A new Week, a new Wiki Watch, and new DiabloWikiMonster updates. Not as many as last week, but half a dosen or so at least and that’s on top of the updates from the rest of the wiki. Two major updates have actually been ABOUT the community, not just by made by the members, and that is the articles about Holyknight3000 (our famous wallpaper artist) and Delowyn (our soon famous 3D artist). Read on for the updates in the Diablo 3 Wiki.

    To be fair, Diablo 3 is not even released yet, and the majority of Diablo interest is actually still Diablo II. The game has experienced a new influx of players (and sales) as people have picked up the old classic while waiting for the latest addition to come out of the oven. Diablo 2 updates are just as important:

    The DiabloWiki could not be what it is without its contributors. For this week there is a BIG thank you to AllNamesRTaken, Widus Solomir, Delowyn, Orphan, Belushi81x, Mmmpld, Holyknight3000, MCMXCIX, Dragonhelmuk, Menarus, Mizantrop, Chen and Mcoming.

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