The Diablo Wiki updates continue ceaselessly, as we endeavor to encapsulate all the Blizzcon info in our erudite encyclopedic enclosure.

    Brand new pages this very morning include some new looks at the interface windows. Forumgoer Claymore did some work on the first ever image of the Diablo III DiabloWikiCharacter window, adding in text where the original was too blurry to read. It might not be pretty, but it’s informative, giving those of you who haven’t made it to any of the Blizzcons a look at how the game displays the damage, resistance, armor, DiabloWikiattributes, and more. You can see a thumb of the image to the right; click it for a larger view.

    We’ve also updated the main DiabloWikiinterface page, with a new Blizzcon 2010 image of the belt interface from the DiabloWikiArena. You can tell it’s the Arena because there are no healing potions, and the article is updated with new info about where buffs and debuffs are displayed, the changes to the belt hotkeys, and more.

    There’s also an (even blurrier) image of the DiabloWikiSkills and traits window, which is what the game’s got now in place of a DiabloWikiskill tree. DiabloWikiSkills in a list in one tab, DiabloWikitraits in a list in the other, and you just gotta scroll down to see ‘em all, slotted into their appropriate tiers.

    A window we do not, alas, have a shot of is the new Lore window. It’s located on a tab right beside the DiabloWikiQuests window, and though it wasn’t really functional yet at Blizzcon, it had all the icons and spaces set up. In fact it looked exactly like the Artisan window, with the multiple icons on the left, but it was just blank on the right since no text had yet been inputted.

    Elsewhere, the individual DiabloWikiTraits pages are all finished. We had all the traits listed by class (DiabloWikiBarbarian traits, DiabloWikiDemon Hunter traits, DiabloWikiMonk traits, DiabloWikiWitch Doctor traits, DiabloWikiWizard traits)a couple of weeks ago, but now every trait has its own article, with the description and properties, as well as useful info on synergies.

    Just for bonus fun, I put together an alphabetical Master Traits List, which lists every (known) trait in the game, along with the classes that can access it. There are 81 traits, if you were wondering, about 50 of which are unique to one class or another. The WD has the most unique, but this list is far from complete, since at Blizzcon the Monk’s were a bit underpopulated, and the Demon Hunter only had five! Though it’s safe to add another nine, for reasons explained on the page.

    There are plenty of interesting oddities about traits. For instance, everyone but the WD gets DiabloWikiIntimidation, so I guess the mask is compensating for something? Also, a number of trait tool tips still bear the lowly stamp of their origin, with references straight from their days as DiabloWikipassive skills. The Barbarian’s DiabloWikiSlaughter and DiabloWikiSecond Wind, both refer to other old, now-removed skills as prerequisites. You’ll see other such remnants and evidence of the game being a work in progress as you browse the pages.

    Finally, something that bothers me in virtually every wiki I’ve ever used (including Wikipedia itself) is the lack of navigation. You often get that child’s dictionary quandary, where you can’t look something up since you don’t know how to spell it, except that in most wikis you can’t find it because you don’t know what you’re looking for. We’re always improving the Diablo Wiki’s navigation, with the new side bar still in need of population, but every skill and trait page has a nice page-bottom navigation box that conveniently lists every single trait and skill, sorted by class, in clickable tabs. You can’t ask for much more than that.

    Thanks to TheWanderer, Glass, Risingred, Furyian and Nija for the many, many updates the wiki has seen in the past week(s).

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