A fan says D3 won’t last for 10 years like D2 has, and makes some (I thought) fairly weak arguments to support his point. Here’s the meat of the OP, plus Bashiok’s short reply to two other comments later in the thread.

    They’ve scrapped a lot of things from the great D2 that gave it its tremendous replayable value: stat point modification, rune words or a similar mechanic, PvP in its non-WoW form (WoW form meaning those arenas and organized matches that remind me of a fencing tournament bracket), the endless battle of leveling to 99 and the choice of whether or not to even fight that battle, the ability to trade our most rare items (due to Soul-binding), inability to respec (it did make the game last longer, no matter how “detrimental” Blizzard considers it to be to the gameplay), the ability to use more than 7 skills on a character (my Necro used up to 12), and many others.

    We may find out at Blizzcon that they have secretly constructed a vast arsenal of mechanics to compensate for ALL of these clear replayability cuts, but is this likely? Even so, will these “replacements” they have live up to their intentions? Judging from how many of the mechanics that made D2 last so long were unintentional, I don’t know if Blizzard can really produce a game that not only lasts 10 years, but can play the way they designed it.

    because all I’ve noticed so far is reductions in replayability in just about every aspect of the game.
    Please list them.

    You’re right; they are going to release an expansion every year and raise the cap lvl by 10 and eventually doing DLC for higher cap lvl.

    You keep posting this as if it’s something that’s going to catch on as an intelligent insight into our development plans.

    It’s not. And so it won’t.

    If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is. Bashiok replied (with a few more words) to virtually an identical post last September, in which a fan said that autostats and respecs would make every character on the realms exactly the same.  Here’s a quote from him back then:

    That’s just not true. Where and when possible itemization and playing the game more to get drops and find items play into the various types of customization. Diablo is an item game, our customization systems play into that as much as possible. Runes for example. Another being every item you wear, as items and their stats play a big role in how your character is defined.

    Those require playing the game more to find items to customize your character.

    Anyway, so yeah let’s say that character customization is out of the picture entirely as far as reasons to continue playing the game.

    Well, we have some ideas, and we’re not going to tell you what they are.

    I’m open to arguments on this and all issues about Diablo 3, but I don’t think “not enough replayabiilty” is a very strong one. Whatever legs that one had a year ago, (when it was already a familiar refrain), it’s that much weaker today, with all the new info we’ve learned about the changes to skills, the huge impact socketing high level gems will have, whatever stat boosts the Talisman provides, the fact that each D3 char will have vastly more useful active skills than D2 had, the enormous impact runestones will make on every skill, plus all of the new info on the crafting with Artisans. Continuing to make the same argument, regardless of how the facts change over time, is not the sign of a strong argument. It’s the sign of an inflexible, probably incoherent PoV.

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