Things have been busy in the DiabloWiki of late, even without any much game info to speak of. Miscellaneous new pages in the D3 wiki include:

    • DiabloWikiCrowd Control: Describes the term and lists all known CC-type skills in Diablo III. Would you be surprised to learn that the Witch Doctor actually has the fewest of any of the classes? (DH aside, since only 11 of her skills are known.) Goes to show how few of the Necromancer-style curses have carried over to D3.
    • Blizzard North’s Diablo III: This article includes a quick summary of what’s publicly known about the development of Diablo III at Blizzard North from 2000-2005, as well as all of the leaked images of monsters and screenshots.
    • DiabloWikiProc: A term for a process that’s triggered by another action, in a game like Diablo III. Background info and examples in the article.

    The real action has been in housekeeping and organization. In the Diablo 2 section of the wiki, MrFrye has been industriously creating unique pages for every DiabloWikiUnique item in the game. They were all listed by item type previously, as they are on the Arreat Summit pages, but for ease of navigation, linking, and as practice for setting up the items navigation for D3, we’ve been creating individual pages for everything. You can type the name of any unique item into the wiki search, or use the huge items navigation at the bottom of every page. You see it below the stats for DiabloWikiVerdungo’s Hearty Cord, for instance.

    Elsewhere, HolyKnight has been doing great work with the DiabloWikiFan art and DiabloWikifan fiction coverage in the main DiabloWiki. He’s been adding dozens of pieces of fan art (from our gallery) to the individual artist pages. If you click any of the artist pages from the wiki navigation, such as DiabloWikiDefiledvisions, DiabloWikiHolyknight3000, DiabloWikiBoqu, DiabloWikiSoftshack, DiabloWikiShiramune, DiabloWikiDelowyn, or any of the others, you’ll see their artist page with some info about them, thumbs of their work, and links to their homepage or DA pages, when available.

    The goal is to create a comprehensive directory of the active Diablo community artists, enabling greater visibility of their work and encouraging more such artistic creations. It’s amazing how many hundreds of nice pieces of Diablo III fanart we’ve seen so far, with the game not even close to a release.

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