As something of a follow up to yesterday’s commentary about gold sinks and gold prices for upgrading gems, a fan on the European forums asked about the removal of the DiabloWikiAuction House as the end of the ultimate DiabloWikigold sink. Blue replies were forthcoming:

    Now that the Auction House is being shut down what will be the new gold sink?
    Vaneras: The AH isn’t a goldsink indeed, as the gold is merely removed from the player but not the game.

    The DiabloWikimystic and crafting should serve as fairly efficient and solid gold sinks in Reaper of Souls, and with the AH gone, a lot of gold will go into crafting, enchanting, and transmogrification. Also, since BoA will serve as a kind of item sink, the item game should feel much more meaningful and interesting in general than it does today.

    When Reaper of Souls is out. you will actually need to evaluate your loot more carefully than you do today, because not only will you have more options on what you can do with your loot, but your decisions on what to do with said loot will be much harder to undo. For an example; a decent item today that has one or two main stats wrong for you might be an obvious trade or salvage, but come Reaper of Souls that same item might actually be an item that you could instead enchant into an upgrade or sidegrade for one of your characters. But should you chose to enchant it, then that item will become BoA and will no longer be tradable.

    As someone immediately pointed out in the Blue thread, for most players the AH functions as a huge gold sink when it skims 15% off of all gold sales. Does that really count as a gold sink, though? Vaneras replies with a “no.”

    It seems hair splitting on the definition to say that a 15% gold reduction isn’t *really* a gold sink if the gold goes player to player. I’ve definitely lost much more (potential) gold to that 15% AH fee than to all of my crafting and repair and gem upgrade costs combined…. and yet Vaneras sort of has a point, since I’ve also gained the vast majority of my wealth via the AH. Thus the AH has cost me most of my gold, but it’s gained me much more gold on the whole. So does that make it a gold sink? Or a gold producer? And is that answer different for everyone depending on their own economic history? *confused*

    That aside, what do you guys expect once the AH is gone? Will the game need more gold sinks? Or will the lack of an AH serve as the biggest gold sink possible, since we won’t be (so easily/conveniently) getting rich selling items anymore, and item/gold farmers won’t have such incentive to keep inflating the economy?

    Vaneras made another reply on the topic in the same thread:

    Ehr. What about that 15% cut you take from me every time? =)
    Vaneras: True, the 15% cut does serve as a goldsink, but I would still not call the AH as a whole a gold sink since most of the gold being traded merely changes hands and thus actually stay in the game. I will not protest if people insist on calling the AH a gold sink though, but in that case I will agree to call it an ineffective gold sink instead 😉

    The economy stuff will be quite interesting to see in RoS and even in D3V once DiabloWikiLoot 2.0 comes and the AH closes. We’ve debated whether gold will retain value, but there’s still no telling for sure with so much yet TBD in terms of feature changes, new gold sinks, potentially bigger gold drops, etc.

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