Will They Fix Loot?

It’s still very much a hot topic since the v1.0.4 patch was released and there’s still a lot of discussion on the loot issues. The original posters asks if there is some sort of conspiracy theory behind the lack of fixes to make people use the RMAH and he/she is getting frustrated with the game and the lack of development updates regarding the loot system. Blizzard responded with:

Although I have no comments at this point in time on the topic of loot, I can say that the answer to this question is no… We think Diablo III is a great game, but there is always room for improvements, and we acknowledge that. When we see that a group of players are concerned about something, we know that we will need to look into that something to see if and how we best can address those concerns.

Additionally, we tend not to announce fixes until we have fully decided that a specific fix is indeed the best one to go with. Fixing things is not always a simple matter though, and sometimes fixing things takes more time.

We are not ignoring your concerns and I can assure you that no-one at Blizzard are leaning back, kicking up their feet, and claiming that all is well.

The long periods of silence regarding issues such as loot irritate the players, information has flowed out at a slow pace. How do you feel about the loot at the moment and should the information on game updates be flowing more than it is?

Also a little off topic but it deserves a mention, happy birthday to Elly today. Cake all round!

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    31 thoughts on “Will They Fix Loot?

    1. happy bday elly!

      also, i can login? it says welcome, redirects, then not logged in.

      and yes, something needs to be done about diablo 3. 🙂

        • nah no pain, do that daily… BUT still mainpage doesnt log me in… but when i click on forums, im logged in! when i click on home or mainpage again, NOT logged in!

    2. Happy Birthday, Elly!

      I think (besides most other loot issues) that class specific bonuses on gear need a buff. Currently, they aren’t tempting enough for me to even seriously consider them when I come across them.

    3. Happy Birthday Elly. *throws confetti*

      I think there is a bigger issue D3 has than mere loot.
      Development team does not have that forward thinking and competency in anticipating users’ reaction and rolling out a game -package- that tick and solid in the first place (or at least close to it).

      I’ve read those dev blogs and whatnots. First thing that comes to mind is that those D3 team is like a bunch of ragtag highschool fresh grad ragtag army who got paid to learn or experiment making a game with the users as the guinea pigs. Their mood swing is just like women on menstruation period too. They change mind so frequently on many things related to the game. They tried to mimic MMO but fail to deliver, including the nerfing/buffing that should’vr been kept minimal. Too volatile even for mmo standard.

      In addition, many of the things they talked about or those that already included in patches are something that should’ve transpired to begin with.

      So hypothetically speaking if loot or something else is tweaked (yet again and again), they will be dealing with the same shortsightnestness and incompetence in identifying how the loot/anything else will affect other areas of gameplay and overall users experience when consuming the game. The -mutating- problems and failure in addressing the initial problems certainly shows after all the patches and hotfixes, marked by short term ‘drugged/feeling-good’ period (there is a patch, and a patch must be good perception distortion) when anticipating patches hoping for something good transpire.

    4. My problem with loot is not the amount that I find nor the difficulty with which I acquire it. My problem is that it is always shitty mods with low values that I can’t even pawn off on the AH. My monk is in A2 Inferno only because I have been fortunate enough to find suitable equipment on the AH for dirt cheap that OTHER people have found and posted. It seems to me that when I specify the exact mods I want on any item the bid is always in the tens of millions of gold(that I don’t have) and don’t have enough interest in the game to mindlessly grind to acquire. To date not a single rare I’ve found with my monk hasn’t been sold. I used the AH to acquire all my equipment but I never seem to find that same good EQ to auction for my own ends.

      I guess maybe I’m trying to say it would be nice if more of the mods were useful in some meaningful way. I find tons of yellows but they are never any good so I just sell them for a few hundred gold and eventually I’ll be able to buy something useful on the AH.

    5. I think its really sad that a company like Blizzard doesnt know the #1 rule of a good work ethic: It takes less time to do things right the first time than to go back and fix things over and over and over again.

      What the hell did they do with the near year the game was in beta? Like seriously… some of the ass-backwards decisions that were made, I still cannot see the logic behind (set completion bonuses anyone, epic no brainer there.)

      Not to mention the utter lack of integrity shown by pretty well every level of Bliz employee during the games development, the way they shunned their fans’ opinions for so long, even as droves were quitting the game.

      I love this game, I think it could be so much better than it is, but I really do love it. At the same time I highly doubt after playing almost exclusively Blizzard games the past 20 years, that I will ever be buying another one (with MAYBE the exception being this games expansion, time will tell.) I have lost all faith in this company to make good decisions.

      And happy birthday to you Elly!

    6. Happy Birthday Elly! I wish you will enjoy as much birthdays again in the future.

      As for Blizzard I rather prefer they are silent and keep working on fixing the game. They are listening, that’s a good thing to know, but as they admit the game needs polish so they better keep working on it, and keep the fixes to ourselves, or I hope they don’t get annoying with constant updates on every move they make.

      (I couldn’t log in using my account; Sarcyan)

    7. I think the demoralizing psychology of finding rare after bad rare needs to be considered. Basically piling rares on top of us is not working. I think it would be much better if you just didn’t find rares, and when they dropped they had about a 50% better chance of being worthwhile, or at least having six affixes.

      In D2, you sped through monsters, obliterating things endlessly, when something bad dropped, you knew it, and instantly moved on (because it was grey or a blue) Of course, you’d sometimes get a few rares, check them out real quick, they’d suck… whatever, and you’d move on. Now, you might constantly get 3 ilvl 61/6263s and are forced to find out how bad they are. I know it’s supposed to be like opening a present, and that’s there to some degree, but that idea has started to work against the game, because no one likes to get socks for Christmas year after year.

      Does this make sense to anyone?

      • This is one of the most glaring differences I noticed when going back to D2. Rares did not drop very often but when they did they were a treat because they were generally good. It took a while to fully gear out in rares largely because of the drop rate or rares rather than the drop rate of GOOD rares.

        Opening presents is not fun when all you get is coal.

      • The drop chance of rares in D3 vs D2 makes you realize that MF is not working in D3. The frequency of drop of rares dont justify the scarcity of legendary dropping. So if you have the ‘feel’ of MF in diablo 2, you’ll be convinced that in D3, no MF = 300+ MF

    8. “We think Diablo III is a great game.”

      But of course you do twat bag! People spending 250$ on RMAH daily, of course the game is working as intended.

      Fuck off!

    9. This game is putting me to sleep.

      Act 3 Act 3 Act 3… nothing nothing nothing.

      I’m just about done. My friends quit, anyway.

    10. Happy Birthday, Elly! (Should have been a main page dedicated wish Flux)
      DiabloBaal here.
      I can’t seem to log in, posting this as guest. Been clearing my cookies like crazy, no juice… Help.

    11. I hard farming for gold all day. I want to find my own god damn items. There is zero satisfaction to be had buying items on the Auction House. I thought the Diablo series was about the item hunt, not shopping on eBay. Fuck the drops being low due to the auction house.

    12. Well, I would like to know if the answer is \no we think the itemizatin and lot system is perfect and we won’t do any changes\.

      I still play D3 because I thought they might fix this within, lets say 3 months. If they don’t improve this I will never go back to D3 after TL2 comes out.
      I don’t think the drop rate is the biggest problem. To me the problem is more that the very best items is still boring. My expectations to affixes and varied items was so high because of the long development of the game. Boring items and the lack of randomization maps are the two major issues I have with this game. I find it strange if Blizzard are satisfied with those two aspects. Off course, they don’t have to agree with me. That just means I think they failed and I will quit playing. Does that mean that Blizz was right?

    13. The auction house comes into play no matter what tweak or fix they put out. I believe they probably have to go through a series of checks with management to make sure the auction house isnt affected by whatever they do. I dont know how they paid for the upkeep and servers for D2 for so long with no money coming in for the game except box sales. I dont think the fixes, patches, PVP, and server maintainance would be going on very long without a revenue stream.

      I am always a fan of the droprates being increased to a certain extent, but I have noticed a big difference in the drops since I have started running with alot of MF. I have found alot of “good” stuff, but only a couple things near godly, and nothing I would consider godly. I wonder sometimes how well D3 would have went over with a monthly fee similar to WOW, instead of having the loot tied directly to them making money off the game?

    14. There are two fixes that I think should be fixed immediately, and am not sure why they did not get incorporated into 1.04. It seems like they would be easy to implement-although I admit I am not a programmer and may not be aware of the complexity. And I know these are not original.

      1) For class specific items, the only 2 +stat affixes that should be able to roll are the character’s primary stat and vitality. Not one single +200 INT bow should every drop again. (There is another, more complicated way to go-change things so that all stats can be meaningful to all classes. For example, tying DEX level to shield blocking %.)

      2) Add some mechanism to identify all rares with one click of a button in town. Maybe Cain’s long-lost brother can show up to ID things.

    15. They’re waiting fir Torchlight 2 to be released and reviewed so they know what has to be fixed. Any comparison in the reviews between the games will then be added to their \current known issues\ to do list.

      They should change the +stat affixes to be +prim_stat, +vitality, and +otherstat. Useless drop problem fixed. F**k the RMAH. They have probably lost more in 2nd hand word of mouth sales and expansion sales that they will make with the RMAH.

      Hey Blizzturd Acticrapvision stock holders, I bet if Blizzturd would release a $10 \expansion\ DLC pack that enables single player it would sell like crazy. Right now Diablo 3 is more of a single player always online game than it is a multiplayer online game.

    16. correction, should read:

      They have probably lost more in 2nd hand word of mouth sales and expansion sales _than_ they will ever make with the RMAH.

    17. At this point, I don’t really care. I take D3 for what it is and nothing more. No more high expectations for a game that will never be what I hoped it would be. Simply put, it is a good game but nothing special. So why do we hold out and put our hopes up?

    18. I was generally unhappy about the loot system, and I can’t wait to see them overhal it so that atleast its somewhat as interesting as D2

    19. listened to the blizzard podcast from a while back, interview with one of the devs who was talking about randomization. all excited talking about how players will be finding so much randomised loot, rares, magic items, set and legendary items! make me laugh to hear him actually saying that.

      how it works in the real world, the only time you see sets and legendaries is when you pop open the auction house and see the great stuff other people have found… some 10 year old kid playing 10 hours a day, who’s been picking up the items you need.

      the thrill of the hunt huh? basically that equates to hoping you get more rare drops cos even the rubbish ones are worth a little more gold and you can slowly work your way up till you can afford a weapon with 20 more dps, and then you’re back to an empty bank balance.

      identifying rubbish every run gets boring quick!

    20. The hardcore mode AH finally kicked the bucket last week thanks to the saturation caused by that easymode farming patch. My last bastion of D3 gameplay has now succumb to the reaper. Begging them to release BL2 or TL2 at this point so the pain will finally end.

    21. Happy Birthday Elly!!

      They need to seriously get on this. I don’t even know what to say anymore. I have lost just about all my faith and respect for Blizzard as of late.

    22. I went back to Diablo 2 LOD for a bit.

      Playing yet another hardcore untwinked spearie. So far I have found decent uniques, set items, and some okay rares without any MF.

      Plus I still have my socket quest, imbue and all my runes and jewels I have been saving up.

      I can play whenever I want, no lag, and I don’t have to buy any items!

      I bet I have a fortitude runeword before I find anything decent in D3 (nothing great yet, or even friggen decent for that matter…)

    23. Within the past hour or so of posting my comment above I managed to find IK helm, multiple rares, and blade buckle unique plated belt. The blade buckle was a nice find for my defense oriented, and damage reduction zon. The cool thing is I can upgrade that belt along the way!

      This with 0 MF.

      So far so fun.

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