Why WoW Players Should Play Diablo III

From the headline, I was hoping this article on WoW Insider was an editorial of sorts, explaining to WoW players why Diablo III was right for them. Just imagine the jokes that could be made there; moar rainbows, easier controls, freespecs = no bad builds, etc.

Alas, the article is just a general introduction to Diablo III, of the sort that most of you guys could have written. It includes information about the free D3 with 12 months of WoW offer, of course, which has many WoW players quite excited.

I actually wound up looking most closely at the comments, hoping for some amusement that would reinforce our stereotypes about WoW players. It was not to be though, as numerous people cited their love of past Diablo games, credited Diablo II for getting them into WoW in the first place, etc. A few people did point out the much darker, more gruesome artwork in Diablo, and others mentioned the differences in game style/difficulty; e.g. the fact that you actually have to stay on your toes and keep clicking all the time in Diablo, or you will die.

It did lead me to ask something I’ve been wondering about for a while. Do you guys have WoW-playing friends, some of whom haven’t played past Diablo games, or who weren’t that interested in Diablo III? Do you see this 12m free D3 thing luring them in? Hell, they might do it just for the other perks; access into the the WoW Panda beta and the Tyrael Sparkle Pony.

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28 thoughts on “Why WoW Players Should Play Diablo III

  1. I just hope the WoWers who’ll play D3 won’t be 12 year old who make up most of WoW’s community nowadays. Then again, why do I care, it’s not an MMO, and I’ll always play with my friends.

    • Because the D2 and the WoW-haters crowds are so mature?
      It’s all in the eyes of the beholder, the community will be too big to fit all sizes. If you’re afraid of a bad community then you will get one, if you are, like me, non delusional on that aspect, you’ll be fine.

    • It’s the internet.  The game will have millions of players.  There will be a ton of douchebags.  It will happen.

      • I agree with what you say but I would append the “It will happen” with “and just like the internet, the bad eggs won’t stop you enjoying every moment unless you specifically choose to let them stop you enjoying every moment.”

  2. I do have only 1 friend playing WoW, and he plays on private server…… And no he got no past D2 experience, nor is he excited about D3……

  3. I know a fair few WoW gamers and they kind of express an ambivalence about D3.

    Admittedly we are all pretty devoted to one game, and for them playing heaps of D3 means less WoW, but times will tell. They all want to play it, but not certain they will stick with it.

    RPG’s aren’t like other games, particulary FPS where you can just jump and let past experience of similar games do the rest. These type of games take devotion to become good at

  4. I was a huge WoW player for 3 years (hardcore) and the stereotype that WoW of entirely populated by kids is a huge stereotype. The successful players are usually mature. Anyway when Diablo III was announced it turned out that a lot of players in my guild played Diablo II before so we all got our dusty Diablo II discs and played on Bnet for 1-2 months.. A lot of my friends also are/were Diablo II and WoW players.
    tl;dr playing WoW doesn’t mean you love ponies.

  5. “I actually wound up looking most closely at the comments, hoping for some amusement that would reinforce our stereotypes about WoW players. It was not to be though, as numerous people cited their love of past Diablo games, credited Diablo II for getting them into WoW in the first place, etc.”

    Yeah I know, it’s almost as if people can be fans of both games at the same time.

  6. The people I know love playing pretty much all Blizzard games – I know I do. Imo, I can’t understand why people would only play Diablo when WoW exists. Maybe it has to do with the subscription, the community and / or the perception of it. They’re both role playing games and I think both are great.

  7. “Yeah I know, it’s almost as if people can be fans of both games at the same time.”

    Well put!

    I’m kinda tired of all the WoW vs Diablo talk. Most, and maybe all of my friends that play WoW has played Diablo a lot before, but as me they grew tired of a game that didn’t get new content for 10 years (excluding patches).

    I don’t think the fanbase of each game is that different, it’s probably the same percentages of trolls, immaturity etc.

  8. I know at least 3 people who will probably do the 12mo of WoW = free D3 deal.  Two of them want to play Diablo 3 anyway, the third (my brother) thinks Diablo 3 will suck but will probably get it *if* I play it and like it.

  9. I play WoW.  I played the hell out of D1 and D2.  Again, the ignorance about WoW on this site (comments) blows me away…

    You are incorrect if you think most WoW players are 12-years old – those are just the VOCAL ones. Many of the members of my guild (18 to 40 years old) are VERY hyped about Diablo III and can’t wait to play.  People in global chat talk about D3 all the time.  Another false assumption is that all 11.5 million WoW players are diehard – again, incorrect – most of the recent changes in WoW are to accommodate the casual player (raid finder, group finder, guild finder, fast travel systems, etc…)

    What people don’t understand is that my love for D1 and D2 (and soon for D3) drives me to play WoW.  There are so many things that WoW “took” from the Diablo series.  It’s like I get to play a derivative and new experience of Diablo every day.  Notice I said DERIVATIVE – yes it is vastly different, but you have elements of Diablo in there.  Hence my hatred of the D3 vs WoW battle.  There will be PLENTY of crossover players.

  10. Since I’m still loosely playing WOW I know a few friends who do the same, generally they are in 2 groups: The ones who played old Diablo games and want to play the hell out of D3 as well, and the ones who are not interested in Diablo whatsoever (typically the type of people who rarely play any games beside WoW, and has never really done so), and couldn’t care less about the 12 month offer either.

    RyTEK and others are right though, there is countless of people in WoW who started on that game because of Diablo 2. WoW is pretty much Diablo MMO-ified.
    Also,on a statistic note, I will bet anything that the average age of a WoW player will be significantly higher than the average age of a D3 (and D2) player.
    Not that age and maturity is always linearly connected.

    In the end though, most people who play lots of games (aka not only WoW, Farmville or Diablo) wants to play good games in general. Every game Blizzard has relased (since Warcraft 1 anyway) are among the best games which has been made in their respective genres. That might be a fanboy statement, but tbh, I’d argue its objectively true.
    Thus people play both WoW, Diablo 2/3 and even Starcraft 2.

  11. Flux, you really, really need to let this WoW bias go.  It’s quite silly and misplaced.

    The number of people that play WoW and have played WoW is staggering.  The WoW player base includes those fabled 12-year-olds as well as their grandparents and everyone in between.  Hardcore gamers flock to WoW as well as their casual SO’s.  If you game and you haven’t at least tried WoW you are in a very small minority.

    Fans of one Blizzard game tend to be fans of other Blizzard games.  I would guesstimate that 90% of people that loved D2 played WoW at some point over the last seven years.  I would also say a similar percentage of people interested in D3 are current or former WoW players.  And you can’t do an online poll to determine that because most players don’t frequent online gaming sites.

    You should be thankful that WoW is so successful because it has given Blizzard mountains of cash with which to develop games like SC2 and D3 (and the upcoming Titan, etc.)  Do you think Blizzcon would be bringing stadium-sized crowds if it weren’t for WoW?

    WoW is actually a very well done game.  Are there issues?  Of course.  All games have issues just like D3 is going to have issues.  But at its core, the WoW playing experience is fantastic, with great creativity and repeatable game play.

    I get that D3 is your thing–you run a D3 fan site after all–but may I suggest you stop insulting a vast majority of your readers with the “WoW = my little pony for 12 year olds” line?  It’s as old and tired as it is untrue.

  12. I’m glad to see people speaking out about the ‘wow-player’ stereotyping going on here. I’ve been a WoW player since it launched. Before that I was an eager Diablo 2 player, and I’m vastly exited about Diablo 3. Mature, immature, young and old players exist in any game. Do not make the mistake of thinking that the Diablo 3 forums and public chat channels will be any better than those of WoW. Nope, the valuable chat and communities will be found in places like these. Unofficial forums, guild sites and private channels.

  13. Echoing theother comments above. Flux, the WoW-hating has to stop. It used to be a little funny, like the way a little brother picks on a big brother, but now it’s getting stale and frankly just bitter-sounding. We get it, WoW got all the love at Blizzard for a long time while Diablo was left on the shelf, but that doesn’t make the players who enjoy it inferior to you.

  14. I was actually still playing WoW when the announcement came out in 2008 (I have since quit, and don’t regret it).  When I went to my guild to share in the excitement over the announcement I got a bunch of “meh” reactions… a lot of people had played D2… normal difficulty… once… would probably buy and play D3, but not excited…  that’s generally what I think of with WoW/D3 crossovers…

  15. The kids in WoW weren’t the problem. The “adults” who were on 24/7 and had screaming kids in the background, or the guy who had a nervous breakdown, or the super diva who QQ quit in the middle of a raid, and since she was married to the main tank, s-canned the whole raid (b/c there was no way in hell he was going to be able to play w/ a pissed off woman sitting next to him). Kids are fine, they disappear late at night. Man-children and drama queens are worse, you can’t get rid of them. I guess the one advantage of D3 over WoW is there won’t be as much downtime, which means less opportunity for general jack-assery.

  16. All of my friends in WoW were Diablo II players.  But then, most of the hardcore community were; not having played Diablo II is actually the exception among the elite.  Lots of excitement for Diablo III from all of them, but of the ones still playing WoW (I just retired myself), only a few are going to stop hardcore raiding in WoW for D3.

  17. I was sick and tired of all the WoW talks just before the game was released – as a big Diablo 2 fan, I felt that Blizzard was forgetting about us and only concerned themselves with their new baby.
    WoW was released on Feb 11th 2005 in EU – purely by chance, I saw the game in a shop on the 12th. Curious about whether it was just all hype or if the game actually was any good, I gave it a shot. Made a Paladin and ran around smacking Kobolds with a big 2hand mallet – and I was laughing my head off as I did it.
    I consider myself to be a neutral gamer; not caring who make the games, as long as they’re good – and Blizzard just happens to have made some of the best games I have ever played.

    For most games, though, you play through them once, and that’s it – not being into competetive multi-player gaming (I hate losing :P), that part of most games doesn’t give me any reason to replay them.
    – Diablo 2 was bought when it came out, as was the expansion. I played it again yesterday, 10+ years after buying it..

    Quite a few of the guild members in my guild have jumped onto the 12 month annual pass, basically saying ‘I can’t see myself quitting WoW, so may as well get a free game along the way’ – some of them are Diablo fans, and others have never played any of them.

    Diablo being a game you can play for a few mins at a time and still make progress goes well with a timesink like WoW – players waiting for a raid to assemble can log onto Diablo, play a bit whilst waiting and, thanks to Real-ID being cross-platform, be contacted from a WoW friend when the raid is ready.

  18. Echoing what a lot of previous commenters said: the idea that there’s a “Diablo community” and a “WoW community” that are completely or even mostly separate is just an illusion.  There are gamers, many of whom like Diablo to various degrees, and many of whom like WoW to various degrees.  Not only does there not need to be a conflict—there isn’t one.

  19. if it werent for warcraft (and my best friend who wanted someone to smash monster with) I probably wouldn’t have gotten d2 all those long years ago.
    However, I’m not a wow player, never have been, and will never pay monthly for it (that whole lvl 20 for free things got me wondering if I should see what I’ve been raggin on) but I love the rest of the warcraft franchise (rts is where its at, is wow even considered canon?) and the lore and everything, and diablo, and starcraft for that matter.

    but diablo will always be my favorite 😀

  20. Talking to Neinball today for the podcast (will be posted next week) and I asked him about the 12m free D3 thing. He’s active in a small WoW guild, and he said that most of the people in his guild were already planning to buy D3 while continuing their WoW subs. So the free D3 is basically costing Bliz money for all of those people, since they’d have happily paid the $60 for D3 on top of their WoW fees.

    Other people I know or who are friends of friends who used to play WoW are interested in D3, but none of them are feeling moved to resub to 12m of WoW to get D3 free.

    Obviously that’s very anecdotal, but from the limited survey I’ve thus far conducted, everyone who is eager for the 12m deal was going to continue paying for WoW anyway. Maybe Bliz is right about this being more of a free bonus for WoW players than the clever marketing ploy we’ve all taken it as?

    • I doubt Blizzard sees it as a free bonus tbh. They have no reason to give out a free bonus to WoW players.
      They only do this if they believe they can keep more WoW players, or get more Diablo players.

      Still I also think most people who join in on the offer would have paid for WoW anyway – I’m one of them myself, so Blizzard might very well lose a little money on this – but potentially losing $60 just isn’t that much from a small percentage of their players – compared to the chance of getting more wow players and diablo players.
      Its difficult to know how many extra Diablo players they might get from this really – whereas I doubt they will get many new WoW players, at best they will keep a few.

      Both WoW and Diablo are, because of the multiplayer, dependent on how many players they have.
      If 1 player leaves WoW, then there is a higher risk that his/her friends might leave as well, and then their friends might leave etc. On the other hand if one person starts to play WoW, then there is a higher chance that his friends might pick up the game. Same for Diablo 3. So subsidizing some players to play both games can easily be worth it.

  21. I was a PnP D&D player as a kid and one day many years later I was at a work colleagues house and he was playing D1.  My world about feel off of its axis.  I immediately went out and bought my first windows based PC (I had been off of computers since my Apple IIc) and a copy of diablo- and i knew blizz from blackthorne.  I’ve been a diablo addict ever since. 

    As adult life got a bit more serious, I purposely avoided WoW because I knew I would probably love it and there would consequences for me in life.  I have never clicked once in a WoW realm although it does look very cool and I respect the game and the popularity. 

    However, I guess maybe I feel as flux does and I feel (as an aging dude) that some people dont pay hommage/respect to their predecessors.  My informal surveying in the local game shop and internet gaming cafe is that these WoWers act as if videogames period didnt exist before WoW. I think for me thats the insult.  The icing on the cake for me is yes I feel slighted that Blizz has taken so long to put out D3 (the latest delay just made me blow a gasket) and I worry (this will show you how crazy I am) that once D3 is launched that will be it.  back to WoW or its sequel and you can forget about D4 or even tending to the diablo crowd. 

    For me and it was by choice I wasnt a crossover fan and now I feel left behind.  I didnt think that it would be a decade.  And as for bringing in the WoW crowd my heart says dont want em, dont need em.  I know thats crass and irrational but im just being honest and sharing my feelings with the group- please dont hate me for it.  I miss having a community (dark, dank, satanic, evil) and perhaps thats what is up some of our asses.  i guess im like clint eastwood in grand tarino about diablo- im bitter and jaded but i will embrace my WoW brother in the end.  different but same.

  22. As a general rule, assuming a large group of people share certain defining characteristics is unlikely at best and discrimination at worst.  So I agree that the generalizations about WoW players should stop.
    I don’t think WoW was the reason Blizz waited so long to develop DIII.  It was more about Blizzard North disbanding due to internal/management stuff.  That was the group developing DIII, so there was a huge set-back when Blizz South had to pick it up and basically start over.
    Personally I have never played WoW, but it is not because the game is no good.  Rather, as a married guy with kids and a job, I figured the last thing I needed was a game that (1) had a monthly fee and (2) required VAST amounts of time.  Video games are supposed to be fun, not a major financial and time commitment.
    If D4 turns out to be an MMO with a monthly fee, I will very likely never buy that game either.

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