PC Gamer asked a bunch of industry dudes which class they’d be playing first in Diablo III, and posted their answers in article form. Here are a few of the quotes, and I added up all their replies at the bottom.

    Witch Doctor – Max Schaefer, CEO, Runic Games
    “I’m rolling a Witch Doctor because it’s the weirdest class. I usually end up just wanting to mash things, so I’ll go Barbarian eventually, but my first will be a Witch Doctor for sure.”

    Barbarian – Travis Baldree, President, Runic Games
    “I was going to say a Wizard, but who am I kidding. I’m going to have to take a Barbarian out first time. Smashing things until they aren’t things anymore is a special pleasure, and I really, really like axes.”

    Demon Hunter – Markus “Notch” Persson
    “Surely the best way to fight the hordes of hell is to not even get close to them? Thankfully loot is individual, so I might actually get some equipment this time.”

    Monk – John Smedley, President, Sony Online Entertainment
    “I’m going Monk. I love the hand-to-hand combat and getting up close and personal. I’m also going to see how many hours I can stay up and play! I’ll be on at midnight for sure!”

    Finally tally, not counting Jay Wilson’s vote: Barbarian 3, Demon Hunter 2, Monk 5, Witch Doctor 2, Wizard 3. This isn’t real representative of the community as a whole, from the votes I’ve seen thus far, but such are the hazards of small sample sizes. As i keep saying, we’ll have the definitive poll on this starting early Monday morning. You’ll need to make a decision by then, too. Anyone who picks, “still haven’t decided” in that one will be hazed mercilessly.

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