 for sending over the tip.

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    29 thoughts on “Win a Beta Key with the Gold Sellers

    1. They likely just won the beta key lottery on three of their many many accounts, and are willing to give away access to the accounts that have beta access.  I doubt Blizzard just gave them the keys to promot D3.  It also could just be a scam to make contacts to do the two things all gold sites do, either to sell gold or hack into your account and steal your gold so they can sell it.

    2. I would want some sort of proof that this was legit too, before giving them my email address to spam endlessly with gold adds.

    3. Hey guys. I sent this news to the site. Its definately Beta accounts and not keys. MMOGA runs bots on every server in wow and some of these botting account that were lucky with the beta lottery are used for advertising. I actually think this third party site is giving the keys away for real because they are in business for a long time. They possibly even announce the winners on the 4th.
      Anyway i dont think that Blizzard has anything to do with this.
      Bobby is evil but Blizzard is more than Bobby.

    4. Sad day when an incgamers site links to a goldselling site for any reason.  I am ashamed on behalf of the integrity of the site.  =/
      Why would you even know about this?  Are you frequenting gold selling websites?  Do you buy gold?

      • We link to anything that is related to Diablo 3 that we think the community will benefit from or be interested in With gold selling now part of Diablo 3 (and has been part of Diablo 2 for a long, long time) we feel that it is a now a valid part of what Diablo is about thanks to the RMAH.

        Blizzard has not had a strong stance against gold selling in the Diablo community for years and if they wanted to stop it they could have done so a long time ago. To pretend it  now does not exist is just being silly. 

        We have always had an anti-RMT stance on incgamers for games that do not allow RMT but it was Blizzard’s decision to add it to Diablo 3, not ours. Anyone who has been with us here for the past 14 years knows our stance on it. I would prefer it wasn’t in the game but it is so we have to change our policies to fit in with that.

        Remove tinfoil hat and read the post above, story was mailed in.

      • I know about this because i got their newsletter. I bought many things on this site including steam keys and some years ago world of warcraft gold.
        The story about this is something many diablo 2 gamers have to deal with. I was a student when i was playing d2 with lots of free time. After i got to university i hat a lot less free time and i was into world of warcraft pvp (arenas) in this time. PVP in wow is a place where you have to continously farm money to enchant your pvp gear in PVM because you dont get any money in PVP but you need the enchants on your items. At this time i had no interest in wasting time with farming at all so i bought the gold for the enchants at this site because they had the cheapest gold. There is no skill or presitige in farming gold at all at least to me. For me it was a pure waste of time.
        Now i got my job.. in fact my own small company .. and i dont have much time to play at all. If there is anything mindless to do like farming for materials in D3 i will buy it on the RMAH and i dont consider this to be cheating at all. Its my way to enjoy the fun parts of the game and possibly the money i spent in the RMAH goes to some poor student that has no money at all.
        If you think stuff like this is evil and should not be done.. d3 might not be the right game for you unless you play hardcore. People will use the RMAH.
        Times are changing. Deal with it.

    5. There are only two kinds of people that I hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures, and the DUTCH!
      Seriously, why even post this?

    6. They want your E-mail address so they can send you key loggers to get your account log in info. I don’t think it is wise to promote this obvious ploy to steal accounts.

    7. It’s up to us to take enough personal responsibility to either stand up for our beliefs (ie not supporting gold farming/selling) or avoid the risk of computer infection.  The warning was posted with the link, so it’s not as if we are clueless to the danger.

    8. If I hadn’t heard of the site then I would consider it dubious.  I don’t consider them to be scammers and if you want a key make a special email account on a free email site.  As long as no emails come with downloadable attachments and they email you the login and password if you won it’s an opportunity.

    9. I’ve never posed on this site before but have followed it for four years.  The fact that you are advertising your community to enter a contest on a gold-farming website is bewildering.  I highly suggest and reccomend that you close this thread and delete this article from your site if you want me to return.  It’s not to late to apologize and redeem the sites dignity and pride.

      • See my post above. Nothing to ‘apologise for “Mr Anon”. People really need to accept that gold selling is now part of Diablo 3, and as I have already said, Blizzard has worked with sites who have gold selling ties for years. If people have a problem with gold selling they need to take it up with Blizzard now, they have added it to the game and third party sites are going to take advantage of that. The community is going to have to get to grips with that now and start accepting that sites have to cover it, and in this case it’s a key giveaway. Not that I would enter it because of where it is though (besides I have my key), that’s up to you guys to decide whether you want to enter or not 🙂

        Posts like this are extremely insulting because we have for 14 years turned down advertising from gold selling companies because of Blizzard’s anti-RMT policy that would have helped us as a site . We have always had the balls to stick to our guns and turn down lucrative deals, and even buy-outs from companies like IGE which then became Affinity Media (Zam) which would have made a lot of money. But times and Blizzard have changed and so policies have to change as well in our reporting whether we like it or not.

    10. I would do anything to get a beta key, cept for selling my soul to the devil…. and liking gold sellers on facebook feels like it.

    11. While writing isn’t my strong point, nor punctuation or grammar and I haven’t been on this website long, but I think I am more concerned about the integrity of Blizzard for the sake of the game, than this site. People need to stop being babies about the freedom of choice, which is all this thread did, give YOU a choice to do something. It’s like drinking alcohol, it could kill you but everyone still sells it. That being said I still think gold sellers need to be banned for the sake of the in game economy. Especially now that you can sell items for real money or in game gold, the money you want to buy should be from someone who earned it, not some soulless company who’s employee’s want to commit suicide. That or the government needs to start allowing counterfeit to help with the recession. However I doubt gold sellers will ever go away and that is a plus for people who use them, but I do think they will be less of an issue in D3 if people can sell their items for decent prices. You now have the option to buy it from them for money, so as long as they can’t buy an amount of gold from a farmer to buy the weapon for less than you have it for sale in real cash $$ money dollars, you are in the green if you know what I mean.

    12. So can we expect links to the gold selling websites to appear on this site soon? 😉 The gold selling websites will be even more frowned on by Blizzard now because they want their \legal\ fee on all sales of virtual Diablo3 items/gold.  I can see them going out of their way to crack down even harder on these sites with the addition of the RMA.

      • I would love to see Blizzard crack down but that’s pretty unlikely. And no you won’t be bombarded with links to gold sellign sites but this is about snagging a Beta key. We still don’t like the idea of gold selling sites but its a reality.

    13. Gold sellers can potentially bring in more money for Blizzard compared to the casual players. Expect them to get the red carpet treatment.

    14. On one hand this website discourages and in some cases bans people for discussing 3rd party sites like these, then we have a front-page article promoting this. Awesome.

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