Why are there no “Live Adventurers?”

dead-adventurer05If you’ve thoroughly explored Acts One and Two, you’ve no doubt noticed a veritable plague of clickable sword or spear + shield wielding corpses, scattered variably around the levels. You find them on the surface and in dungeons, near waypoints and far from escape, near dungeon entrances and off in the boondocks. They’re Dead Adventurers, and the tragedy of it is that there don’t seem to be any live versions of them.

You see lots of living NPCs in towns, and sometimes in the dungeons, but they’re all lost guards or cowardly soldiers or fearless merchants; never do you meet any aspiring adventurers like yourself. It’s as though your Nephalem ventures forth into the world once all of the brave humans have already perished, generally after collecting just a stack or two of gold and maybe a junky blue item. (No wonder they died.)

Worse yet, none of them are found in Act Three. Try as they might, none appeared able to progress past Belial (giving them something in common with most Ironborn Hardcore characters.)

There are many other fallen non-heroes; dead villagers enough to populate a town, occasional deceased “plunderers” who usually went to their deaths foolishly gripping two-handed weapons, and other miscellaneous riffraff. But the greatest sorrow must attend the fallen Adventurers, who perished chasing their dreams.

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20 thoughts on “Why are there no “Live Adventurers?”

  1. I loved helping the Barbarian soldiers out in D2

    running around trying to find the “prisons” and free them is boring, but leading the charge up the Foothills is always fun

  2. Aren’t there huge numbers of ‘dead villagers’ in Act 1 as well? Sure as hell didn’t come from New Tristram, or if they did, there must be some massive slums off somewhere that we don’t get to visit in-game.

  3. What I always thought was weird is the dead bodies in unlikely places. A huge worm monster made a hole in the surface leading into a cave, with no other visible way in, people already died in there. The many ant 2 pocket realms as well as Zoltun Kulle’s shadow realm. How the hell did people get into there between when it was sealed and unsealed by the player?

    What’s even more crazy is that out of all the posts and stuff nobody referenced that internet meme about the ‘arrow to the knee’ as the explanations as to why there are so many dead adventurers.

    • I always feel bad for the ones right beside waypoints. Like there’s one by Leoric’s Manor waypoint who was just so close to escape. Pity, that.

  4. Live adventurers could’ve given additional side quests, acted as merchants, or given some meaningful backstory, you know, might’ve added a shred a depth to an otherwise shallow, bland, linear game. Blizzard would have none of it, therefor, they were dropped.

  5. I do recall in the cathedral in act 1 once or twice seeing a pack of live adventurers as you enter the room which has a circle at the center, two rooms above off to the right and left, and a narrow staircase that leads down to a short walk overlooked by a semicircular balcony. They are generally slaughtered fairly quickly by whatever it is that they are fighting.

    I should mention that I have only seen this two, maybe three times in all my play experience. It is most likely a random event that is extremely rare to spawn. Something akin to that dark cultist who you occasionally find rummaging through an old tome on a podium who, if memory serves, tries to buy you off with a few gold to leave him alone before finally attacking. I have only encountered that event two or three times as well.

  6. This isn’t quite the whole story…
    First of all, there are live adventurers… we call them followers.
    Second of all, there are folks roaming about (good/bad) such as that cathedral wizard in A1 whose book may not be touched at all cost or he’ll go batsy on you
    Third of all, I often encounter a certain Mister G. Lin… he seems to be packing a lot and is quite fast at running….

  7. Most probably they all died from D\C.
    As for why there are no live ones, Belial (the Lord of Lies, that is) told them Path of Exile and Torchlight II are better so they left to those realms, never to be heard from again…
    Some still can be found in the Caldeum whorehouses though, waiting indefinitely for the itemization patch.

  8. I think it would be pretty cool to see an adventurer every now and then fighting the mobs and either dying or joining you for a little while until they die. Heck, maybe even have them as one of the 5 classes (but obviously not as a Nephalem lol).

  9. Act 2, Stinging winds, Necromancer NPC.. He is alive and well, and thus there is at least 1 adventurer.. And a hint for expansion probably.

  10. On this regarding Adventurers, I always laugh how you need to be Nephalem to get into the Drowned Temple and then the ‘special place’ where the shard is kept but Magda turns up and spawns human dark zealots.

    • The perils of posting something humorous; the certainty of comment from a reader without a sense of humor.

      I believe you refer to the “lost guards or cowardly soldiers” referenced above…

    • Moronic comment. Oh, and not to forget, there are live Morons roaming all over the realm.

  11. I like the humorous posts as it breaks up the discussion. I’m not into HC very much but I really like reading ‘One life to live’, some people need to lighten up and relaise we’re talking about a $60 game.

  12. I like the humorous posts as it breaks up the discussion. I’m not into HC very much but I really like reading ‘One life to live’ for example, some people need to lighten up and realize we’re talking about a $60 game.

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