Whimsyshire Explained

Bashiok replied to a couple of questions in a forum thread, and shared some info about the creation of the DiabloWikiWhimsyshire secret level. This info was revealed previously, during development, but if you weren’t following D3 back then it might be news to you today. And even if it’s not, we all get such a warm glow from reading anything DiabloWikiBashiok writes that I can’t pass up the opportunity to share some of his wit and wisdom.

I don’t see how rainbows, ponies, teddybears and flowers fit into any part of Diablo 3.
Art controversy fan-rage.
Bashiok: When we originally announced Diablo III we took flak from some players who thought the game was too bright and colorful (!), and the inclusion of a rainbow at a waterfall was just all too much to take. We of course did not agree, we think the game is awesome looking, and the whole topic was really hammered into the ground for a long while after that. A year or so later we printed up shirts with the rainbows/ponies and wore them to BlizzCon as a joke. People unanimously loved them, and we actually ended up selling them at BlizzCon last year.

We knew we were going to do a ‘hidden’ level, like the cow level, and so we essentially adapted that shirt into a level and showed everyone what ‘bright and colorful’ actually means. 🙂

Bashiok will you make whimyshire a more fun place to play? Make it something like vault of the assassins or better. Lotsa elites. I’m getting tired of A3.
Bashiok: Eh, we don’t really want the secret for-fun level to be the best place to farm. Cows in D2 was for quite a long time, and we don’t want to see a repeat. The silly joke shouldn’t be the focus of the game.

Refer to the DiabloWikiArt Controversy article if you missed the 2008-2009 color controversy. I must note that Bashy is not quite correct here, in that the devs did adjust and change the look of D3 quite a bit after that early reveal. Not so much in color or hue, but in terms of making the world look much grittier and dirtier and more gothic and messy, after many fans felt it was too clean and neat in the early reveal. (Personally, I think they would have done a lot of that anyway, and wrote an article back in 2009 arguing that they would have changed it anyway.)

Besides the pics in the Art Controversy article, we’ve got a whole gallery of D3 controversy images, most of them fan-created protest images from the days of the “too colorful!” debate, many of them quite amusing… assuming you’re not an artist on the Diablo III dev team.

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    28 thoughts on “Whimsyshire Explained

    1. After reading that, I finally took the time to go check this thing out and it was damned hilarious. I actually laughed out loud while playing it and had a blast disintegrating teddy bears. And the cup cakes as health globes! Oh man. It’s absolutely brilliant. +1 Blizz.

    2. what actually happen with the level from the first demo show of back then, i liked it, also why there is no such level as the stage where you go for tyrael after you killed the butcher, this lvl looks sick.

    3. We liked farming the cow level because it was actually fun, not because it was required. I mean killing cows with giant axes? What’s not fun about that? Whymsishyre needs more monsters and needs to drop better loot because right now it’s pretty damn boring and it’s supposed to be harder than Act 4.

      I mean, who wants to farm Act 3 all the time? Not me.

    4. Note to Bashiok – The game is still too bright and colorful while Whimsywhatever is a slap in the face to the Diablo franchise.

      • Darkd3.com fixes that. Seems to be offline atm though.
        The “normal’ setting with sharpness makes diablo look like diablo.

        It has a quick switch to turn it on and off and u can see how turd it usually looks compared.

    5. Inb4 allegations of slaps to the face, spitting on fans, spiteful developers and fanbase mocking.

      Grow some damn skin.

        • Actually I just checked my disk drive and Diablo 3 did not, in fact, retroactively destroy Diablo 1 and 2.

          I believe you’ve been misinformed.

          • Heh, are you mentally late? He’s saying they killed the franchise itself, not the games on your disk. Wow!

            • that kinda went waaaay over your head there champ. maybe try not skipping meals and eat lotsa nuts and healthy stuff. helps keep the ole gears moving..

    6. Some of the edited screenshots look so much better it’s not even funny. The game looks stunning and involving with more natural colors.

    7. “Warm glow from reading anything Bashiok says” (see: flames)? Hahaha, what is that? Doing a 180 turn? The site isn’t economically viable enough anymore?

    8. lol, so The team makes fun out of the comments and views of members of their fansbase. Well done, well done. I thought input was important. OK I knew they lie anyway, they just want input they need to have in order to make a game more successfull and sellable.

    9. wtf? really? this? I mean, come ON. The horse in question is not just dead.. its practically rotting, disintegrating and putrefying into disgusting horse soup and people are still beating on it?

      • How you like them nuts, kid?

        Awwww. Don’t read the articles if they upset your fanboy mind. It’s as simple as that. 😀

        • How’s your lack of nuts, kid?

          Awww. Don’t try so hard to join the conversation, it’ll hurt your semi-literate mind. Simple as that 🙂

    10. What’s up with the caption “Gayness”? It’s 2012. People still say that? I’m as straight as an arrow and feel it’s an unnecessary description.

      • I’m fine with it. Not because I’m okay with it being used as a derogatory term, but because it makes me feel more assured that those who got upset about it in the first place are, well, dumb.

    11. \Cows in D2 was for quite a long time, and we don’t want to see a repeat. The silly joke shouldn’t be the focus of the game.\ -Bashiok

      Yet they have been repeating the 8-player command and a lot of other D2 features that were previously successful?

      This Bashiok guy continues to prove how much of an idiot he really is when it comes to this whole Diablo 3 thing. People say they’re getting tired of farming Act 3, and want a legit alternative and he’s telling them they’re wrong. Instead of telling fans they’re wrong, how about listening to them for a change?

    12. also you have to remember, this is the guys that have this self importance as hey we made the best selling d3 ever by ourselves.. and f that loser and im sure plenty of other comments behind the scenes..

      so does it really surprise you they added wimycrap to the game just to shove it in your face and say haha see what we did?

      they sure showed us.. showed us how we liked to play.. showed us all sorts of things.. we gonna show them the lack of xpac funds probably.. we shall see..

    13. You mean they couldn’t handle criticism during development stages? So instead of listening they got butt hurt, wasted a bunch of time on a pointless level instead of making the game good.

    14. OK so you dont want it to be the focus of the game then why the hell did you make us spend crap load of gold to upgrade it to inferno level?!

    15. There is no meaning in arguing over the D3 look/feel. But path of exile is the way, or in the correct direction, of what D3 should look like imo. Realistic, not cartoonish.

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