Why are Seasonal Legendary Items Kept Separate?

A fan asked a question that I initially frowned at, but after a moment of thought it’s not so weird an idea after all.

Why not let us send things from season to non now?

Think about it a slow steady stream of items going over instead of everyones going over in 1 go at the end of the season….? This way stuff you do not need in the season can be used today in non season if you are playing both….this also doesn’t hurt the season ladder since you can’t send stuff the opposite way.
Tyvalir: You make some good points here.

One of the main reasons we have your Seasonal inventory roll over at the conclusion of the Season, rather than at-will, is that we’d like players to experience a given Season as a cohesive package, from Season start to Season finish. We also want to avoid situations where players are just farming Seasons for the new Legendary items since they’re part of the reward scheme.

Players who venture into Seasonal play are intended to get a shot at these items early, so allowing players to bring them over at-will to their non-Seasonal profile before they’re added to the normal item pool would undermine that reward and break the intended immersion that an active Season provides.

I’m for Seasons being kept separate, but I can see the argument the other way. As Tyvalir said, if people can send stuff back any time then they’d just farm seasons for gear for their normal accounts. That wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing if the whole system was set up to support it and everyone knew that going in, but it would kind of defeat the purpose of having Seasons be a special, different category of thing.

I’m curious enough about fan opinions on this to include a vote, though.

How should special Seasonal Legendary items be handled?

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We’ve been debating some other seasons issues lately, so we should have another vote on some other Seasonal issues later today.


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  1. How about send items back at any time as long as they aren't season-only?

  2. Need an option for Don’t care because I will likely only play seasons from here on out.

  3. If the items could be brought over at any time that would actually be a legit reason for going in there. Since that is not possible, and you must wait until it ends before you get the items on your real characters you're better off skipping the entire thing and just getting the items after the fact.

  4. Well, I answered "send them anytime" but I don't really care about seasons specific items, those could be disabled to be sent or unusable by non seasonnal character.

    My point is that for this season I decided to focus on characters I haven't played much so far (wd and monk) and happened to find barb and crusaders set items. I didn't salvaged them and kept them in my stash thinking that at the end of the season my non-season barb and crusader could use them. Why not to send them now anyway?

  5. I rolled a season Hunter, mainly to get the transmog. But shortly after I hit 70, a trifecta Marauder's gloves drops. Then two Nat's drop in two rifts. Then a Gift drops, Kadala gives me some sweet stuff w/ minimal shards, and quickly, my seasonal hunter has RoRG, 5/6 Marauder, and 3/4 Nat's in less than 50 hours. My regular Hunter is well over 200 hours and has one Marauder, two Nat's, and no RoRG.

    Of course, I also have tons and tons of random Dex leg gear all over the place, that I'm thinking of using on my non-season Monk. But it's clogged up almost everything in my stash, so I'm rolling a quick season Monk just to set up the gear and shard the rest. Yes, I'm rolling a character just b/c I can't transfer gear to the character I want. It's a crappy system, one made even worse w/ the limited character slots.

    Oh, and the reason I have to hoard so much damn gear is b/c I never have enough Souls or gems to enchant them all, b/c Myriam is the worst gambling RNG device Blizzard has thus devised (the Blacksmith is a close second). Gambling is gambling, but crafting is also gambling. GARBAGE.

  6. I would love some Krelm's on my non season HC monk but I will wait patiently for them.

  7. I'd love to know again what the % of Season to Non-Season players are, and what % of season players are just going to go straight onto the next 1. So to them it doesn't matter.

    Why would you play to hand down when your just going to keep playing the next season. Seasons wrecked D2 for me, and if it wasn't for the fact that i can't play right now because of my epilepsy, it would probably wrecked D3 as well. The ppl doing the season seem to find better stuff so fast its ridicules. Why do anything but?

    IMO, if your going to find items so fast, then they should take the Paragons out of the season since there is no finishing ladder when it comes to that (i think). Make Paragon Leveling a reason to play Non-Ladder.

    I'll probably get beaten to a pulp for saying all that!

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