Who Put Diablo 3 on Your B.net Account?

Blizzard did, apparently. As a few emailers and forums posters have noted, Diablo III is now showing as a title on many a Battle.net account. It’s not playable, and it’s not even beta access, sadly. Just a sort of advertisement to remind you of a future digital purchase.

So enjoy the sight of Diablo III on your account.. just don’t get too excited yet.

Update: As several commenters have testified, and as was already made clear in the original forum thread, this is not dependent upon a valid WoW subscription or on the “12 months of WoW = free digital D3.” Diablo III is showing up on the accounts of people who have no WoW access whatsoever.

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23 thoughts on “Who Put Diablo 3 on Your B.net Account?

  1. I’m assuming this is for players that have signed up to the WoW Annual Pass, since by doing so you get Diablo 3 for free.

  2. bam, my first post that actually got noticed by flux.

    yeah I don’t have anything to do with wow and I got that. I got really excited at first. then I got pretty pissed.
    blizz just d3rolled us all

  3. Will the digital purchase be available once the game is released?
    I have that “link” as well without subscribing the annual pass…

    • I would assume so. wasn’t starcraft 2? (I don’t own my own copy and never looked into this so if I’m wrong go ahead and correct me)

    • Yeah, SC2’s digital purchase was available at the same time as the boxed copy. In fact, IIRC you could pre-download and install the game so you were ready to play on the stroke of midnight.

  4. Its just Buy the World of Warcraft 1 year pass get a free copy of D3 and a couple of WoW extras.

    The account in the pic that guy brought the WoW pass hence the not available to Pre-Download text.

    • Actually, you don’t have to buy anything – only agree to stay subbed the next 12 months – if you’re an active WoW player, there’s nothing to lose.

    • Judging by the fact SC2 is not shown at all (I first assumed it simply shows all major franchises) it definitely has to do with Annual Pass. It offers one for WoW subsribers, and just teases other players.

      • yeah but interestingly enough, when you go to download game clients, it has starcraft 2 on there regardless of having the game or not (at least it did for me)

  5. Blizzard sure knows how to piss off their fans. Monday means beta test invites, I saw that D3 icon and waited with baited breath to be able to download my copy. Then the words “coming soon” flashed across the screen and I lost it… I don’t need a friggin reminder that Diablo 3 is coming soon and I sure as hell don’t need it staring back at me from my account to remind me now that whenever I want to see if I get a beta invite I have to see the words “coming soon.” Thanks for nothing Blizz…

  6. DownfallX, bro your hugely mistaken.
    “yeah but interestingly enough, when you go to download game clients, it has starcraft 2 on there regardless of having the game or not (at least it did for me)”
    thats the “Starter Edition” it says so right below the name of Starcraft 2, im pretty sure it’s Free to play.. some of it. ➡ *See the asterisk

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