Since our recent “do you have a Hellfire Ring?” vote/survey produced such interesting results, let’s try it again. A fan asked if other players picked up blue (magical) items and got a blue reply, along with a bunch of (mostly “no”) fan replies.

    So I was playing with my cousins the other day and they don’t pick up any blue items on their runs. I figured you go back a bit more but its worth selling them. Is it worth the extra trip to pick up blue items and sell them or is it a waste of valuable farming time?
    Grimiku: I almost never intentionally pick up blues on my normal characters unless I’m going back to town and I have inventory space, but I always pick them up when I’m soloing on my Hardcore characters.

    My general rule for looting during group play is to simulate whatever they’re doing. If they are frequently going back to town, then it’s probably a good idea to grab blues, but if they want to spend as much time in the field as possible, then I get more selective about what I pick up.

    If you’re playing for fun or DiabloWikiIronborn, you’re not worried about profits from selling stuff; you just want to find upgrades and meet your own costs (gold and mats) for gem upgrades and crafting. Most (?) players today are not Ironborn though. Most of us are playing on Inferno, and we’re interested in finding upgrades, but also in finding gear to sell for gold to buy upgrades. In that state you’re picking up gear for your own needs, but also with at least one eye on the potential sale value, which is where market knowledge and evaluation (Rares vs. Legs vs. Crafted in a given slot) and probability comes in.

    The main consideration when seeking profit is time vs. gold. Picking up blues and all Rares and selling or salvaging them yields steady gold, but would spending that same time killing monsters yield greater profits? That depends on a lot of factors, including your killing speed, Magic Find, Gold Find, Monster Power, etc. The biggest X-factor is the chance of a big drop, since at any moment you could find a high quality item that will sell for more, all by itself, than every blue you pick up between now and the end of the year. And obviously you’ve got a lot better odds of finding that if you’re mowing down monsters, rather than standing in town making small talk with not-Griswold.

    So, what’s worth picking up now? This is a multiple option vote; click as many boxes as apply to your usual play style and let’s see what you guys are bothering to upclick these days.

    Select every box that fits your usual Diablo 3 item pickup habits.

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