DiabloWiki Watch #58: Skills, Passives, and Resources

DiabloWiki Watch #58: Skills, Passives, and Resources

Story time! While recording an episode of the DiabloWikiDiablo Podcast on Saturday evening (it focused on early game quests and plot progression, and should be posted Tuesday or Wednesday), conversation turned to useful strategies against the DiabloWikiSkeleton King and his vast horde of bonemen. As I’d recently spoken with an attendee at the beta preview event, who had told me of difficulties in fighting Leoric with his DiabloWikiDemon Hunter, I started to wonder what level DiabloWikiEntangling Arrow was now, and if there were any other low level DH DiabloWikiCrowd Control skills.

Tragically, DiabloWiki.net was temporarily inaccessible due to the server move, and I was thus forced to try one of those other Diablo 3 wikis. To my shock (well, not really), none of the others had been updated with any DH skills info since last year’s Blizzcon (and even that coverage was pretty spotty). Worse yet, neither Neinball or The Eliminator, both of whom are active on this site and are quite knowledgeable about Diablo III, were aware that all of the updated, final game skill and passive info had been available in the DiabloWiki since last week, largely thanks to the tireless labor of MrFrye and a few other wiki assistants. “Obviously,” I thought, “if these guys don’t know about the thousands of updates the Diablo Wiki has received in the past couple of weeks, most of the readers won’t either.”

Hence, this news post! (Click to see the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter skills. It’s best to use the tabbed navigation at the bottom of the pages for easy navigation throughout the other class skill and passive pages.)

While we now know the names and levels of every skill, active and passive, we don’t have the full descriptions for all of the new active skills. That’s not such a hindrance with the skills, since only the DH has more than one or two new skills. There are a few more DiabloWikipassive skills that we don’t yet know the descriptions of, but since the vast majority are reused DiabloWikitraits (Why didn’t they just keep calling them “traits” anyway? Much better term than “passive skills.”) they’re pretty well covered as well.

Besides plugging the wiki updates, I wanted to make a post highlighting these HQ pics of the class DiabloWikiresources, taken at the media event in late July. The only one we don’t have a brand new picture of is the DiabloWikiBarbarian‘s DiabloWikiFury, but it’s easy to imagine. There’s just a single bulb now; the “traffic light” design you can see pictured in the Fury article is long gone; but those old screenshots are useful, since the whole bulb now has the same glowing golden/orange sun looking graphic that the individual balls used to.

And yes, I still have a bunch more cool photos of the DiabloWikiinterfaces and other stuff to post as they get inputted into the wiki. I’ll try to accelerate the pace of those, starting next week. I have a lovely yang to the yin of the most beautiful thing ever, and it’ll go up Monday for sure.

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37 thoughts on “DiabloWiki Watch #58: Skills, Passives, and Resources

  1. mana,arcane,spirit… 😀 one bottle but with different colors, but the same result 😀 !!! 😆 wow style detected

  2. You should have a front page module that shows newest Wiki entries. That might solve your problem.

  3. So flux I was curious if the barbarians are still using that stop light for their fury meter. I’m having a terrible time looking for info on it. 🙂

  4. I still find it somewhat odd that not all classes have the same number of active skills.  I understand that they say that balance isn’t critical, and that 2 or 3 less skills doesn’t necessarily translate to “weaker”, but I still find myself strangely disjointed (shrug).

    • I think 22 is a good number they could have went with. There are only 2 classes that have more then 22
      Wiz with 25
      DH with 23
      WD and Barb with 22
      and Monk with 21

      It would be easy to trim the fat off the Wizard and get it down to 22, Same with the DH.  So then all you would have to do is make one new skill for the Monk.

  5. Anyone else notice the Wizard’s meter is the only one that’s 100/100? Everyone else’s is 200/200…

    • That’s because Arcane Power has a max of 100 supposedly always, and it has a few other things about it that make it different from plain Mana, besides the very fancy and colorful bulb it has now.

      Look at the wiki page to hear more about it.

  6. “Arcane Power: A fast regenerating resource for the Wizard’s offensive spells.”
    Does this mean defensive skills are free or consume something else when used, or am I reading too much into this? The spirit tooltip says both offensive and defensive abilities are covered…

      • Health and mana are two different resources.

        It does look exactly like the bulb from torchlight. I wish they’d change the color…it looks like health/mana and it’s kinda odd. Doesn’t seem very thematic with the DH, either.

        • agreed, on the color.  I wonder how a black oil color would look for hatred, and a gold for discipline

          • Heh, I thought of those same two colours myself. Although I was thinking more sunlight/bright than gold.

  7. For the Hatred and Discipline of D/H I think they could at least change its color to black/white or maybe red/black thing… so it wouldn’t look so much the Torchlight resource…. i don’t know… i just didn’t like these colors at all
    hope they change it again untill final release

  8. As a note – I had 0 difficulties fighting Leoric with my Demon Hunter.
    I just vaulted and used Grenades – I don’t think I even got hit once.  I’m not sure why another would have any problems. Also – there are 2 crowd control skills. There is a caltrop-like trap and Entangling arrow early on, as well as a shoot-and vault like move for escaping, and of course, vault.

  9. Barb’s fury out of 100 also? Any info on fury breakdown cost on skills yet? Fury returns on being hit?

    Maybe not yet I guess…

  10. FYI diii.net is redirecting to the wiki now istead of diablo.incgamers. Not sure if this was done on purpose.

  11. I’m really stoked for this game and am starting to lean towards the Witch Doctor for my main toon. From the outset the WD looks like it’ll be a fun class.

  12. There will be a WoW2, or an expansion that will completely change the game.  (IE, necros no longer using mana, as seen here) This is another Blizzard way of trying, very successfully I might add, to sandbox games off of one another. Think about the progression.  W3.  Had the first selectable customizations of what you’re class could do.  D2.  Had the first trees in which you could select what you wanted (summoning necro vs. poison necro).  WoW.  Brought even more talents into play.   WoW.  Brought less talents into play. Talents aren’t working for them, or at least as they are designed.  They wanna give people options, just not pushing 3,2,4,5,3,6,3,8, rinse, repeat.  And if you screw it up, you’ve just lost DPS.  I think that this idea is brilliant, as it gives each character a uniqueness that I just didn’t feel in D2.

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