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While there has been fewer DiabloWikimonster updates than last week, there has still been other acticity in the Diablo 3 Wiki as well as the Diablo 2 Wiki. A few new contributors have started making articles, and we see continous updates, on top of the very welcome grammar fixes that we all rely on to have a polished and shiny wiki.

Besides the very magnificent updates of Holyknight3000 and Delowyn, we have also seen some lore updates and one monster update in the Diablo 3 Wiki. Here is a selection of updates from the past week:

  • DiabloWikiDark Wanderer – The mysterious character that later turns out to be Diablo.
  • DiabloWikiAttributes – Updated information about how the stats work.
  • DiabloWikiHolyknight3000 – An (almost) finished library of the Diablo community’s most well known artist.
  • DiabloWikiNephalem – Important race that’s part part of Diablo lore (hint: we’re it!).
  • DiabloWikiWorldstone – Quite related to Nephalem.
  • DiabloWikiDelowyn – Our other famous community artist. This one in 3D!
  • DiabloWikiNew Tristram – Likely the place where Diablo III will start.
  • DiabloWikiChest – The type of environmental DiabloWikiobject we like the most.
  • DiabloWikiGhoul – The one, lonely, monster update.

In the Diablo 1 & Diablo 2 Wiki, there has been both updates for Diablo 1 classes, as well as a lot of updates for Diablo 2 items:

There is also a large update on Diablo II Set Items. The list takes quite a bit of space, so if you want to see the 20-odd Diablo II set item updates they are all available after the jump. In the meanwhile we need to give a huge thanks to our dear contributors! Thank you Chen, Belushi81x, Delowyn, Holyknight3000, D3nick, NateD, Dragonhelmuk, Vipermagi, Orphan, Crazy Dropper, AllNamesRTaken and Mmmpld.

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