Thanks to some free time over the three-day holiday weekend, I updated a great many pages with recent tidbits. I didn’t do any major page rewrites since none were needed—DiabloWiki.net has been kept very up to date on all the major new stuff for months, chiefly by fast-fingered volunteers such as Holyknight3000, Risingred, MrFrye, and many others. But lots of the pages had room for improved by adding Blizzard quotes and other recent tidbits.

    Here are a few of the more interesting ones, all of which have numerous blue quotes and usually images or stats taken right from the game.

    • Did you know that DiabloWikiNecromancers are confirmed to appear in D3 as DiabloWikiNPCs? And that DiabloWikiPaladins have been strongly hinted at?
    • Did you know that there will be no item binding of any kind in D3, but that DiabloWikiBoE and DiabloWikiBoA were seriously considered during much of the development cycle? (DiabloWikiBoP still applies to DiabloWikiQuest Items, but not really, since they no longer show up in the Quest Items Inventory, since it no longer exists in visible form.)
    • Do you know why there won’t be any branching or split storyline elements in D3?
    • Do you understand why there will not be breakpoints in D3, and remember what they were in D2?
    • Are you cool with the complete lack of synergy skills in D3?
    • Have you checked out all the known gem stats, and marveled at their huge changes from D2’s gems? (Including life leech.)
    • Did you follow the saga of Town Portals, from removal and condemnation to resurrection and return?

    There were dozens more page updates over the weekend, but that’s enough for one update. Expect a lot more updates in the weeks to come, as we get The Leading Diablo Wiki entirely updated and ready for the massive info insertions the start of the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta will bring.

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