Something Awful has contributed a comedy piece purporting to answer that very question. They’ve got (fake) emails from various imaginary Blizzard employees on the issue, which you may find amusing to read. Here are a couple of their “quotes” from the Diablo team:

    “We were actually ready to send the gold master out last month, but it turns out somewhere along the line spellcheck turned every instance of ‘Diablo’ into ‘Dublin’. Right now we’re regrouping figuring out whether we want to start the whole thing from scratch or just roll with it and rework the graphics/story to go all-out Gaelic with what we’ve got.”
    Eric Hiccupcure
    Diablo III Speedboat Physics Consultant

    “A few weeks ago one of our testers told us, ‘You guys do realize that there’s no such thing as magic in real life, right?’ and we’ve been scrambling to rework the majority of the skills ever since.”
    Skeet Faultline
    Diablo III Test Animal Wrangler

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