Why I came Back to Diablo 3, and Why I am Enjoying it Immensely

Shortly after patch 1.03 came out several months ago, I stopped playing Diablo 3. I was tired of the terrible difficulty and ridiculousness of Inferno, and was simply not enjoying the end-game what so ever. As many of you will also recall, I was very vocal about my discontent of some of the game mechanics, particularly DiabloWikiLoot and DiabloWikiDifficulty. And then a few weeks ago, something happened. 1.04 happened.

When I read the various 1.04 previews, I, like most people, was excited but at the same time cautious. It sounded like they were taking a step in the right direction, but than again so did patch 1.03, and that made things arguably worse for the game. And than the Legendary previews came out, and my excitement skyrocketed. The Legendaries actually looked good, and powerful. Before the preview, I had visions at the back of my mind of Blizzard “not getting it” again, and not going far enough with the changes to Legendaries. Boy was I wrong.

OMG I am excite?!?!

So fast forward the release of 1.04, and for the first time ever in Diablo 3, I get excited when I can log on and play. I wake up on a Saturday morning, and jump straight in, and pretty much don’t stop until I am forced to by something in real life. In fact, I think I played more hours this weekend than I have played the game post-level 60 altogether before. This is a far cry from how it was just months ago, where I would almost have to force myself to PLAY the game, because it was so frustrating and simply not fun.

What about 1.04 has made the game so much better for me? I put it to a few things:

1) Legendary and Set items are powerful therefore exciting to find, and that sub-consciously makes the game far more exciting when playing.

2) Paragon system brings back that feeling from D2 where you always felt like you were working towards something.

3) The changes to rare drops (more items having the potential to be good rather than just ilvl 62+) have made identifying items exciting.

4) The game difficulty is no longer AS frustrating as it once was, however this point comes with an asterix – it could still be better. I am on the side of the fence of the people who feel Diablo games aren’t and never were about “conquering difficult challenges” but rather about kill speed and efficiency, so I am very much super anti-difficulty.

While there still are some issues with the game (Crafting system is almost useless, difficulty is still jarring for most, itemization still needs some improvements), 1.04 was a giant leap for the game as a whole.

On top of those points though is an underlying factor that gives me a lot of hope – the development team appears to “get it” about what people want from a Diablo game. The upcoming changes as hinted in Jays recent post are things that I fully believe in, and finally, the future of Diablo 3 looks to be very bright.

So if you, like many veterans, have not played the game in months, I implore you to give it a shot. From one disappointed gamer to another, the game is currently in a place where it is well-worth playing, and I think you will have fun when you give it a go in the post-1.04 world.

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124 thoughts on “Why I came Back to Diablo 3, and Why I am Enjoying it Immensely

  1. A good read, and sums up exactly what I felt about Diablo coming into 1.04. I just didn’t want to test it, but now I can do exactly what I wanted to in Diablo before it even released–play a summoner. Thanks Blizzard for FINALLY listening to your fans (I’m gonna take a wild guess and say Activision is the cause of the problem.)

    • Obviously not playing HC where game/server glitches for their still-Beta version (1.04? lol, try 0.94) kills off your valuable time/effort. -FanBoy turned Hater.

      • I’ve played HC almost since day one and I have never had any “game/server glitches” kill me…In fact I can only remember one time lag even gave me a scare. Maybe I’m in the minority, but for me “game/server glitches” do not seem to be as big an issue as others claim.

        • Or perhaps I’m in a minority – either way, I’m glad to hear of your HC success. Playing exclusively HC in D2 for years, I can’t go back. But until they really do something to stabilize the persistent issues, my time is too valuable. I’m okay dying by my own hand (greed, lack of attention, stupidity), but for just playing? That’s just a broken game. ^-^

          • I’m glad you know what I’m doing since I don’t. At least someone knows what I’m doing, since I’ve played HC a lot, died to server glitches at least 10 times with HC character’s and even non-HC characters. Thanks bud.

    • In the old days we called this propaganda.

      The verdict has been reached and with low attention spam these days if you don’t mind blow everyone away on day 1 (fuck it, on first month at least) it will not work 6 month later.

      I can’t believe they still want to try and milk this. They should be overloading this game with content.

  2. If the game was any easier, it’d go from “sort of easy” to “insanely easy” at which point it’d be [more?] boring.

    There’s reasons the game is lacking, and difficulty isn’t one of them. Just my opinion, of course. I do think 1.04 is a pretty good patch, for what it’s worth.

      • The reason I maintain that the game should still be less “difficult” is because the game simply plays better when you are able to absolutely devastate hordes of monsters. You feel more awesome, and yes you can still die, but it’s more about efficiency rather than frustrating challenges of trying to kite and gimmick your way in to killing the champ packs.

        I discovered this when I twinked up my DH in hell. It was literally 10x funner than Inferno and it felt far more immersive, my character felt much cooler and “heroic”, and it felt much more like that candy-land feeling of Diablo 2. Killing champ packs in 5-10 seconds rather than over a minute felt immensely satisfying, fun and I could do it for 12 hours a day without getting sick of it. It felt like a D2 javazon using Lightening fury. A feeling I have SORELY missed.

        I’ve heard many other people experience the same thing as I did, and it really opened by eyes. Try it some time. The game simply plays better like that.

        • There’s also the matter of the decreased difficulty opening up more build possibilities. Since the patch I’ve been able to get more creative in Inferno without the fear of getting one shot over and over again. That’s very satisfying.

        • I should add that getting close to 25% movement speed makes the game a hundred times better, especially if you’re a Monk without Tempest Rush (and most monks are). Being able to run to retreating monsters and away from frozen/arcane/etc makes the game that much less frustrating. Also if you happen to die you don’t have to “run” 30 minutes to the other side of the map. Honestly can’t believe I had put this off for as long as I have. Anyone that doesn’t have vault/sprint/etc should buy some MS gear.

        • Totally agree with this.

          Never understood why the game needs to be so damn hard.
          As you mention, the fun in diablo is to kill stuff, and to do it fast. With a lower difficulty you can still feel progression because getting better items would make you kill even faster than before. You never really going to one-shot inferno elite packs anyway.

          Difficulty works well in games where you can learn from you mistakes and then overcome the difficulty by becoming a better player. Donkey Kong country returns comes to mind where one map could take 30 tries before mastering it. But when you do master it, you get a feeling of becoming a better player.

          That’s not true in diablo 3 where you have no tools to overcome the difficulty other than better items. It’s not like playing the same elite over and over again would make it easier. Btter quality of items, and pure luck is the tools you are given in diablo 3. Knowing how to play your char, and choosing a good overall build is only a small percentage of your characters power.

          If I want to be challenged I would play PvP actually, where I’m matched with ppl with the same kind of gear and skill.

          I think reducing the difficulty just a little bit more (mainly the hp of elite packs) is the way to go, and then as Jay suggested, add some feature like /players X to ppl that needs to be challenged.

        • The reason why I say that they shouldn’t make the game easier is because IT WILL become as easy as Diablo II if you give it the time. I’d even argue that with all best in slot items, it will be even easier. For example, my char can take down champs in less than 15-20 secs and pretty much never dies in act 3. And he’s far from perfect. I don’t have best in slot items. Now imagine with those. If we give it time, we will eventually all have the best items just like we had them all in Diablo II, and the game will be easy, fast, etc..

        • Great article Azzure. I too am enjoying 1.04 – my DH is using what most would call an “off-build” that simply wasn’t viable pre-1.04.

          As for him not being “that guy”, this website is LOADED with “those guys” – you know, always negative and ever-predictable. Check it out, I’m about to be refered to as a white knight that loves Kotick or told that this is a clearing house for all opinions, especially those slamming D3.

        • But you still want to be rewarded for improving your gear (since NO ONE’s gear is anywhere close to ideal right now), and you need at least some amount of difficulty to make that possible. Feeling like an absolute badass is great and all, but if you feel that way too soon, then what is the incentive to keep improving??

        • This.

          I have a level 60 barb halfway through Act 3 Inferno. I started a monk, and really, really enjoyed leveling her to 60 into Act 1 Inferno before 1.04. I enjoyed it so much I stared a wiz and got her to level 20 before patch 1.04, twinking them both along the way.

          I really love paying barb- I always play that toon from D2, and WoW (warrior) and every other game i play, but it was just too high a difficult level and too frustrating to die so much and then spend a boatload of time farming in previous acts to have money to repair.

  3. I’m disappointed by the skill changes. By and large, except for Barbarian and Witch Doctor, all they did was make things more damaging. They didn’t look at the mechanics of skills and in many cases didn’t do anything with many skills that have only 1 or 2 runes worth using and the rest being pointless.

    • Think long term. 1.0.4 is just the beginning of skill tunning. Do you know how many skills they have to cover? The 1.0.4 theme seems to be tuning resource spenders so future patches can tune other skills. Everything takes time. Be patient.

      • Most devs take this time in a phase called TESTING. Blizz/Activision wanted their money, hence we get a pre-Beta release in May.

    • IME 1.04 skill changes where the stuff that they felt they need to do ASAP, like make the WD pets usable etc and making skill choices more or less equally useful.

  4. I hope you’re joking in this post, this game is still terrible. Paragon levels are only a minor improvement. Not enough to keep people wanting to play.

      • No, he is right. The linear, simplistic gameplay is exactly the same. The paragon system lets you progress through the same broken content over and over again. After about plvl 5 it becomes insanely boring, especially for those who were already doing fine in inferno. And don’t even bother making the argument that D2 was the same, because D3 doesn’t have half the content D2 does – runes, jewels, runwords, more than 3 socketed items, the ability to socket unsocketed items, personalisation – the list is endless.

        GW2 offers a tonne more things to do for about the same price, thus GW2 is in direct competition with D3 in terms of “bang for your buck” – you get a better game for the same price.

        • Everything you have listed that D2 had over D3, none of which existed in D2 Vanilla, yet it was far better received than Vanilla D3, while D2:LOD was less well received by some than Vanilla D2…

          I am not saying D2 is the same as D3, it isn’t, it was WORSE than D3. Everyone could outgrow the game difficulty insanely easily in Hell difficulty in D2 by simply running a Sorc to Nightmare Meph, MF the crap out of it until you have enough gear to do Hell Meph, then MF the crap out of it to gear other characters, then, you build other characters to do other things, albeit differently. I wouldn’t call this ‘content’

          I also wouldn’t call an extra act as ‘Far more content’, especially considering that the 5th act was an expansion.

          I can guarentee that, had Diablo 2 been released 10 year later than it actually did, with updated graphics, and absolutely NOTHING else was changed, it would be very heavily panned by players.

          Oh and btw, this comment isn’t directed at the poster, since I assume it’s as a futile effort as trying to get a reply from a brick wall, but for other players to see how that comment is purely prejudiced against D3 rather than a true comparison. (I player D2 in case anyone was wondering, for a very long time)

          • A few good points there. Just a couple of things, though:

            “Everything you have listed that D2 had over D3 – none of which existed in D2 Vanilla – was far better received than Vanilla D3, while D2:LOD was less well received by some than Vanilla D2…”

            I can’t really make sense of what you are saying here. If you mean to say that D2 vanilla was better received than D3 vanilla, then of course. What are you saying again?

            “D2 (vanilla) is … WORSE than D3.”

            How about comparing D3 to D2 as it is now? A sequel aims to be as good or better than its predecessors. D3 chopped out almost everything that was good about D2. Don’t agree? Then why all the patches and recent apologies if D3 was already better than D2?

            “I wouldn’t call this ‘content’”

            This IS the content for both D2 and D3. However, D2 has greater flexibility, more atmosphere, better plot, brilliant items/skills/classes/players per map/more choice/variety… really, the list goes on and on.

            “I also wouldn’t call an extra act as ‘Far more content’, especially considering that the 5th act was an expansion.”

            No, I was referring to the variety of ways to do things. D2 has more customisation, greater degrees of randomisation, greater vaiety of ways to do things… and so on. In an item driven game, the items/classes/skills/ways to do things ARE the content.

            “I can guarentee that, had Diablo 2 been released 10 year later than it actually did, with updated graphics, and absolutely NOTHING else was changed, it would be very heavily panned by players.”

            D2 vanilla, maybe. It is really a poor argument to say, “Had event X not occurred, Y would have happen.” Consider: Had D2 taken the place of D3, D2 would be equally revolutionary as it was 10 years ago as there was nothing like it since D1…

          • If I compared D2 to D3 as they are now, I won’t lie, there are still good things about D2 compared to D3 (such as builds that do not exist in D2), but there will be things I will not miss. Things such as Immunities (I detest that concept more than any other flaw in this game, but this is a personal opinion) and Crushing Blow (the physical stat that makes Uber Tristram easy for those with ability to use it, such as a Smitedin, but makes it impossible for caster classes).

            However, our definition of freedom when it comes to using classes is vastly different. My definition is that you can use whatever skills you want without it so that one would stop you from getting another. For example, in D3, I can make a purely fire damage based Wizard, or a purely Arcane build with only minor functionality losses (such as not being able to use the more useful side effects of other damage types), in D2, you can do that, but the damage became pitifully small, to the point of unplayable in Hell. But specialising in 1 spec also means I’d be gimped with immunities later down the line. So in essence I felt D2 skills was more of Which would give me the least penalties rather than the most benefits. Also, I couldn’t build a character using only Ice Bolt, Charged Bolt and Fire Bolt and expect to do any damage beyond act 1 nm, but D3 doesn’t have that limitation. Sure, there are better skills at higher levels, but earlier skills still scale with your level.

            Lastly, if D2 was never released and D3 was replaced by D2 with updated graphics, yes, D2 will still might be revolutionary in terms of gameplay, but the flaws will stand out much more than before. Because the player base and attitude change over time. As you will undoubtedly have noticed, player community 10 years ago is VASTLY different than the community we have now, and they tend to focus on the flaws rather than the merits. (For example, the other day I read someone was quitting D3 because there was rainbows and ponies in the game, imagine what his response would be if the best leveling method in a demon slaying game was killing intentionally badly dubbed humanoid cows).

          • lol, exactly. I was all hyped up about runes, jewels and stuff in LoD and it turned out most of that was useless. How many runewords were actually useful? Or even runes by themselves? More doesn’t always mean better. I would rather have less but well balanced stuff.

            That’s not to say D3 is all perfect, I’m disappointed by the crafting system, it should be much more useful.

          • @Michal

            D3’s crafting system more useful? In what way? You run the risk of contradicting yourself if you maintain that they need to add functionality to D3’s crafting system.

            The first step in this whole D2 vs. D3 debate is admitting that D2 does more things right. If you admit this, then it is a matter of which things D2 does right.

            Balance is important, but there are right ways to balance things and there are wrong ways. Making every aspect equal to every other aspect in the game means you lose the difference between those aspects. For example, high crit lightning and high AOE dps fireball. If these two elements are made equal, you lose the functionality of one or both. Making one useful in one context and another useful in other contexts is the right way to balance them. Disparity between items/skills/etc is the very thing that allows for uniqueness – something D3 is severely lacking.

            And BTW, a lot of runewords were useful depending on what you could make (Merc Polearms, low, mid and high level runewords for armor, weapons etc). The runes themselves could be used for recipes in the HQ/crafting, so they were individually useful as well. That is why people would farm entire areas just for runes.

            I think you have chosen to omit certain truths about D2 to make it look worse than it really is just to win an argument…

        • Apologies, Couldn’t edit last reply. I meant, in the second paragraph, is that if I built a multi-element character in D2, the damage sometimes becomes pitifully small that it becomes unplayable (and continue from there).

          • For the most part, I agree. However we do differ on one very important point. Having the ability to mess up a character is a good thing as it separates a good player from a superb player. Not all builds are viable in D2, which means those that study it more – know more about the mechanics of the game – are rewarded more and can build some amazing characters. This generally doesn’t happen in D3 (admittedly there are death-zerging builds that are pretty interesting but they are the exception rather than the rule).

            With respect to our definition of “freedom”, I believe that sure, D2 limits skill choice to one or two choices (in reality several, BO on weapon switch for eg.), but this increases build variety rather than limits it. You can build a very viable Tri Elementalist in D2, or wager a higher single-element build but lose the ability to kill some enemies, which is only fair. This, IMO, is better than the sandbox “you can kill all everything with whatever” approach D3 implements, which amounts to systematically carpet-bombing build variations. There must be about 100 builds on these forums for D2, some gear dependant, others skill based, and yet others are strategy based. All builds in D3 are gear dependent (as inferno so often reminds us) and all toons have the same skill set.

            Lastly, my point about retrospective arguments still stands 😛

          • Messing up a character so that it becomes a challenge is one thing, however, if such mess up easily makes the game unplayable, THAT is when I have a problem.

            If it meant that some misjudged and misplaced points won’t matter so much, I won’t mind too much, I’ll be dismayed sure (since my character won’t be at full potential), but back in the days of 1.10 (1.09 was a joke, cows die practically to everything), until the respec came out (IMO one of the best updates to D2 gameplay in its history), if I didn’t know D2 any better and played the same way as I played it during my early D2 career, I probably wouldn’t have gotten nightmare alive, physically, let alone hell. Which will make me realise, oh look, I have to replay the game again… I am extremely against games where mistakes results in replays of the game or the game becomes excruciating. Diablo 2 1.10 was one of those.

            What I enjoy every much about D3 is that skills are freely changeable, sure, I find it rather unfortunate that stats are preset (EG if I had the choice, I would have put the default 1 point in Str and Dex into Int and Vit), it would be nicer if it did. But regardless, I enjoy playing with a viable character, but I really much prefer playing a character build I have developed rather than dictated by Synergies, game environment or some one elses (EG Who would use Spectral blades, especially the 20 yard rune, when you have 60% slow Blizzard and arcane hydra :P)

          • Hahaha, this is exactly where we differ again. I rebuilt my characters over and over again, as well as tried completely new, ridiculous builds like a concerntrate barb or a reviver necro. Yeah they sucked, but I learnt a whole stack about the game that way (as well as looking up info on these forums). I remember playing through D2 for the first time with a bitsa bowazon in D2 classic. Duriel ate my face, which was the turning point for me – I could either say the game was unbalanced and rage quit, or I could think ahead of time how to spend my skills to avoid getting face-raped again.

            Agreed, the respec ability in D2 was needed, but it was not game-breaking without it.

            And lastly, the respect system in D3 is completely crap – not because respeccing is crap (on the contrary, GW1 and RIFT do it fantastically), rather because the skill system is arbitrary. At least in D2, points in a fire skill contributed to other fire skills, and so on. In D3, you roundhouse kick monsters for umpteen levels then drop a bell on their head. The only reason they don’t have all the skills unlocked at level 1 is so the little kiddies don’t get overwhelmed and quit before they have a chance to spend their parent’s money on the AH…

  5. still haven’t found a single set item
    and the only legendary I’ve found was way back in early June

    I must be the unluckiest person in the game

    I’m enjoying the Witch doctor MUCH more, but this is getting really tiring

    • This is my issue as well. The carrot would be tempting now, if I could even see it. As is, it’s tough to continue with drop rates so low. Paragon levels are a big help too however.

      • So the only carrots are sets/legendaries? I made $7.50 off of a rare I found last week. Yellow carrots are still carrots.

        • I’d hardly call them carrots as they are still among the most boring items I’ve ever seen in an ARPG.

          • LoL while I understand your sentiment…Gotta say my opinion.
            My $7.50 is less boring than your proc chance.

        • To some of us, there’s more to a carrot than potential monetary return value. Especially considering there’s no RMAH in HC.

    • Can I be on your team for the unluckiest player?

      Set items – Zero!
      Legendary items – very few (6 max, if that) pre-1.3 patch.


    • same here! only legendaries i have ever found were a hellrack and a set monk helm pre this patch
      i might be going insane but it seems as if this patch has made drop rates even worse for me than previously

      • It’s my understanding that drop rates for set items and some legendaries have gone down as a result of those items being buffed to higher ilvls (typically ilvl 61 -> ilvl 63). Exactly how big the nerf is depends on the act you’re in, as different acts have different drop rates.

        For instance, act 1 inferno mobs have a 23.9% chance to drop ilvl 61s and 4.8% to drop ilvl 63s, which means that the chance of finding a set item in act 1 has been reduced with, as Blizzard would put it, a factor of 5. But hey, at least buffing normal mobs’ chance to drop magic/rare items by a factor of 4 was good, right?

        This is all assuming that Blizzard didn’t buff drop rates to compensate for the change in ilvl, but since they didn’t mention drop rates at all in their preview articles – which is one of the biggest complaint people have when it comes to legendaries – I think it’s safe to assume that they didn’t want to touch upon the subject because they didn’t have any good news to give us.

        Personally, I’ve played about 4-5 hours a day since Wednesday now and I have yet to find a single legendary/set item. It’s just disheartening at this point, especially when you read the official forums and see people who’ve played for twice as many hours as I complain about the same thing.

        So far, what should’ve been the best thing about 1.04 has become the worst, and that’s pretty bad.

    • This is very spot on because right now this game is about the item hunt yet the drop rate (although I think good items should be hard to find) is maybe ok/could be better but since that is all there is to diablo 3 right now in the way of what keeps us playing its not in good standing. I think Jay Wilson in his “hint” blog may realize this when he says that the game needs other stuff for the end game – although I think when PvP finally comes out I think PvP will be a heck of a lot of fun. I think randomization of the lay out of acts 1-4 will help a lot.

  6. Act 3/4 inferno, and the elite mobs there, are still way too OP in many situations and for many builds. Not everyone plays a DH or WW barb with a 1200 dps weapon and insane crit, and I don’t intend to play any of these ridiculous cookie cutters.

    The WD is a pretty good measure how well balanced inferno is. If there is any pack/mod combo the WD cannot beat with relatively good equipment, then it’s definitely OP. A this point, the WD has become much more enjoyable, but inferno as a whole is still far way from being balanced. The “flow” is still missing from act 3 inferno on. I don’t want deal minutes with one boss pack, it’s against the hack & slash principle. I also don’t want boss packs to one-shot my WD, like this teleport/illusionist/mortar/frozen shit you meet so often in act 3 inferno. This nonsense has to be fixed asap.

    And when they finally got inferno right, they can furthermore incresae the drop rate for good rares, legendaries and sets, which are still way too low. As Brevik said, Diablo should be a fun farming game with an addictive flow, and Diablo 3 is still not yet there.

    • It’s not just the witch doctor but even “strong” classes with OP builds such as double WW barbarians – barbarians that are anything but double WW struggle way more than a double WW barbarian with Act 3 inferno I’ve tried it.

      • My barbarian (not WW/tornado) is now waiting for patch 1.0.5 because she dies way too often in act 3 inferno, and gameplay just sucks when you have poke endlessly into mobs to kill just some of them.

        Who ever had the idea to make inferno super hard, was totally wrong.

  7. I’ll admit I’ve logged more hours in the past week than the last two months, but it still hasn’t “got it” to me quite yet. It is better, but still not enjoyable. The increased speed of gameplay from d2 to d3 still has getting one-shotted quite easily, maybe it is easier to adjust to d2 because the gameplay is a tad slower, instead I feel like I’m playing a super fast paced FPS, even faster paced than HG:L.

  8. Another thing I hope gets “fixed” is that once you get to a certain point gear-wise, you’re basically just farming Act 3 over and over since there’s no point doing anything else.

    • I agree but this was a problem in D2 as well. What was the point after you got to a certain point gear-wise? Mowing cows to get to 99?

  9. This is exactly what happened to me, logged more hours in the last week than I have since 1.03 came out.

  10. I would like to point out that crafting is actually pretty awesome money maker, especially in HC. With the new item drop rates it may be getting worse but I’ve made a ton of money.

  11. Azzure is very much right on here. I’ve always more or less enjoyed D3, but since this change, it’s become a more addicting game — the kind of game and experience I hoped for before release. The more forgiving difficulty, the godly items, the sense of progression, all combines to create a very compulsively playable game.

  12. Ye my play sessions have gone up from forcing myself to play for an hour to 4-5 hour sessions since this patch too.

    I’ve been pugging act 3 inferno recently with a 2h abrb that uses cleave/hota that has +600 all res after impunity (alot of damage/loh/leech though) we do die alot to some rares but i really hope they dont nerf it more though since the challenege is the bigger part of the fun for me.

    And buy 6 mod plans for legs/bracers (can get for less than 2 million now) and spam a bunch of those before you say crafting is useless!

  13. I think the difficulty is fine. I have weakened my wizard down with MF gear and I can still farm Act 3. I dont have godly gear either, alot of it is self found and I have never paid over 300,000 gold for anything. I missed my first day playing D3 since launch on Friday, and that was because I was putting together my rig. After finally seeing the game in its full graphical content, I can say it is absolutely fuckin amazing. I am a fan of the Paragon system, especially since at some point I will be able to concentrate my gear choices with only damage in mind(and resistances of course).

    I think the droprate could be tweaked further though. I liked how it was in D2, the low and mid-level sets/uniques dropped at a decent rate, and the more powerful sets/uniques required some farming to find. I think there will be alot of things added in an expansion to find, such as charms and jewels, even if it is just for Blizz to have something else to make money off of. The game is great, and just keeps getting better. As for the other D3 “kilers” I keep reading about in replies, we will see. I definitely dont ever see myself playing GW2.

    • “I think the difficulty is fine. I have weakened my wizard down”
      “I have weakened my wizard down”
      “my wizard”

      Play a monk.

  14. I’m in the same boat, my last point also comes with an asterisk.
    Melee still have a difficult time in Act 3+, with Molten/Plagued/Arcane everywhere, their reliance on LoH and the like.
    Wizard and Barbs have the 2 fantastic builds of Critical Mass and WW, while the other 3 classes are kind’vein the dust. A WD will always be less powerful than a Wizard with the same value of gear.
    Monks don’t have anything special, coming from a person with over 160 hours in solely the monk. Cyclone is hardly good at all compared to Wiz/Barb, Thunderclap is the only thing that gives enough LoH to tank yet come with the disadvantage of bad positioning, especially into arcane/molten/frozen.

    So yeah, it’s got a good ways to go still. I mean 30 minutes ago I was on a Monk and we encountered a Desecrator mob. When I died and solemnly stared at my death screen, I saw 8 desecrator pools dotting the screen. That sh*t needs to have its duration halved.

    • Not to mention the terrible ranged AI that kites far too much from melee and is super annoying.

    • I like this patch, I even found an upgrade, and a Stone of Jordan (which looks fairly useless). I do not find the game too easy. Molten in particular is very dangerous for melee. A3 Fast (naturally fast or Extra Fast, or both) Mobs with Molten are a pain like before, maybe more. Some classes (Monks for example) possibly need more work. I am still tempted to upgrade my barbarian as my main Paragon, but I don’t have enough gold atm.

  15. The reason I maintain that the game should still be less “difficult” is because the game simply plays better when you are able to absolutely devastate hordes of monsters. You feel more awesome, and yes you can still die, but it’s more about efficiency rather than frustrating challenges of trying to kite and gimmick your way in to killing the champ packs.

    I discovered this when I twinked up my DH in hell. It was literally 10x funner than Inferno and it felt far more immersive, my character felt much cooler and “heroic”, and it felt much more like that candy-land feeling of Diablo 2. Killing champ packs in 5-10 seconds rather than over a minute felt immensely satisfying, fun and I could do it for 12 hours a day without getting sick of it. It felt like a D2 javazon using Lightening fury. A feeling I have SORELY missed.

    I’ve heard many other people experience the same thing as I did, and it really opened by eyes. Try it some time. The game simply plays better like that.

    • I agree with azzure, I think a big reason people enjoyed diablo 2 wasn’t because they wanted to be able to beat the monsters, but mostly because you wanted the epic loot and level progression to kill all the monsters in 0.35s.

      I swear to god when I fight big packs of those spiders in act 3 with my barb, I have more fun than I do killed anything else in inferno, just completely ravaging them, watching 40 spider corpses flying while I spame ground stomp into rend, into revenge+cleave is just SOOOO satisfieying.

      • You got a point there. I’ve found myself with a huge silly grin on my face (or laughing maniacally) many times after racking up a ridiculous 50 kill massacre in Act 3.

        There is something to said for overcoming challenges, too, of course. =/ Then again, a lot of those challenges are: “OMG Plague/Fire Chains does so much damage!!!”

    • I understand what your saying, but TBH when I go onto d3.net the last thing I do is make sure every article is spell checked/expertly written, I come here because im interested in what people have to say.
      And if that means the eliminator writes up an article with 50 grammar/spelling errors so I can hear about how he had a naked barb getting pwned, then so be it.

  16. Good for you Azzure!

    Personally I have arrived to the point where I have conceded to the fact that the game will never be the Diablo 3 it should have been(in my wet dreams), and it feels nice to accept that fact. lol While the patch didn’t change my game experience that much at all(my issues with the game run deeper than what patches can fix), it did remove my occasional feelings of loathe for the game because it tackled some insufferable flaws. It’s a good game and I shall continue to play it for the simple reason of not seeing a better isometric rpg out there at the moment.

  17. Psychologically, the improvements are not good enough to justify how excited you are if you did not like pre 1.04.

    I haven’t found one set or legendary in 1.04 with 350+ mf. Not all legendaries and sets are that great. Most just give a useless proc effect.

    Leveling up in Diablo 3 has never been fun for me and adding more levels with the Paragon system does not change that. Especially when you do not get new skills with the new level up process. Leveling up is only fun if the game is good to begin with. I used to love leveling up in the cow level in Diablo 2. It was so fun herding a great deal of cows and quickly dropping them all with a nice area of effect attack.

    The changes to rare drops helps but still does not change the fact that I did two full levels worth of Paragon experience in one sitting and did not find one good item.

    I agree about the difficulty being lower being good for farming. Farming is often fun when it tests your speed. You get faster and faster and it feels like you are not putting a great deal of effort in it. It hardly helped though to justify you being this excited by it.

    Difficulty is still good in a Diablo game for not farming though. It is good for a challenge mode type of thing like the Uber event in Diablo 2. They should make Diablo 3 Uber challenges and nerf inferno’s difficulty some more. They should also make it where you cannot run Ubers over and over like in Diablo 2. You would have to get items to unlock it or put it on a timer. This is what would make the extreme difficulty much more fun.

    While I am saying the changes improve the game, I do not agree with someone who despised the game pre 1.04 to absolutely love it in 1.04. Psychologically speaking, there just wasn’t enough improved.

    It added a few more days of fun then got boring fast when you realize most of the glaring problems such as not finding one good item in a full magic find run are still there. Drop rates need to be increased and there needs to be item sinks or ways to take items out of the economy.

    What is a good item sink? Use 10 fiery brimstones to open an Uber challenge. Then beating it would give you the ability to give an item like the really good Annihilus from Diablo 2.

    • This! Also itemization isn’t interesting. Diablo 2 had a much more intelligent system for items.

      Some mid level items were excellent for the end game, like the Buriza, the Ribracker and some others.

      Those were the times, and those were the items.

      Also, what’s the point in finding uniques in D3 if you can’t use them in specific and special builds?

  18. i truly wish i could say the same, but i simply cannot

    the game still exactly the same as before 1.04,yes legendarys are amazing now, but they still rare and you most likely won’t find the one you want by yourself, so there’s the AH to the rescue again…

    anyways, paragons level, imho, are just a waste of time, for me, is nothing but a random exp bar that fills everytime i kill shit, nothing else, the bonus is completely pathetic to even affect you, while you can get the cap mf and gf at lvl 100, it’s gonna take ages, and that wouldn’t be a problem for me if this game was at least fun to play, but it isn’t everything in this game is a grind

    since itemization is so fucking broken blizzard added this paragon levels to give players an illusion of progression, i seriusly hope nobody things 300% MF makes your drops amazing because it doesn’t, so in the end is useless, the atributte bonus are so pathetic you can get them on a SINGLE item, so what’s the freaking point of paragon levels again? you can already farm every single act of inferno with that high amount of MF if your gear is good enough, and if you didn’t get anything good before, killing things faster with better combat gear is NOT gonna make things differently because every rare you get is a piece of shit

    in D2 at least you knew that you could get a good item if you played just enough, that’s what drive you foward, i don’t get that feeling in D3 anymore, im sick of everything, rares dropping on the ground is not special anymore since i now they’ll be shit (ilvl 63 worst than some lvl 50-55 items? are you kidding me?) i wanna play to get items for my character and progress foward in the game, i do NOT want to spend hundreds of hours to maybe have a chance for an upgrade to drop, that’s not FUN, that’s a WASTE OF TIME, and that’s the problem with D3 and 1.04 has done shit to fix it, items are fucking broken, and items are one of the main things that drive ARPG’s foward besides combat, and this is freaking diablo, and it lacks one of the main things that defined it? seriusly?

    the whole point of these games are to kill shit to get new items and progress foward to kill harder shit to get even better items and with those better items kill the hardest shit to get the best items and with the best items just either stop playing or work towards goals like lvl100 paragon for example, do you have any idea how frustrating it is when you can’t even past the \get better items\ part? this game just won’t give you a good item, that’s it, as simple as that, the game is no fun because it’s all about luck, whoever has the most luck and the most time to spend on this game (ie 40 year old living on his mom basement) will get something accomplished in this game, but as of now, im not gonna devote such absurd amounts of time to this game, hell im not gonna even devote time for that matter to this game anymore since it’s just a waste, is sickening just clicking the start game button in the main menu knowing you’re not gonna get anything worthwhile

    that whole feeling just makes me unable to take the game seriusly anymore, all i do now is log on to see if any of my friends is online ( all of them quit since they realise how broken the core mechanics of this game are) and is just plain painful, this doesn’t feel like a game anymore to me it feels like a job, and a shitty one, i played 1.04 for about 2 days total before i just losed all hope i had for this patch, the game is exactly the same as before, legendarys are good and that’s ok, now good luck getting the one you want lol

    so yeah, im just gonna stop playing until blizzard, again, get their head out of their asses and get this, every single item you get in this game is utterly crap, you cannot get upgrades at a reasonable pace, the Auction house is the answer for everything (guess the RMAH was top list priority when making this game, even before your players and the whole game in general huh? you also forgot to make your game Fun to play btw), there’s literally no end game whatsoever and farming the same place hundreds of times and getting shit in return, does get old, get that, fix it, there’s no fucking excuse, i cannot simplatize with blizzard regardless of what they say, you had what most developers don’t have, time ( 10 fucking years is enough for any game blizzard) and virtually, unlimited income, yet this is what you gave us? a broken ass game that you’re pretending to \fix\ via patching yet you completely ignore the main problem and focus on adding gimicky shit like paragon levels to make players stick around longer until you realise a way to fix this mess?

    you’re doing it wrong blizzard, you’re doing it wrong…

    • I LOVE it when people compare D2 with D3, when in reality when you take a deeper look into it, everything sucks more in D2 than in D3.

      So far everything comes down to D2 is better than D3 because I (Note the word: I) get more drops in D2 than in D3, I get upgrades faster.

      Let’s put it into perspective, without taking into the regard for the ridiculous balance of classes in d2 (or the lack thereof).

      Upgrades don’t drop like rain in D2 either, but compared to D3, practically everything that was usable was either unique or runewords, IE rares, blues and sometimes even sets have nearly no place in an ‘ideal’ gear setup, in D3, at least rares are worth picking up and seeing if it was an upgrade.

      So yes, in D2, farming Meph was the best way to start gearing, then when you get everything you want from Meph (assuming you actually do, since it’s all RNG), what next? Baal? What after? New character?

      Oh wait… that’s what we are doing in D3 isn’t it?

      For a un-thought out comment like that, good riddance. Sorry.

      • I disagree. Not everything about D3 is better. Among other examples the itemization and stat scaling are far worse in D3. They substituted an MMO stat system and stat ramp which produces brick wall gear checks and forces boring stat stacking as opposed to compelling affix selection. This has really ruined the game’s progression and the forced obsolescence of lower level gear is part of what makes the lower levels so worthless beyond a tutorial for inferno. D2’s progression was way better and is one of the fundamental things missing that prevents D3 from being a good game.

        • Key comment, and an amazing post.

          I don’t know what this would add, but…I think any change in such a smart system like the one used in Diablo 2, should outsmart the previous one and not dumb it down –the later being what they actually did.

          People kept playing for years because not only they had an excellent end game, but also practically perfect early levels and mid game progression too.

          Some UNIQUE items were so unique and special that not only made perfect mid game items, but were also excellent choices for the end game.

          D3 is the laughingstock of the series. With ilvl being everything, when in Diablo 2 the ilvl meant what monsters could drop certain unique/set item, and the base item had a different ilvl.

          Diablo 3 is a totally broken game, wherever you look at it.

    • Totaly agree. But thats just so sad! D3 is such a nice game with beautiful graphics, animations, the combat itself and the mob rampage is realy fun and sometimes theres a bit of adrenalin too, when you hit some hard elites.

      – paragon system: this new system is just a lure to players, no doubt about that… it practicaly has almost no effect on the gameplay, it only gets the player the feeling \well, yea, i get no drop but at least i am progressing further\… nothing more, but maybe its just the way how Blizz wants to remove MF from the game totally (and not to angre the players, who invested a lot in such a gear, so – the gradually way)

      – item drops: no change, still this sick broken luck-only-based system… I am suggesting, Blizz has given a lower chance to drop items that would be useful for your class, than to the other ones… Blizz definitely needs to \shuffel the numbers\ in the item affixes combinations, this is a MUST… better colleration of some affixes (f.e. INT, VIT, mana on crit, max mana for wizz) and legendaries could have fixed affixes, with fixed amounts, also

      – build diversity: definitely, this is very needed! the 1.0.4 has done to this almost nothing (maybe for WD an Barbs, but other classes were almost omit!)… maybe some drastic change to this system would help (some skillpoints to share, some personalization to the build system)

      – sideQ, random dungeons, more diversity – the game is just too linear and that means boring… cmon Blizz, put some imagination and fantasy to this and create more enjoyable locations for lvl capped players, than this repeat-system now! otherwise, the people are more observant to drops, AH and the things around and complain… give them some fun and they will (at least some of them) shut up and enjoy the game!

  19. I came back too, I enjoy the game a lot. Luckily, I got a couple of goals, so I won’t really be bored, I hope.

    Also, I started a WD to see how are the pets are doing and I was also curious about the >50 iLvl legendary drops. The pets are awesome so far (I’m on hell act 3), but I don’t really know what to say about the low level legendaries. 3 legendaries dropped, only one could have been useful for a monk (Chaingmail, rolled good stats). “Denial” was just “meh”, and when I got Leoric’s Crown, I wasn’t sure if there’s really someone out there, who would ever use that. Maybe I just got a really bad roll there.
    Also I’m not sure if I’m disappointed with the legendary drop under 50 or not. Instead of no AHing, I decided to get always the highest MF possible, yet only 3 dropped so far.

    Overall, the patch is really good, I’m looking forward for the upcoming patch notes as well 😀

          • No. eBay is not the only market in the world. AH in D3 IS the only market in ITS world. So saying: “blizzard controls the economy” is OK. When Blizzs are deciding how to change things in D3, they always look what happens to the RMAH and its turnovers. These 15% are the main income from this game, you know…

  20. I came back as well. The game certainly feels like it’s in a long-term playable state and I’m getting upgrades regularly. It’s amazing what a difference trash-quality greens and golds made in peoples’ impressions of D2. Yeah, there were a ton of sets and uniques…. most of them were trash. You could use the junk ones on low-level characters to justify keeping them, or embark on the grail quest, but there really wasn’t a practical difference between having lots of crap sets and just putting a mid-grade rare in that slot while leveling.

    Regarding difficulty… it’s fine like it is. There’s a sense of progression and as you get better gear you can start having your way with monsters. I see no reason whatsoever to kill long-term progression for a week of instant gratification slapping overnerfed monsters to death. Then we’re back where we started, with bland, dull clickfest spam and a fake slot machine setup. I’d rather have the game AND the metagame be engaging.

  21. The patch has made the game better. And it was also good to see that Azzure is back 🙂
    Jay Wilson stated that he wasn’t sure if they had gone far enough on the items and lootsystem. I think most of us agree that there is still room for improvements. But there are other things that annoys me with this game.

    1) The movement speed of the characters is stupid. I will never use anything else but a barb with marathon + movement speed gear so I can clear areas fast. That is only when I play solo because other players get pissed when I dont wait for them. I remember I had a necro in D2 with only run/speed charms. That was so fun.
    2)Chat-channels. Blizz, u need to get your finger out and fix this. Dont wait 15 pathes on this issue.
    3)They claim the game to be so randomized. I dont think they succeeded.

    That said there are things with this game which is clever and brilliant. For instance the banner system and treasure goblins.

  22. I agree with you in one point – why is everyone comparing D3 to D2? If D2 had no end content, why D3 shoudnt have?? I mean its year 2012! D3 needs some randomization, thats absolutely clear. It cant be so linear than it is now, because its just boring to run always the same locations. And it definitely needs more RPG. I know, I know… its an aRPG, but still its an (a)RPG. It that does not say D3 has to be a soulless linear arcade… People love diversion! Randomize!

  23. I played for 4 days after 1.04 came out and I got the same feeling that itemization is broken for purpose to make you use the AH and I just can’t stand it.

  24. I’m hoping they tune the difficulty as per what Azzure is saying.

    I believe the real difficulty of the game should come from some sort of extra content with a ladder attached to it (IE: infinite dungeon)

  25. If they want ppl stay in this game! They moste add some new things like “Bosses, pvp, new areas ladder something you challinge you friends.. Pve long term is boring..

  26. Agree on all points, Act 2 on inferno being much less of a brick wall changes so much for the game. Paragon does much for the sensation of always earning character power. The fact I recently earned $25 from a crazy good axe I found and about 2 million from a moderately good legendary only slams home the sensation of the Diablo item hunt being back on in D3.

  27. Well changes in 1.0.4 are for sure good, and I just dont understand how after 6 years of developing and over a year of beta phase and polishing this changes wasnt already ingame at release…

    Despite that, Im 12lvl paragon it took quite a while, I found 1 legendary 1 hand spear around 800dps, total crap sold for 150k gold. I found around 4 stash packs of 63 ilvl items (I identify them when my only free tab in stash is full). 3 items are worth arond 2-3mil, and 62lvl amu around 15mil, rest is total garbage, and of course NONE are the upgrades for my char.

    All in all… same game, more damage, more leveling, more loot, more crap items.

  28. lulz..how? the arrogance and hubris of the D3 team combined with what brevik characterized as a lack of knowledge and experience in arpg design. frankly, i find their (and some of the players flopping along with whatever blizz says) flip flopping hilarious. it not like no one brought up these issues pre-release. in any event, i don’t think 1.04 means d3 players can quit their night jobs as $60 beta testers.

  29. Still boring. Sure if a orange or green drops then it might be worth something now, yippee. Too bad you have to play about 10 hours to find ONE, and if it is a weapon of ilvl 60 or lower then it isn’t worth a darn thing. Oh, and now the \good\ rares I find have somehow lost value.

    For someone who had already beaten inferno, this is still incredibly boring. And I agree with the folks who say easier is better. I was all about speeding up runs in D2 and slaughtering hordes of creatures as fast as possible. My favorite moments in D3 are encountering a pack of 50+ skeletons.

  30. To me, the main thing wrong with the game at this point is the Skill/Rune system. It looked great on paper (pre launch) but as some pointed out above, games like this, the content IS customization, and I don’t think the whole \here, try what ever you want whenever you want\ system works.

    I want to feel invested in the game – as it is, I love my monk and I love farming in inferno and gaining paragon levels, but my gosh.. nothing about the way I’lve bilt my monk makes me feel invested in him. Other than my gear I supose, but thats not the same as a good leveling, skill building system.

    I’m hoping come expansion 1 for a revamp of the whole system.

  31. The thing is, while 1.0.4 may have breathed some life back into D3, it is probably too late. The new uniq…legendaries look fine but drop chances will likely keep that little intermezzo of exitement about the game a short experience.

    It’s nice to have at least some long-term farming facets being finally added to the game now, but the core game – the way to that goal – is still not an enjoyable one. The presentation and gameplay (dull story, dated major game systems and ‘seen-before similarity’ of the acts, etc.) are just too flawed to provide enough longevity required for long-term fun. And unfortunately, that will be hard to fix through patches that have a budget sufficient for number crunching but no new content.

  32. I don’t know what D2 you guys played, but hell difficulty was hard untwinked on most builds. There were a handful of overpowered specs that everyone used to mf gear for all their other characters. You had to skip some elite combos. Once you had infinity on your merc, it basically broke the game.

    Right now the game feels great on my ww barb – mostly because I can ignore all the most annoying cc mods. If I respec to something else, the game becomes much more taxing. It’s like farming with a ranger paladin in D2. You can do it, but it feels like a waste.

    The problem in D3 is in the elite mechanics and the skills required to counter those mechanics. There are a small handful of skills on each class that counter cc – so builds for farming act 3 are pretty limited until you have insanely good gear – like 100k dps, leech, high resists and block, resource regen, and hp. And that is the goal really – farming act 3 as fast as possible.

    • Regarding D2 difficulty: that was only really true the first time ever playing the game. Once you became experienced and knew how to stat, skill, and gear your character hell was pretty easy with just about any character with an unbroken build. 1.10 upped the difficulty a little bit but that only offset the additional power that had come with the patches prior to it. It was still incredibly easy. Even the ubers were clearable with common rares and I saw a naked HC group clear of it on youtube the other day.

  33. I’m enjoying the new patch as well. It’s a lot of fun to play again and a few of my friends are playing again as well, so that’s been nice too.

    And I know I probably shouldn’t be surprised, but it is slightly ironic that a lot of the main complaints by “that guy” seem to contradict themselves.

    “D2 was better than D3 because you could level up fast at the beginning and then work on hitting 99 and that was thrilling!”
    “D3 only has 60 levels that you hit fast and working on paragon levels is boring!” ???

    “I want to farm items faster and more easily because item farming is thrilling!”
    “After you hit end game all there is to do is farm and that’s boring!” ???

    “Legendaries, sets, and skills should be way more powerful!”
    “All Blizzard did in this patch was make Legendaries, sets, and skills more powerful!” ???

    “Jay Wilson got angry and swore! F*** that loser!”
    “Jay Wilson admitted and apologized for doing something bad! F*** that loser!” ???

    I think overall I’ve spent a lot more money on a lot of worse games. Blizzard’s already shown my value for the money, and them putting the effort to continue making it better (rightly so), is even better for my time and money investment. I’m having fun and would prefer to say thanks.

    However it’s reassuring to know that one legacy D3 has kept alive is the wealth of pundits happy to share their informed and well thought out views with the community. Some day, they will make the perfect game.

    Perhaps in the expansion… D3X: The Lord of Hypocrisy

  34. I didn’t understand the contradicting portion of this.

    You have new found excitement of identifying level 62 rares yet crafting is useless?
    The item is the same while the only difference is in how it drops.

    I’m thinking that there must be two different definitions of “use” working here.

  35. More gold, more damage on everything, and less damage coming from everything.

    Pretty much sold tomorrow for today.

  36. Pretty much agreed with everything you said Azzure.
    1.04 is a (relative big) step in the right direction and it is actually fun to play the game now. People arguing the game is too easy are retarded since 100 bucks said they either bought their gear or played the AH, neither of which constitutes as playing the game in my book. Infact, the game can still be made a little bit easier when they include a simulation of the “/player x” command that will add a challenge to those that want it. Ofcourse to not make it an exercise in futility, slightly increase the droprates on higher player settings to compensate.

    Anyways, i hope Blizzard won’t slack now due to the current optimism because the game still needs TONS of improvements to come close to the legendary game that D2 was:
    – Better randomisation of areas.
    – Better questrewards.
    – Huge improvements to itemisation.
    – A reason to reroll characters.
    – More worthwile progression of characters.
    – More skill customisation.
    – Huge improvements to crafting.
    – Goldsinks that don’t feel like a total waste of gold.
    – And many many more things that need to happen before this game truly becomes worthy of the title Diablo.

  37. I think I agree with everything here.

    1) Yes its good that Legendary and Set items are even useful now. I’m not so big fan of Legendary and Set, more into the rare system but since in D3 Legendaries and Sets have randomized stats also its more exciting.

    2) Totally needed some kind of progress thing. Farming items to farm more items more efficiently wasn’t anything I wanted. In D2 I was always leveling character first and finding items second. So I just leveled my character and while doing that found some items every now and then.

    3) Yes this is also a good change.

    4) Yes it is good that every now and then you get a wake up and meet some more difficult enemies but I’m also not a fan of super difficult monsters that take 15 minutes to beat. Also I’m playing mostly with found gear so monsters are still quite a challenge sometimes (atm farming a2 inferno). But it’s now a lot more enjoyable.. the change wasn’t big if you have below average gear (60-61 lvl pre-patch gear mainly)

  38. I stopped playing about 1 month ago because the game became a faceroll. The only thing that got me to play 1.0.4 is that after re-rolling back to my barb (who was stripped before 1.0.3 in favor of a wizard due to how much gear you needed to do act 3 with a barb pre-1.0.3), is that I’m playing something I haven’t really played before. But once I get tired of that (which will probably happen very soon), I’ll probably just quit again.

    The game is so easy to the point where one can fall asleep while playing. It’s really that bad and in desperate need of improvement in that aspect. Some of you may not feel it becuase you’re not playing an overpowered class/build, but in a Blizzard game you’d expect everyone to need to face the same challenge, and not need to create artificial challenges for themselves. If I wanted to create artificial challenges I could do it in many other games. I bought a Blizzard game because I wanted Blizzard to provide me with a challenge, rather than playing a game of chess against myself which I find quite pointless.

  39. Never stopped. Well except for a short vacation and I didn’t bring my portable, only the on line (sic) I Pad 🙂

    Mostly playing HC and so not ver much changed while leveling.

    It will take me a year or so to reach HC on Butcher with all classes.

    So I never had problems in motivation.

    Still doing SC Inferno too and indeed everything is easier, which is nice. Still making small amounts of real money in SC.

    Fabulous game.

    I will adore the arenas …PvP in D3. Let’s hope it will be there inn2 months time.

  40. Different strokes for different folks. I was happy up until 1.04, 1.04 made me quit because of how much of a grind it’s made the game and how easy it is. Blizzard is never going to please everyone, they either please players like azzure or players like me, doesn’t seem like they can have it both ways.

  41. Without actual builds, none of the improvements matter.

    Having now more than a hundred improved legendaries makes no sense when you aren’t going to use them.

    In Diablo 2 you could find an item and say; “Wow, this is great for my Elementalist Druid”, “this one is perfect for my Hunter Druid”, “this item is awesome for my Whirlwind Barbarian” etc etc etc.

    Not only ilvl63 stuff a la WoW like in mediocre D3, but early and mid game items too.

    ilvl in Diablo 2 meant a totally different thing and had a much, much better implementation.

  42. Well, not for me – I gave it up about two months ago, and I’m happy now.
    I had nearly wasted 200 hours, just to get stuck at the end of act 2 inferno, not making any real progress during the last 50.
    This game was supposed to be a finished and balanced product when it came out (after how many years?) – not an MMO to play forever.
    So I just don’t care if it gets better and better, even if it gets perfect in a year or two – I’m done with it, lost every interest in it, and have better things to do than being a beta tester.
    Well, farewell Diablo, farewell Blizzard – and f..k that loser Jay Wilson.

  43. The variety of comments is very interesting. Some are saying the game is way too easy now and are quitting. Others say it is still imbalanced and awful and they cannot farm where they want to when they want to. Everyone has a preconceived notion of how hard it should be and when they should be able to win. If that notion is not met, they rage quit, or claim to be doing so.

    Fundamentally, everyone wants to win. What winning is in D3 is totally up to the individual. In other games, it’s pretty clear. Like sc2 or a racing game. Thing is, sc2 gives you wins via matchmaking. Racing games usually keep the race close by boosting whoever is losing.

    D3 has no adaptive difficulty, hence it will never satisfy everyone. Seems like the team is realizing the consequence of selling the game to 6 million individuals. You can’t satisfy so many different ability levels easily, esp if they expect to play inferno. And the skill unlocks up to 60 give a good motivation to try inferno.

  44. The game is still auction house driven which is still a huge fail. So sad they exchanged the heart and soul of Diablo for auction houses. A lot of rares drop but usually they aren’t any good. I farmed Act 1 and Act 2 inferno and the quality of drops were horrible. You still have to buy off the AH to progress through the game which is why it fails. Buying from a AH is not a Diablo game. It might work in WoW but not Diablo.

    • That’s indeed the biggest problem now. People want to farm stuff themselves, at least the most of it, or have a fair chance on good stuff that they can easily trade in the AH. Both is not yet the case, because Blizzard wants to make too much profit from the AH.

      The problem will solve itself, though, once people recognize that nothing has changed in this regard in patch 1.0.4, and the waves of complaints on the forums start all over again. Just wait some weeks.

  45. All of this could have been solved if HELL mode in D3 actually was the end game and inferno was left as the optional challenge it should have been and was advertised as….

    That way the elitists could take 15mins to kill elite pack after elite pack in inferno and the rest of us could run a pits type area in act 1 hell and actually find crap!

    I totally agree that there is no progression in D3 and that the earlier acts are worthless, not to mention the items.

    Having normal items, exceptional items, and elite items scale in conjunction with the three act difficulties was just a plain better system.

  46. I like it! I definitely had the “OMG a legendary!” ilvl 60 Crossbow and ilvl62 Axe dropped for me in act 2.

    Turns out…you can still get bad rolls on legendaries. :\

  47. 2nd biggest change to d3 this patch is on the AH you can search 4+ properties at a time. That alone makes the game immensely more playable

  48. The new patch really gave the game some legs again IMHO. I’ve been playing on my 60 Monk again and leveling my first alt up to 60. Really looking forward to seeing what’s next for the game. Glad to see 1.04 is getting so much good feedback from people.

  49. D3 certainly became a little bit better game after 1.0.4.
    But! Overall its still feels very lacking and bland. This game was 7 years in development, this is Blizzard title, its year 2012 and this is sequel to D2! – so of course our expectations was/is high! Sadly, it seems that Blizzard decided to take easy route this time around. They just scrapped half of the game that should have been in D3 from day1 to support RMAH, Exp packs and to learn how players will play the game – they call it “we will see how metagame is playing out” – so that later on they can make changes/adjustments/patches and stuff based on that info.

    So lets talk a little bit about what this game is really need:

    1. Much better crafting system
    – more control over what type of item we want to craft
    – more control over what affixes we want on that item
    – more support for certain builds and play styles
    * we don’t want total control! there should be some random effects, but we need a little bit more control over what we want/need: what item and what affixes. Think of D2 crafting items: Blood items, caster items etc…)

    2. Better itemization
    – More item affixes. They should support different builds and play styles if player want to invest in it.
    – More cool permanent and proc effects on items (not only on Legendary items!) different functions: cosmetics/support/occasional-cc/dps. There can be some restrictions for this kind of affixes, lets say that item can have powerful DPS-oriented proc affix only by losing the ability to roll all or some other DPS-oriented affixes for example.
    – Most of Legendary items are still suck (not enough flavor and stuff). Especially low lvl ones!!!
    – We need more socketable items
    > more gem types – attributes and some affixes
    > jewels – procs and skill’s buffing stuff
    – A little bit more options for character visual customization
    > regalia’s – these are for visual effects only. unlocked or have requirements: some at clvl60, some at paragon lvl10-25-50-75-100. It can be all kinds of glow and particle effects for the character. Can be used only 1 at a time for example. Regalia’s can be implemented in a different ways: a)drops from monsters b)purchased from vendors c)unlocked in the same fashion like banner rewards(achievements) d)as quests rewards etc.

    3. Improvements to skills/runes
    * Currently rune’s unlocking in such a way, that using unlocked runes is mostly better then to stick with the old build. While this is good system if you play D3 for the first time – so you can always try something new while lvl’ing. Its not that good if you re-rolling your char for 2nd, 3rd, 4th… time(HC for example, or *just for fun*). Better crafting system that can give us a chance to craft items with special affix setups to buff certain skills-builds could have fix this problem and let us play the way we want thru the whole game.(AH will help with this to … eventually)
    ! And dont tell me that it will be unbalanced and broken. This game IS NOT BALANCED IN ANY WAY) – and it should’nt be balanced. Its freagin low-skill click-click treasure slot-machine kind of game, where all that matters is efficiency in monster killing speed and some luck in random drops/crafts!

    4. We need more random events and better Quest rewards!
    – More unique encounters allover the game and especially in the side quests! Bosses that can spawn in those dungeons should have unique models, animations and abilities, not just damn unique names!
    * who cares for those names? – its not cool at all!!! We need some moment of suspense and excitement when we encounter something rare and cool!
    – Side quests should have some great and UNIQUE rewards! Not just pathetic Gold/Exp combo! Think of unique NPC with “add socket ability” (random 3-4lvl dungeon that have only 10% chance to spawn! and only 25% chance for that NPC to spawn in the end of this dungeon. He can add socket only to 1 item for each player in party, but it costs a LOT of gold. If there is no NPC than u getting some cool buff for 10-30 minutes.)
    > 10-30 min buffs quest rewards examples: movespeed/dodge/crit hit damage/resource generation/hp regeneration/power-blast ability(cool explosion around your char say every 10 sec or so… and lots of other cool stuff like that!)
    – We need more secrets in this game. Some of them should be really hard to achieve/unlock. Think of the stuff like in FinalFantasy7-10 series…

    5. Difficulty levels and End game
    – You guys let us have a lot of rare drops at lvl60 tnx to NV system, so we have that illusion of better quality drops at end game – OK! For those who does’t understand ill explain: you get a lot of rares and your happy! yeee!! But for balance sake 98% of them is a total crap ofc. So when we going back to town, we have 50-100% of inventory space filled with crappy unidentified rare items, and then we have to identify all that shit… Ok! But at least make time needed to identify the item at lvl 60 for 50-70% faster! because its NOT FUN to waste so much time just to identify all those items…
    – Let us have guaranteed rare drops from Act-Bosses when we kill them for the 1st time at every difficulty lvl!!!
    – Inferno concept is completly lame!!! You made monsters incredibly strong out there – OK! Let me use my CC skills effectively out there, why cut them down to the ground where i need them the most??? Instead of giving us at Inferno 7 skill slots instead of 6 to make gameplay more interesting and dynamic because in longer fights we have more stuff on cooldowns, so we need bigger arsenal to compensate. You guys made most of the skill’s less useful out there! and made it just another GearCheck! Go thru the game 4 times and act almost completely the same! – WTF Blizz!?!? Where is your damn philosophy “Easy to play – Hard to master?”
    * So instead of make Inferno more Fun, more Dynamic and more Compelling you guys just decided to nerf it to the point that it become almost a nobrainer… just get a lots of ResAll and LoH – and this is *Hard to master*, LoL!)) Add some new abilities for the monsters out there! Make it so the fights last only a little bit longer but they should be a little bit more dynamic out there!!!

    7. Boss fights, Story and Game Design
    – Blizzard is certainly a great bunch of developers! But D3 is so fucking lacking as an action game of 2012! Story is dumb, almost no cool and rememberable NPC’s, old cool characters was dumbed down or not used in story of original D3(Tyrael, Cain, Natalia…) our characters story lines are weak and become completely blurred after 1st quest! Quests and rewards are bland. Random and scripted events – i would say that they are just weak… Just go play/look at God Of War 1,2,3 or Uncharted gameplay and scenes to get the idea of what could have happened in D3 on the screen when we encounter some Unique mobs or Act bosses! Even taking in consideration isometric camera! Boses could have show up on the screen in a much more interesting way! Say we lose control over our char/camera only for the 1st playthrough – later on every thing is going dynamically w/o taking of us control of a character. Just like Skeleton King Encounter for example! Bosses could be immune to damage while cut scene is played – but i dont want to lose control of my char! I dont want to lose immersion.
    – Boss fights! I want Diablo to be able to crush every thing on the screen including pillars, crystals, walls, floor and stuff while i fight him! Diablo that just running around a bit and teleporting time-to-time is just weak design, its uncreative and not epic at all! So do Belial!

    P.S. Magda and Maiden of Lust is a total joke… they just doesn’t fit in this game, from both story and gameplay POV’s.
    P.P.S. Ghom writing notes – is a funny stuff 2!!!xDDDD

    8. Social stuff and AH
    – We need some place when we can see and interact with each other!!! Where we can showcase 1 of our chars and show his banner and look to others. Im not interested to make my char to look cool if no 1 can see it…

    – Make additional game mode(maybe as the option for HC characters only) where players can access AH only as a quest reward or something! Say all side quests rewards can have rare chance to give you a ticket(s) that let you use AH to buy/sell items! Those tickets can be quite rare and/or expensive! So those players will be able to actually play the game and try to get more items on their own instead of just buy every single item on AH.

    • I enjoy long well though out posts that detail everything that is still wrong with this game. No seriously… I really do. The long the light gets shed on these issues the faster the fixes will come.

  50. I earned the “Smash, Jay, Smash!” achievement a few days ago, I killed the Unburied Jay Wilson in “Development Hell”…

    Now that’s endgame content!

  51. I’m sure it was an improvement but I’m not sure just how much of an improvement it was. To me, it seems like they just added random (and mostly, unreliably useless) proc effects to most of them. At least they boosted most of the base stats too. I’d like to see more legendaries with unique properties that make them great for certain builds and hence worth collecting – d2 did a great job of that in my opinion.

  52. Welcome back Azzure. I too am enjoying the changes. Gives a nice meaning to spending your time at 60.

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