Why You Should Complain about D3’s Online Only?

Thanks largely to Error 37 and other associated evils, we’ve seen a renewed focused on Diablo III’s always-online requirement. Blizzard’s official stance has always been that removing LAN and SP play was for our own good since online-only makes for a better better gamer experience. When pressed, they also say online-only heighten security and helps them prevent hacks or dupes. (Uh-oh.)

Most fans (and media) laugh at reason #1, accept reason #2, and wonder why Bliz won’t just admit it’s really about anti-piracy DRM.

This issue is taken on quite vigorously in a new installment of the Jimquisition, a short video podcast rant hosted by The Escapist. I didn’t expect much from it, and nearly clicked it off about three minutes in when it gets childishly poop-obsessed, but from around 4:00 to the end the dude makes some good points. I transcribed what I though was his best point, and you can watch the whole thing via the embedded video.

You Should be Mad at Diablo III’s Always Online DRM

The gaming community has a hard time understanding that you can complain about things you love at times. And I know some people want to defend the server problems because they think to attack them would be to attack Diablo III as a piece of entertainment. But no, if you love Diablo III that’s all the more reason to attack it even harder. Because when we love something, criticizing that which holds it back is the best thing we can do. I adore Diablo III personally.

I’ve been having a blast when I’ve been able to get online with it, but that’s all the more reason to be angry. Because we have an industry where great games, remarkable games, are being chained to utterly awful business practices that directly damage them and harm an otherwise beautiful experience. And to just sit back and let that happen makes you a willing accomplice in that harm.

Warning: The video is NSFW due to lots of use of the s-word.

The Escapist : Jimquisition : You Should Be Mad at Diablo III’s Always Online DRM
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97 thoughts on “Why You Should Complain about D3’s Online Only?

  1. Just woke up — “Severs going down in 15 minutes” … 8 hour maintenance. This is why.

    • They shut down the EU server for maintenance on sunday afternoon right when I was fighting against the last boss in Act 4, for the first time. Online giving the best gaming experience…? I don’t need any of their online experience. 

  2. I’ve been trying to make this point on the official forums as much as possible, much to the fanbois hatred. I love Diablo 3, and the thing is I wouldn’t even mind the online only requirement – if it actually did make for a better play experience instead of making it difficult to play. 

      • Except security? more profit for blizzard? Piracy protection? Better control over the content? Faster patching and hot-fixing? Much more difficult to (develop)hack/cheat..yea..online only sucks when servers are down.. but I see more pros than cons too..  

        • No Security if you read the news. Indeed More profit for Bli$$ard. It is being pirated, obviously you have never used torrents. Better control over what content? Error 37 still popping up in someplaces, what Hot fixing? they just Ban everything that needs a fix on the forums. Again, you did not read the News if you think it is so hard to Hack/cheat. Yea Online Only sucks when servers are down and when they are not down. If you see more pros than cons, u a blizzfanboy.

          • “It is being pirated, obviously you have never used torrents.”

            having the game will do you no good. you need an account with a unique game key to play. anyone who argues that online-only doesn’t prevent piracy isn’t using their brain.

        • No, fanboy, everything you said brings no improvement to the players or are things that in the best case scenario will only delay the doom of D3 (just like every other Blizzard game).
          Blizzard already have a minimum amount of money they need to support the game, earning extra money will just make their shareholders more rich, so there’s absolutely no advantage for the players. That, of course, if we affirm the online content really has any effect in bringing more money for Blizzard.
          Many players simply didn’t buy the game because of the online one DRM, and pirates would never buy the game in first place, so I don’t even know why should a company care about them.
          Making the game online only will really delay the cheating… (DELAY), but the only thing that prevents cheating is a strong system that can detect them once they are available, and that is something Blizzard is terrible at doing, just look at their old games using bnet 1.0 and SC2.
          Patching will be a common sigh in the early days of the game, as any other game, but when D3 grow old (old = 2 years) patches will be a rare sight, especially when Blizzard starts to work in their next title, especially Titan. Just look at SC2, do you see any real patch for the game is the last years? No, only now Blizzard is thinking in adding extra stuff in the game.

  3. I can’t really complain about online only, since from the day Diablo 3 was announced I knew I was going to play on battle.net only anyway.
    Although maybe latency at evenings would be lower if there wasn’t that many people playing on b.net.

  4. It’s there for the auction halls as well as DRM, mainly the RMAH.  (Which if you’re like me, you don’t care about)

    Hacking, duping and other nefarious sorts were a huge plague in the D2 item trading community.  By taking control of the item trade D3 helps ensure trading takes place honestly and effectively.  However Blizzard needs to take action to make sure hacked items and duped items don’t exist.  Hence…always online.

    “But why not make an offline single player mode that can’t trade/etc?”

    That means Blizzard would need the game to store player file information on users PC’s.  If this information only ever exists on the servers, it becomes infinitely harder for hackers to get ahold of it to start cooking up duped/hacked/whatevered items.  To make the item trading economy work, they needed always online and for player files to never touch a user’s PC.  If they settled for gold only?  This would be less concerning, but they’re letting player’s real money out into the wild so they needed to get as serious as possible about this.

    …so..there are three reasons.  But honestly?  I could care less about the RMAH.  I understand why it needs online only, but I’d give up the RMAH for offline mode in a heartbeat. 

    • what are you flapping your gums on about? have you seen the latest D3 hackers headline? dupes and hax have already been spotted in D3 since the beta. Blizzard’s bullshit DRM has made 0 difference. no pros, all cons

      all it’s accomplished is piss 100s of 1000s paying customers off

      • I haven’t seen anything about dupes. The only in-game ‘hacks’ I’ve seen were in the beta with the speed hacks, but that was very early on and I suspect Blizzard will have accounted for that by now. We have recently had apparent account-hacking, but that’s not really the same thing at all (and of course account-hacking is only possible with an online game…).

    • So now because of Online only, hacks and dupes are no longer around, instead, Hackers are stealing from players by Hacking their accounts. Good Job Bli$$ard, you make me feel so safe.

      • Maybe you should take some responsibility into your own hands and make sure your account is safe instead of bitching about Blizzard not doing it for you. The only way a hacker gets a hold of your account is if your careless/stupid. Unfortunately Blizzard cant fix stupid…

    • ” hacked items and duped items don’t exist.  Hence…always online.” Who cares hacked or duped item exist in offline mode ? no one, take Warcraft III for example, if you play single player you have cheat codes but once you go on lan or online, you don’t have them anymore. And no one is complaining

      There are no good reason to make online only, even without singleplayer or lan, D2 would have experienced the same item isssues. And i don’t get your third point, i mean, the online characters would be stored the same way as it is now, it would just changes the offline ones, also the point of offline is to be able to play without any internet connection, hence, no auction house at all, gold nor money.

    • Those Blizzard quotations just make me wanna puke because of so many lies. Blizzard never stored characters files in the player’s computers in the first place (only in D1 they did that). There are rumors about people who managed to import single player items to bnet, but that happened because of a failure in battle.net and not because players could edit they single player characters (It’s like blaming google for allowing people to find pirate content in the internet).
      Also, duping has absolutely nothing to do with local files, its all about players exploiting the game by lagging the server to make it think a character is still logged in, so you can strip his gear off with a second char and once the naked char relogs his items will be with him again (and the duped items on the second char).

  5. Pros outweigh the cons, this guy just doesn’t get it. No other gaming company has been able to truly combat hacking and other issues so this is the outcome.

    • People keep saying this, but don’t explain what the pros are.  I hasn’t stopped hackers, if that’s what you mean.  In fact, it’s now possible for them to steal your stuff even if you would have otherwise been playing offline.

  6. i think always online is really annoying when it fails, but i have a few problems with complaining about it, chief among them being that blizzard didnt tell me it was always online after i bought the game, but before hands. It was therefore my choice whether to buy it or not. But sitting here, commenting on a forum rather than playing because the server is down for eight hours makes that argument harder to make.  it’s a tough one. i wish they could have figured out a way to prevent hacking and duping while still having offline play (if that was the real reason they went always online) but I dont know enough about software development to say either way.  

  7. “The gaming community has a hard time understanding that you can complain about things you love at times.”
    LOL I’m pretty sure they already know that. Or is this guy new to the internet?

    • No, the guy is actually right. Just see how many people, even on these forums, see people who don’t like D3 as the most repugnant, loathsome creatures that walk on earth. Or how many people just tell everyone to “quit whining, just because you can’t log in for 8 hours, doesn’t mean that Online-DRM is bad”.

  8. I just don’t care if it’s online only or not, since I have internet connection anyways.

    And Diablo 3 is NOT the only game in the world. It’s not like you depend on it. If the servers are down, I simply play a different game.

    Any problems? not at all 

  9. Ubisoft tanked in the release of the latest game in the Heroes of Might and Magic series in making it basically online only. Lots of bugs and connection issues, features no working, ect. Similar to what D3 is now experiencing.

    • uhm….isn’t it online only too?   So what’s your point?

      And I’ve tried the beta.  They have MILES to go.   Simply trying to click monsters is a laugh.   

    • Lol…. PoE is online only too dude. Even then they still have miles and miles to catch up with Diablo

  10. I also don’t understand why people don’t boycott Steam, since it is a pure DRM system. I had to reinstall games few times only because there was some error with Steam.
    Also you have no access to installation files, you can’t back up your game copy, if ever Steam shuts down (very unlikely, but always possible) loads people will loose more then one game. If you get banned for some reason you loose all your games.
    So far the only digital platform I fully support is gog.com, you can download installation file and back it up wherever you want.

    • Um, Steam is far from a “pure” DRM system. It offers huge benefits to gamers in addition to being DRM.

      • It’s not “online only DRM”, but still it is DRM. You think big companies would sell their games on Steam if it did not have DRM ? There are planty of games that requiers Steam to play. And it have problems, I had to reinstall games because of some weird errors. Maybe reinstalling wouldn’t be such a problem if I did’nt have to redownload all games because you have no access to installation files what-so-ever. Or I couldn’t play because I had error for few hours saying “you can’t connect to Steam”.
        Just imagine what will happen if Steam get hacked like Sony had.
        Of course it has benefits, it’s very convinient. But it’s still DRM, and if someone says that all DRM forms are evil but never mentions Steam he/she is doing it wrong.

        • Don’t you know greenluma or the other one i don’t remember the name (it has steam in its name)?
          Steam is a paradise for player who don’t want to buy their game, it has been hacked since a loooooong time. 

        • I’m not saying it’s not DRM.

          You just said “pure DRM”. It is not.

          Steam offers many many many additional services and features to the customer that something like a CD-key or online-only requirement simply does not. 

  11. Online only is fine. I knew it was online only when I bought it, and I hope almost everyone else did. I paid for a license to play, but never was I guaranteed I could play all the time every day. There will be downtime, there will be problems, and that’s life. I’m not going to sue Toyota if my car experiences mechanical failure every, only if it has a ridiculously high failure rate. The server issues are high at launch, that’s as expected, but the game’s only been out a week and it’s been pretty smooth for 3/4 of that week. There are still issues to work out, but we’ve got years to play this game for no additional cost. People are not entitled to play anytime they want – the are entitled to play  the majority of the time, but some level of failure is expected and acceptable.

    • People are not entitled to play anytime they want – the are entitled to play  the majority of the time, but some level of failure is expected and acceptable.

      Yes they are, they shelled out 60$ for this game, they should be able to play it whenever they want.

      • like the guy said.
        Even if you buy your car, you cannot drive it whenever you want.
        Even if you buy a monthly bus pass, you cant take the bus whenever you want.
        The same goes for pretty mach any service you use.

        What they will do is let you know what to expect in the Terms of use.

        I’m not saying playing a game should be ‘using a service’ or that i’m all for DRM but When you ‘shelled’ out your $60 you knew what you were buying into. If you didn’t, then your ignorance got the better of you or you made some assumptions you shouldn’t have.

        Your complaints about DRM fall well short of the $60 you spent buying the game.

  12. I don’t mind online only. Never played d2 any other way.
    Its just a cloud game. Everything is going that way. Look at nvidia’s new cloud video cards. 
    Bitching about it is not going to change anything. Where is wow’s offling mode? 

    • WoW is an MMO, it is meant to be played online since it was designed that way and people expected it to be that way, that is why you never hear about an offline mode for WoW.
      Diablo was an ARPG game, people never expected it to be played always online, but Bli$$ard went and made it into a semi MMO, that was just stupid.

      • You need to calm down man.  Online-only was announced a long time ago, so you can’t say “people never expected it to be played always online”.


  13. It’s true that the pros outweigh the cons, and it’s also true that 8 hours of maintenance is a rough pill to swallow. 

    It’s interesting to see people jumping in with “you knew what you were getting in for.” 

    Saying that it’s a rough pill to swallow isn’t the same thing as whining for entitlement. I didn’t bother watching the pundit in the video, but the point stands: Blizzard’s use of DRM, in the context of Diablo 3 and their reputation for quality, is acceptable to most if not all of us. 

    But the industry will draw conclusions from how quietly D3 fans swallow this kind of inconvenience (again, acknowledging the vast good along with the bad!). 

    Everyone who enjoys D3 should recognize the benefits but also the problems with this DRM, and also maintain an awareness of the extent to which other game companies will rely on “Blizzard did it and nobody minded.”

    With that said, I had the next 5-8 hours set up for D3, which makes me an outlier schedule-wise. Too bad for me. 

    • ” the pros outweigh the cons”. There are no pros. I could argue but you didn’t either so i’ll stay with that.

  14. From the perspective of someone who NEVER played Diablo II Single player because anything awesomely I found I wouldn’t be able to bring to multiplayer, and who understands the technical advantages against abusive play (Act 2 chest farming hotfix, Monk Serenity Hotfix, Not giving the server to players to help prevent/minimize hacks) I don’t see any drawbacks to always online from my perspective.
    My values are: Online play and legitimate play.  Online only supports my values.

  15. I don’t have any complaint about online only. But seriously, dying numerous times when run into a mob due to lag even when I was playing at the lowest resolution and Blizzard would offer no explanation at all on Technical Support is unforgivable. I would take it even if they would throw a, “because your computer suck at my face”, but no, not a single response. Can you imagine the pain when you see someone on Youtube already tackled and brought down Inferno while you can’t do anything about your Wizard because your characters have a slow debuff on all the time. I’m starting to wonder how did I even make it into Act II.
    And you people who didn’t encounter the lagging problem, don’t say such unsympathized stuffs like just go and play another game. Imagine the frustration someone have when this is the only game they play and they’ve been waiting more than 10 years to play it.

    • Since I never died to a lagging problem, I can say that it is not Blizzard’s end that’s failing.

      Perhaps your hardware sucks so even single player will not solve it then. perhaps your ISP sucks, go look at your tracert routings then.

      Since MILLIONS play it without much difficulty, I consider your end of the hardware sucks somewhere.


      • That’s a truly silly argument. The overwhelming number of bugs in software are the result of edge cases that are encountered by some but not the MILLIONS precisely because they are edge cases.

  16. There’s the second hand market, which to gaming companies at least as evil, if not even more so, than piracy.

  17. I’m curious what “pros” people are referring to when they say “the pros outweigh the cons”.  It hasn’t stopped hackers and botters, and it won’t ever stop them.  Now the poor sod who just wants to play offline is a wide open target to hackers.

    • it’s made they life more difficult.. unless you count hacking account as hacking game files… when your account is hacked..it’s your fault.. when game is hacked..it’s “their” fault..there is a big difference.

      There are tons of pros… but people are just too stupid to see them …because they see everything from “me want!!!! I paid 60$” perspective..it doesn’t work like that. 

      • There are tons of pros… but people are just too stupid to see them …because they see everything from “me want!!!! I paid 60$” perspective..it doesn’t work like that. 

        Name one pro. One universally beneficial to everyone Pro.
        Also, not sure where this “i paid 60$ for this game and i’m fine with being shafted by the corporate” mentality came from…

  18. For the first time tonight I’m seriously considering uninstalling D3 until they get it working properly. It’s just not finished, no where near it. I know there is a good game under all that work but it’s just lacking in player satisfying content. The humungous difficulty gap between champions and crawlers is unsightly and makes the game unplayable at best, infuriating at worst.
    It just feels like the beta testers all spontaneously gave the same feedback which led to op balancing like this. On top of this, I just don’t get the way they’ve decided to give bosses next to no drops compared to the work you have to put in, that’s not balance.
    Now I can’t even play single player, can you imagine if there was more competition to Blizzard, could they afford giving their comp these sorts of opportunities? They said the online only DRM would provide a safer playing environment but yet hax to the max in the first month. Blizzard say they are focused on making games that mark a high standard, about time they started applying those policies to their services too don’t you think?

  19. 8 Hour maintenance then a patch after a couple of days. Some days go by without any reports of hacks, then it all starts again. There is no system in the world that cannot be cracked/hacked. It’s only a matter of time, and like Zeramus (The Guy above my post) said, please explain the PROS of online only DRM.

  20. I dont get it, where is the “fun” of playing this as a SP game ? It wouldn’t be possible to control if you cheated or not, therefore progress, AV, items and gold could not be transfered to the battle.net .. or we would have the D2 public server where everybody cheated…. who wants this? If the servers are down, then i dont want to spend grinding for nothing!

    • They’re down because its going to take a while for them to track through all their logs to find out the root of the problem. Then they will need a fix. Some poor bugger has wasted hours of play time right now while the rest of the community move forward, is that fair? No, so we all pay for the greed of the few.
      Single play should be on a separate server, it would be far more secure. The issue is, its cheap to just wack us all together and punish the single players whom do nothing wrong and paid just as much for the product/service as everyone else. We don’t care about having items on emBattled.net. We just want to be able to play the game at our own leisure, is this too much to ask?

      • i can see your point and if you are one of them who really only want to play SP like others play Final Fantasy for example i can feel your pain!

        But to be honest, i’m not sure how many really want to play it as a standalone singleplayer game and if this is above 5% of the total players. I do believe that the huge “uproar” is from a lot of trolls joining the WeHateBlizzBandwagon (not you good sir! at least you dont sound like them).
        It seems no matter what they do, people hate on them.

        And IHO i even would go so far that many of them are piss*d  due to the fact they have to actually buy the game even if Blizzard wouldn’t come forth and say thats the main reason for the DRM. 

        Personally i love Blizzard even if they sometimes do stupid shit, nerf/buff the wrong class etc, but they keep PC gaming alive, they provide games worth playing more than a couple hours. I have huge respect for them and think they deserve also respect from the people/gamers. If you have a problem, do it with a certain manner, like you did in your post and not as so many others and the guy in the video!

      • Have you seen any reports of people being hacked in single player online games? From what I’ve read, people have been able to hijack an authenticated session — or something similar — via the Recents list. If you haven’t played with anyone this can’t affect you.

  21. This is the Pirate Lobby speaking.

    I am sick of these guys that so called are HELPING the industry.

    Nothing of the sort, they just want to copy everything and play everything for FREE.

    I have NO sympathy at all for these guys.

    They are killing the gaming industry for YEARS now.

    Ever since I pay my subscription for WOW @ 15 dollars a months, I ve come to appreciate what it is to BE ON LINE.

    Go stick a fork in people like these.   


    • Online Only DRM never hurts the pirates or hackers, but the loyal customer. While Loyal customer has to deal with BS that online only causes, Pirate will play their DRM free game just fine, and it definitely won’t stop hackers – it’s like a forbidden fruit for them.
      You know how to battle Pirates? Offer good games, worth 60$. And don’t punish your customers – CD Projekt nailed this with rerelease of Witcher 2.

  22. The online requirement is just pathetic. Games have managed for years without it. Its easy to say you are fine with it when your internet connection is fantastic and you are situated near the servers. I have been a massive fan of Blizzards. I live in South Africa, Internet here is ok at best. I have to live with 200+ms, Its playable but my God a game like this should never have a latency meter.

    Blizzard dropped the ball big time on this one! I see people crying on both EU and US forums about lag. What are Blizzard doing about it? Its been a week and it has not been resolved. The communication is just poor. Really shit attitude they have. 

  23. I guess I never cared about online-only DRM because I only ever played Diablo 2 online…

  24. The game has been out for a week, give Blizz a break. I have been coming here since DII.net and the news here is good, but so much of the news on this site has been so negative for the past 6 months, it’s really disappointing to see DIII.net bashing on D3 and Blizzard so much. I’m sick the negative bias and vibes here.

    • negative posts = more page views

      It gets us all commenting more.  I think most of us know it too, we just can’t help ourselves.   

  25. It’s never a problem until it affects you, and then suddenly it’s something worth complaining about.  So goes the selfish internet gamer.  I’ll count myself as one of them though, because I JUST got home from work and I’m smacked in the face with 8 hours of maintenance.  8 hours, really?  I understand that for an MMO, but for a game that can be thoroughly enjoyed single-player?  Inexcusable.

    • Believe me it affects me as well and i hate it, but do i want a good gaming experience ? Do i want them to manage the lagging issue? Do i want them to fix exploits and bugs ? Yes i do ! Blizzard caters to a different audience these days, their priority is not those who want to play this as a normal SP game were you can do what you want and it does not effect others. They want to build a community within the game, make it possible that people on the battle.net play together, sell their stuff in the AH and compare their progress! That’s what i want, i don’t want to keep farming and my progress, items and skill doesn’t matter because i could easily have cheated when the client runs only locally without internet.

      Even if SP would be possible to play without internet (starcraft 2 like) i wouldn’t play, and probably many others because online it doesn’t count! And even if, i bet then the complaint would be that it doesn’t convert to your online progress!

    • Have fun, who cares about private server like in WoW with 20 players and all have maxed out gear by simply adding them via a command or a tool. That’s fun and challenging!

  26. Sometimes I’m sick of the many negative articles on this so-called Diablo ‘fansite’…


  27. People hated Steam when it first came out as well.
    In this case, it’s not so much that people hate the online only requirement – if they did, they wouldn’t’ve bought the game.  What they hate is that it’s not working right yet.  Crashes, system reboots, system maintenance…  All of that needs to be taken care of so that people can actually play the game.
    I’m betting the hacking has nothing to do with anything Blizzard did or failed to do and is just people failing at account security.  Possibly with their WoW accounts, and the hackers just collected a large amount of accounts, waited for D3 to be out for about a week, and then pounced on them all at once.
    I don’t mind the online-only requirement.  What I mind is the servers constantly crashing and system maintenance.  However, the game’s only been out about a week.  Give it some time to stabilize.

    • Actually not sure about that, people reported they were hacked while playing and even have an authenticator active. Could be Blizzards failure, but sh*t happens when you have several million lines of code.

  28. DICE announced that all of their games that will come next year and later and will use their new engine Frostbite 2.0 will work only on 64bit systems. DRM ! Boycott !

    • I’m actually going to make an exception because I’m a Command & Conquer Generals fan, even bigger than D2 fan soz so if I was willing to deal with online DRM I’ll tolerate theirs cause Generals 2 is what I live for. Don’t mean to sound like a traitor 😥

      My personal belief is that DRM attracts hacking/cracking like flies to a pile of shit, literally!

  29. I was very upset at the Online only requirement, so I refused to buy D3.   It became a simple decision for me.  As bad as I wanted to play D3 and as much as I enjoy the franchise, literally playing the vinyl off the D2 disks, there are many negatives for me concerning this Online always policy by Blizzard.  Piracy protection is understandable, but not when it punishes the BUYER of the game!  

    I like to play single player and not being able to play the game whenever I desire, however I desire; sucks.  Who is Blizzard to take my $70 and say that they will also control my access to a game I paid for?  Worse, what happens when they no longer chose to support the game?  I played D2 for years and years, but its unlikely with this policy I will be able to do so with D3.

    I have crappy internet where I live, so that will really effect my ability to hook up and play, even a single player game.   This sadly forces me to pass on D3 and play something else, like Torchlight 2.  It is a very sad day for this die hard Diablo fan.  I remember standing in line in downtown Baltimore in 1999-2000, pleased to be 5th in that line, eagerly awaiting for my CE copy.    This year, I could have cared less.  Way to destroy my love for a game that has given me so much pleasure over the years.

    How times have changed and not for the better. 😥

  30. I wish Zod, DiabloBaal, and Solomon Wreath had an OFFLINE ONLY mode.  Or at least a heavy dose of lithium mode.

      • It seems you know its there, why don’t you do everyone here a favor and use it?

      • Now you are getting to the point of my obvious troll.  I shouldn’t need to leave a website that I have frequented for nearly 15 years just because a handful of “negative nellies” hijack EVERY SINGLE comment wall and forum thread.

        The negative sentiments are disproportionate to the problems at hand, as evident in the 88 metacritic and incgamers post on satisfaction where over 80% of the vote was for a 1 or a 2 (extremely satisfied and good).

        You guys are taking the piss out of it. 

        • Rage got an awesome score by these so called pro’s but metacritic users told the truth about the game. I own the game and it sucks. Can’t say I’ve too much respect for pro reviewers these days.

  31. Yeah you got a point here, but its 2012 and the last 10 games i bought required either Value’s Steam, EA’s Origin or the Battle.net to activate. Guess this is the PC Business-Model of 2012. Guess you have to switch to Console-Gaming if you don’t want to \play-along\ and hope D3 will be release someday on PS3/XBox360 😉 But one thing i can assure you, Blizzard won’t drop the support in the near future. Supporting D2 without any income for years for that Game but still rolling out a patches should show your Blizzards commitment to their games!   

  32. It makes my stomach turn that DRM requires Blizzard to always have a server up for us to access our ownership of the game.(ie we have no ownership) So when Blizzard goes out of business your 60$ will mean nothing and you will NOT be entitled to a working piece of software. They are literally scamming us. Supporting security as a valid reason lacks the understanding that when you give up FREEDOM for security you deserve neither.(in the words Benjamin Franklin)

  33. Seems to me a case of 1st world problems.  Anything that can fail will.  So what if its an online only to protect blizzard’s product.  So what if the server is down for 8 hours.  Things happen and fixes need to be made.  Play another game in the meantime or go outside.  I don’t get upset that the servers have to go down to make the game better.  This seems to be a different generation of whiners I swear.  Probably going to get flamed for this.

  34. People are confusing hacking the game and hacking accounts.  Online only has NOTHING to do with keeping accounts from being hacked.  Hacking the game is about using exploits and other crap to go through walls, glitch mobs, speed hack, etc.  

    Anyone that took off work to play the game on launch day was pretty stupid TBH, at least if they knew about online requirement.  People always do that with MMO’s and inevitably the servers are clogged, the game is glitchy, login problems, etc.  

    In the long run, online only will do more good than harm IMO. 

  35. I completely agree with the author of the article. Simply put, I love D3 but not having a SP option for those times when you don’t have access (8 hour server maintenance anyone?) is ridiculous. This game is not an MMO, I should be able to play it anytime I want irregardless of whether Bnet is up or not (or my internet access for that matter). I would still choose online when possible but for those times I couldn’t get online I would gladly play a SP game in the meantime.
    Always online DRM is stupid and ridiculous. Blizzard needs to realize this only alienates their audience.
    And like the author says, that’s sad, because I really like D3, probably more than D1/D2 (and I played those two waaaaaaaaay more than I have D3 so far).

  36. He is 100% correct. You definitely have the right to complain. Anyone who tells you any different just wants you to ignore the issus because Blizzard is their favorite flavor or because they have no clue what customer rights are. If you paid for it and it don’t work as intended then let them know. You aren’t just players, you are customers.

  37. This guy is retarded , i think i just got aids in my head buy hearing to much BS.

  38. Man….wtf!?!?!

    “No..it’s ok to be a fat fag, to cry, to complain…express your feelings like a virgin girl on her period”…<<< SPARE ME!!!!!! -_- 

    It's like saying…"YES we like that Ferrari …but fuk it…it's THEIR fault it is that expensive and I can not afford it…and I enjoy so much driving it. Make it cheap or even free, and not law bound like any car…let it run with 300 miles/h whenever wherever." BLA BLA BLA ! -_-

    And YOU DON't get why we don't want to complain. And that is why you have no gf and are so fat and alone. Couse if Some girl would not want to play your game you would NOT understand why she does not like you…while you LOOOVE her so much -_-

    And you were aware of all this game implies – allways being online – FROM THE START!

    SO You have issues with the product? DON't BUY IT IN THE 1st place!!!! 

    Fukin whining shiet fat fuk – wake up to reality!!! 

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