This weeks extra focus is on DiabloWikiHolyknight3000, who’s fan art wallpapers can’t have gone unnoticed. He has made several additions to the fan-art-related articles in the Diablo 3 Wiki, and also a separate article for the Fiery Runes Series he made. There is also a quite interesting Behind the Fiery Runes article, explaining how he made them, and giving everyone a tutorial in making really cool Diablo 3 wallpapers!

    Over the last two weeks, there has been an auspumpen-load of updates of many different kinds, so make sure to look out for further updates. The major one today is information about Diablo I, which has been added from our old information pages, and now should cover everything related to Diablo I. More on Diablo I after the break though, here are a list of Diablo 3 Wiki updates:

    There has also been a bunch of general Diablo 2 Wiki updates, of which this is a shortened list:

    We wish to give out huge THANKS to all the DiabloWiki contributors of the last week: Thank you ZSiegfried, Holyknight3000, Medievaldragon, Telzen, Belushi81x, Dragonhelmuk, Widus, DiMono, Crazy Dropper, Uffda, Ironborn, DominicFIN, NateD, Lanthanide, MarauderIIC, Delowyn and Gtub for making DiabloWiki what it is, the prime source of information for Diablo 1, 2 & 3!

    And as promised, click through to the full article to see the immense Diablo I updates!

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