Why the Obsession with Diablo 3 Treasure Goblins?

A fan asked the forbidden question, presumably typing fast enough to finish the post before lightning struck him down for his heresy. And then he got a blue reply.

Why the obsession with DiabloWikiTreasure Goblins? Why are people so fixated on expanding the game around these little beasts? It really surprises me.
Oh hell no...
Oh hell no…
Grimiku: I think people suggest creating new events themed around Treasure Goblins because they incorporate several fun game elements.

  • You risk getting into a bad situation during the chase
  • You have a chance at being rewarded
  • It feels great when you prevent one from escaping
  • It’s exciting to discover one
  • Sometimes they require tactical engagement
  • They’re mischievous and mysterious
  • This is just to promote discussion, but why do you like or dislike Diablo 3 Treasure Goblins ? Would you like to see them in more events?

    I’ve wondered this myself. I’ve been tracking all of my legendary finds for a few months, and in that time I’ve found about 230 legendaries, 2 of which came from Treasure Goblins. And yet… I still want them. They’re so Gobbily!

    That said, I can’t resist going after the little shits. I brought that up on the last podcast, asking the guests if they chased Gobbies when they were making a new character. And they both said yes. No one can help it.

    Gobbies have terrible odds to drop a Leg, but at least in Inferno it might happen and be valuable, plus you get gems and Tomes of Secret. On Normal/NM/Hell though… why bother? They’re worth minimal experience and if you’re leveling fast on a reroll you probably won’t even bother to pick up those Chipped Topazes and Pages of Blacksmithing.

    And yet…

    It’s the way they scurry about. It’s their mysterious portals to the land of Greed. it’s their aggravating chuckle…They must die. It transcends logic.

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    20 thoughts on “Why the Obsession with Diablo 3 Treasure Goblins?

    1. They’d be funner with a rare drop, like a Key of Greed that lets you fight the Baron of Greed or something.

      Then I could make a custom game with the name “Greed run!” and have fun again like in D2. Ah. Dreams.

    2. There’s a lot of potential with the goblin that I’ve always wanted to see in the game. I’ve always wanted to kill the goblin just after he creates the portal and then go into the portal and explore the goblin treasure world myself. A goblin event perhaps?

      • Torchlight 1 and 2 have phase beasts that do just that

        its really pretty awesome

        they almost always lead to 3-5 room “dungeon” that is heavily mobbed

        the big catch is, town portals don’t work in the phase beast dungeons

        so as a HC character you have to make the decision if its worth it

        sometimes the loot is, sometimes it isn’t
        but the challenge and fun is always worth it

    3. I think the blue post’s bullet points got it pretty right; it’s a combination of these various elements. In a way, they actually combine the major things that make this sort of game work. First of all they’re random – they appear randomly, drop random things, even move randomly. Then there’s the sense of it being a kind of bonus, like a shrine or chest. Then there’s the way you have to engage them in a certain way while not getting too many other enemies after you. Certain skills are more useful against them than others, for example, it’s pretty fun to Leap after them with a Barbarian after they think they’ve got away.

      But yeah, I did always assume that there’d be a way to go through the portal with them. The lore entry seemed to be heavily implying this. Maybe in RoS.

    4. I wonder where that treaser goblins portal leads… It would be nice if there would be treasure goblins level, like before Cow level

    5. I absolutely love Treasure Goblins. They add a lot of fun to the game and add a risk/reward factor especially in HC where gold becomes a lot more important and these guys drop incredibly good amounts.

    6. “You have a chance at being rewarded”

      Lol. The probability of being rewarded from goblin in this game is smaller than probability of aircraft crash on your head.

    7. “That said, I can’t resist going after the little shits.”

      Heh couldnt said it better myself, I hope they expand goblin hunt like 500% to every direction possible. Best to make em drop something really rare, which can be only found from a successful goblin kill.

    8. I think the appeal of the treasure goblins is two fold: while the potential for a satisfying reward is on the low side, it is a thrill to get a legendary drop from one of them, but also it’s a fun challenge to be able to take them out. It is definitely satisfying when you can kill them, especially if it means weaving your way through packs of normal mobs to get to them, plus you also have to be more tactical with your skills and resource management since those buggers have loads of HP compared to normal white critters. Also since they’re random spawns, you never know when you might spot one, something I feel really adds some variety to the gameplay.

    9. I love when a goblin leads me to a pack, and then a second pack, and then a third pack.


    10. Ya know, I think the goblins were as close as we got to a unannimously liked new feature. I used to read laundry lists of things people disliked about D3 when it first launched, but somewhere in there you could always find, “Except the Treasure Goblins. Those guys are fun.”

    11. They’re the only thing that breaks from one of the most monotone and boring grinds in the history of video gaming.

    12. on console I’ve definitely seen more than 2 legendaries from a treasure goblin….just food for thought in terms of “rewarding”

    13. haha i do it because its fun, yeah rarely dont reemmber last time a legendary but u never know.. its a gamble next time he might drop something nice 🙂

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