Those of you not checking out the recent changes in the wiki might be interested to know that every SuperUnique boss in the game now has his/her/its own wiki page, all of which list their full stats, including hit points, resistances, max TC/Rune they can drop, plus spell damages, elemental bonuses to melee attacks, and so forth. If you’ve ever wondered just how much damage is inflicted by Radament’s poison breath, or The Summoner’s firewall, or Maffer Dragonhand’s Hydras, or which runes The Countess can drop on each difficulty level, or even her odds of coughing up a Key of Terror based on how many players are in the game… have at it.

    A similar level of detail can be found on all of the basic monster pages, all of which list where they spawn, what they can drop, how much and what type of damage they do, how fast they heal, and more.


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