With Battle.net archives and the Diablo novella wiki updates individually displayed, it’s now time for a more general wiki update!

    Some wiki contributors are currently working on a revamp of displaying Diablo 3 skills, and while we don’t have anything to show for it yet, we’re hoping it will make the skill info wiki easier to find, and making it easier if anyone want to link a specific skill with our [WIKI][/WIKI] BBCode. Skills will be individual and look a bit like the updated Plague of Toads, at the moment, they are all just linking to the skill trees, like Magic Missile and others do.

    Here are a few highlights of the last week or so:

    We’re also working on a massive upgrade of the strategy components of the D2 wiki, and as part of that Flux has started updating and reposting useful articles and FAQs, in addition to unearthing the older DiabloWikiWarnings material. A few recent additions:

    • DiabloWikiLevel Up Guide – Where to lvl up, depending on your level.
    • DiabloWikiGame_terms – A huge compilation of acronyms, abbreviations and other terms you’ll see in game and in the forums.
    • DiabloWikiFPS – Details about the /fps display and information about D2’s internal clock speed of 25 frames.
    • DiabloWikiMultiplayer Parties – What combinations of characters work best as small co-op parties?
    • DiabloWikiV1.10 FAQ – A massive FAQ covering every aspect of the sweeping game changes in v1.10 and later patches.
    • DiabloWikiGame_commands – An up to date compilation of every command you can use in game or in the Battle.net chat channels.

    I was very touched when one of the Diablo 3 Wiki contributors complimented me, Flux and Elly for our work in the wiki, saying that even though we thank all other contributors in the Wiki Watches, there would be nothing without us. Regardless of if this is true or not, we do enjoy fillion out the width of the community wiki, to make it the one go-to source on the web for Diablo info. Truth be told, the wiki could really not be anything without every day Diablo enthusiasts visiting, fixing typos or adding articles, and a BIG thanks from the community to the contributors of the last two weeks or so goes out to Belushi81x, Vipermagi, Azymn, Flux, HegemonKhan, Medievaldragon, Widus, Thumperward, Dethklok, Holyknight3000, OiMa, Elly, Elmer92413, ZSiegfried, VvAnarchangelvV, Valmy, Zixaq and Chen!

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