We’re usually too busy adding/updating articles in the DiabloWiki to remember to post news about all the recent activity, but it’s a slow Monday morning, so here goes.

    Big thanks to everyone who has been contributing, but especially to a pair of updaters. Varquynne for his tireless work updating the Diablo III team pages. We’ve now got more than 60 of them in the wiki, all with their names, job descriptions, photos, links to interviews or artwork, and more. The casual fan has never heard of or seen most of them, but they’re all contributing to the creation of our most-anticipated title. Plus sometimes they even make funny faces for their Blizzcon panel photos.

    And MrFrye, the artist formerly known as Dragonfriend. He’s in the process of making a quality edit to every single skill page, and before starting on that he created excellent pages for all of the new DiabloWikiattributes in Diablo III. You remember, back in December, when Bashiok announced that the str/dex/vit/will DiabloWikiattributes were gone like last week’s Chinese leftovers? No you don’t. You’d forgotten all about it. Don’t lie to me.  You can’t even remember what you had for lunch yesterday. No matter, since the wiki’s got comprehensive articles about DiabloWikiAttack, DiabloWikiPrecision, DiabloWikiVitality, DiabloWikiDefense, and DiabloWikiWillpower and what they’ll do for your Diablo III character.

    Other content pages that have had received substantial recent updates, mostly by me, abound: DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Demo, DiabloWikiRelease date, DiabloWikiEconomy, DiabloWikiHealth Globes, DiabloWikiGear Set, DiabloWikiInterface, DiabloWikiHardcore, DiabloWikiItems, DiabloWikiWhips, DiabloWikiGuns, DiabloWikiDeath, DiabloWikiLegendary, DiabloWikiSingle Player, DiabloWikiAmbient life, DiabloWikiIn-Game Ads, DiabloWikiUgly graphics, and lots more.

    We’ve added a lot more coverage of basic D3 and gaming terms to the massive DiabloWikiReference page, including short articles on DiabloWikihacks, DiabloWikilegit, DiabloWikiself-found, DiabloWikidupe, DiabloWikielite, DiabloWikiexceptional, DiabloWikiLAEK, DiabloWikiLLD, DiabloWikigrind, DiabloWikirun, DiabloWikiaggro, DiabloWikie-peen, DiabloWikiraid, and more.

    The DiabloWikiMerchandise section got a big update, with much-improved pages for the DiabloWikiDiablo Poker Set, DiabloWikiDiablo III Shirts, DiabloWikiDiablo III calendar, and more.

    The DiabloWikiMedia Coverage article is current through 2010. As always, it’s your source for news archives and coverage, since it lists and links to only the substantial events. As fast as the news (usually) goes it’s easy to miss interviews, new artwork, new fan ninja videos, juicy Bashiok posts, etc. The media coverage page archives just the critical stuff, though if you want to be omnivorous you can use the news categories to see say, every @diablo tweet, or Bashiok forum post, ever.

    Finally, I’d like to thank the spammers who have spent the past few weeks creating literally hundreds of accounts in the D3 and D1/D2 wikis, all to post nonsensical “Jobs in Hell” articles. These would never have been read by anyone (even if we hadn’t deleted them), but existed for the same reason that our comment spam does; it’s all part of an ongoing (and increasingly successful) effort to change Google from a valuable Internet tool into an evil device that exists primarily to funnel clueless Internet users to scam sites.

    These endless spamming efforts are annoying to see in the “latest wiki updates” box, but satisfying to smite. Our joy is leavened by the occasional friendly fire victim, but on the whole it’s fun, since we know the spammers wasted time registering an account, confirming it from an email, clicking back to the wiki, logging in, and creating the spam, which we then deleted in 5 seconds. Taking scalps in the wiki isn’t as much fun as nuking main page comment spam (where their anonymous posting ass has to battle the captcha, while we can delete every post ever made from a given IP# in 3 clicks), but it’s nice to give the pailbat to those who spend their days working to ruin the internet experience by parasiting off the efforts of others.

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