Which Diablo 3 Class Do Other Developers Pick First?

PC Gamer asked a bunch of industry dudes which class they’d be playing first in Diablo III, and posted their answers in article form. Here are a few of the quotes, and I added up all their replies at the bottom.

Witch Doctor – Max Schaefer, CEO, Runic Games
“I’m rolling a Witch Doctor because it’s the weirdest class. I usually end up just wanting to mash things, so I’ll go Barbarian eventually, but my first will be a Witch Doctor for sure.”

Barbarian – Travis Baldree, President, Runic Games
“I was going to say a Wizard, but who am I kidding. I’m going to have to take a Barbarian out first time. Smashing things until they aren’t things anymore is a special pleasure, and I really, really like axes.”

Demon Hunter – Markus “Notch” Persson
“Surely the best way to fight the hordes of hell is to not even get close to them? Thankfully loot is individual, so I might actually get some equipment this time.”

Monk – John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment
“I’m going Monk. I love the hand-to-hand combat and getting up close and personal. I’m also going to see how many hours I can stay up and play! I’ll be on at midnight for sure!”

Finally tally, not counting Jay Wilson’s vote: Barbarian 3, Demon Hunter 2, Monk 5, Witch Doctor 2, Wizard 3. This isn’t real representative of the community as a whole, from the votes I’ve seen thus far, but such are the hazards of small sample sizes. As i keep saying, we’ll have the definitive poll on this starting early Monday morning. You’ll need to make a decision by then, too. Anyone who picks, “still haven’t decided” in that one will be hazed mercilessly.

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14 thoughts on “Which Diablo 3 Class Do Other Developers Pick First?

    • Well obviously Jay deserves an opinion, even if he’s wrong about his char choice, but the article was supposed to be non-bliz people picking, based on limited knowledge. It’s not fair when he enters; he blows the curve.

      It’s like when the CMs join in those “first char play through” threads. They have already played through the whole game many times… just b/c they’re doing it post-release doesn’t  mean it’s their “first” char, in any sense of the word that the rest of us who have seen only the tiniest bit of act one are using the word.

      • Oh, I didn’t even mean that – I don’t believe it is his favorite character at all.  He had to pick a character to write about with their little essay question (previous post) – and I think I remember him listing a different character as his favorite at a previous blizzcon.  I think the crew literally just drew straws.

  1. Hey, the range is from 2 votes to 5 votes. That is amazingly even 😉 I’m always impressed by the fact is that there really isn’t an overwhelming winner or loser.

  2. Demon Hunter – Markus “Notch” Persson

    +1 Notch
    “Thankfully loot is individual, so I might actually get some equipment this time.”

    Damn, I guess that’s “+2 Notch”. I didn’t have the lightening reflexes of a thirteen year old twitch gamer when D1 came out. I never got the fat loots.

    You and me Notch, we’re gonna be rich this time.

    • I think you were supposed to say: Fanboy 😉

      Anyway I´ll probably start out with the demon hunter to begin with, but eventually I want to play the barb. 

  3. Flux, don’t even make “I haven’t decided yet.” an option on the poll here.

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