From the headline, I was hoping this article on WoW Insider was an editorial of sorts, explaining to WoW players why Diablo III was right for them. Just imagine the jokes that could be made there; moar rainbows, easier controls, freespecs = no bad builds, etc.

    Alas, the article is just a general introduction to Diablo III, of the sort that most of you guys could have written. It includes information about the free D3 with 12 months of WoW offer, of course, which has many WoW players quite excited.

    I actually wound up looking most closely at the comments, hoping for some amusement that would reinforce our stereotypes about WoW players. It was not to be though, as numerous people cited their love of past Diablo games, credited Diablo II for getting them into WoW in the first place, etc. A few people did point out the much darker, more gruesome artwork in Diablo, and others mentioned the differences in game style/difficulty; e.g. the fact that you actually have to stay on your toes and keep clicking all the time in Diablo, or you will die.

    It did lead me to ask something I’ve been wondering about for a while. Do you guys have WoW-playing friends, some of whom haven’t played past Diablo games, or who weren’t that interested in Diablo III? Do you see this 12m free D3 thing luring them in? Hell, they might do it just for the other perks; access into the the WoW Panda beta and the Tyrael Sparkle Pony.

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