Thanks largely to Error 37 and other associated evils, we’ve seen a renewed focused on Diablo III’s always-online requirement. Blizzard’s official stance has always been that removing LAN and SP play was for our own good since online-only makes for a better better gamer experience. When pressed, they also say online-only heighten security and helps them prevent hacks or dupes. (Uh-oh.)

    Most fans (and media) laugh at reason #1, accept reason #2, and wonder why Bliz won’t just admit it’s really about anti-piracy DRM.

    This issue is taken on quite vigorously in a new installment of the Jimquisition, a short video podcast rant hosted by The Escapist. I didn’t expect much from it, and nearly clicked it off about three minutes in when it gets childishly poop-obsessed, but from around 4:00 to the end the dude makes some good points. I transcribed what I though was his best point, and you can watch the whole thing via the embedded video.

    You Should be Mad at Diablo III’s Always Online DRM

    The gaming community has a hard time understanding that you can complain about things you love at times. And I know some people want to defend the server problems because they think to attack them would be to attack Diablo III as a piece of entertainment. But no, if you love Diablo III that’s all the more reason to attack it even harder. Because when we love something, criticizing that which holds it back is the best thing we can do. I adore Diablo III personally.

    I’ve been having a blast when I’ve been able to get online with it, but that’s all the more reason to be angry. Because we have an industry where great games, remarkable games, are being chained to utterly awful business practices that directly damage them and harm an otherwise beautiful experience. And to just sit back and let that happen makes you a willing accomplice in that harm.

    Warning: The video is NSFW due to lots of use of the s-word.

    The Escapist : Jimquisition : You Should Be Mad at Diablo III’s Always Online DRM

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