The past week’s been a busy one in the Diablo Wiki, and while there’s tons of Blizzcon info yet to update, we’ve achieved a nice milestone. All of the new DiabloWikiskills and DiabloWikitraits have been added and are arranged in coherent, informative pages.  How about some links?

    If you’re wondering what skills changed… lots of them. Nearly 40 skills were removed from the game, mostly passives that were moved almost-directly into the new class traits. Plenty of skills were added as well; 5 for the Barbarian, 3 for the Wizard, and more than 15 for the Monk. Check the character archive pages to see how skills looked last year (and before): DiabloWikiBarbarian skill archive, DiabloWikiMonk skill archive, DiabloWikiWitch Doctor skill archive, and DiabloWikiWizard skill archive.  We’ve also got running threads about the removed skills, see the Barbarian’s lost 17, the Witch Doctor’s lost 12, and the Wizard’s lost 9.

    Big thanks to Risingred, WizardGurl, RichterLocke, Beerman, Adree, Elly, Kolixela, DxAxxxTyriel, Zediono for the French translations, and all the others who have helped out. Such high quality, speedy updates woudln’t have been possible without much community assistance. If you’d like to help out, in a big or small way, feel free. That’s what wikis are for, but be careful; making changes and adding new info is fun, and it can be addicting.

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