Over at the official site they’re asking what format you prefer for Diablo 3 developer interviews, presumably to shape their upcoming presentations of such things. In addition to the vote they’re looking for comments and suggestions, so check these out:

    In addition to voting, please also elaborate on what you think makes for a successful (or unsuccessful) interview: Some examples include:

  • What topics interest you most?
  • Why do you prefer the format you voted on?
  • What sites, podcasts, or streamers are your primary sources of Diablo news?
  • What sites, podcasts, or streamers have conducted the most compelling interviews in the past?
  • In a single interview do you most prefer one-on-one, multiple people asking questions, or multiple developers answering questions?
  • Keep in mind this is specifically about press and fansite interviews with developers, and not public Q&As. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, and we certainly plan to host more Q&As in the future.

    If you guys are at all interested in getting good info and interviews, I’d encourage you to hit the post and put in your requests. Also, feel free to mention this site as a useful source of info and if I may be so bold… nominate me, via the Diablo 3 Podcast, to conduct an interview! I’ve done nearly 90 Diablo 3 podcasts, all of them conversations/interviews of a sort, and you guys know I’m knowledgeable about the subject, and that I won’t shy from asking challenging questions and follow ups of the devs. I’d love to do it and I think we’d get some awesome material (about the game and more) via a conversation with some of the developers or community managers.

    Also, that’s my vote for format; conversation. When I hear an interview I much prefer if it’s a podcast-type conversation, rather than just a list of questions and answers. It’s interesting to hear some of the personality and sense of humor, and that format allows for follow ups, digressions into interesting side points, and more. We got a bunch of interviews with Diablo 3 devs right around the time the game was released, when they were relaxed and not in a rush to give quick answers to the same 10 questions they’d heard every day for a month, and those interviews/conversations were much more enlightening and interesting than the usual quickies.

    I’d love to see some more like those during this interim, before Blizzard announces D3X and the hype machine starts up with endless interviews, all purposed purely to spread publicity about whatever is the newest-revealed feature of the upcoming game.

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