Since the Diablo III wiki is up to date on all the major game content, (and ready for the upcoming BlizzCon info blast), we’ve had time recently to catch up on smaller pages, and to add some useful general purpose articles.

    DiabloWikiEaster Eggs: This page lists documents what’s known about Diablo 3 Easter Eggs (lots of developer quotes), as well as covering Diablo-related Easter Eggs in other games. The list is fairly complete when it comes to Blizzard titles, with a bunch of WoW and SC2 Yes, but I know there have been numerous Diablo mentions in games made by other companies.  Many more than the page now lists (HGL and Borderlands).  If you know of some others, stick them in comments and help us develop this resource.

    The Diablo I and Diablo II Easter Egg pages are still under construction. While the D2 EE page is fairly well-fleshed out, we’re looking for community input into things we’ve forgotten. Check the page for the info, and refer to this forum thread if you’d like to help out.

    The Real ID page discusses Blizzard’s ongoing non-privacy initiative and documents the clusterf*** that was their recent attempt to install mandatory real name posting on the Battle.net forums.

    The Media Coverage page has been updated through July; if you want a quick and easy summary of just the new info and other major events in the news, this is your best option. (At least until I get caught up again on the monthly summaries.)

    Other recent bits of Bashiok and @Diablo info led to the new Poison Dart skill page, and helped flesh out existing articles on all the known weapon types, added to the never-ending permutations of Fury, and yanked the rug out from beneath Instability. There’s also a new page for the Monk’s Fist weapons, and some info about weapon-specific skills on the Staves (not DiabloWikiStaffs) page.

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