It’s still very much a hot topic since the v1.0.4 patch was released and there’s still a lot of discussion on the loot issues. The original posters asks if there is some sort of conspiracy theory behind the lack of fixes to make people use the RMAH and he/she is getting frustrated with the game and the lack of development updates regarding the loot system. Blizzard responded with:

    Although I have no comments at this point in time on the topic of loot, I can say that the answer to this question is no… We think Diablo III is a great game, but there is always room for improvements, and we acknowledge that. When we see that a group of players are concerned about something, we know that we will need to look into that something to see if and how we best can address those concerns.

    Additionally, we tend not to announce fixes until we have fully decided that a specific fix is indeed the best one to go with. Fixing things is not always a simple matter though, and sometimes fixing things takes more time.

    We are not ignoring your concerns and I can assure you that no-one at Blizzard are leaning back, kicking up their feet, and claiming that all is well.

    The long periods of silence regarding issues such as loot irritate the players, information has flowed out at a slow pace. How do you feel about the loot at the moment and should the information on game updates be flowing more than it is?

    Also a little off topic but it deserves a mention, happy birthday to Elly today. Cake all round!

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