If you were one of the lucky fans who won a Blizzcon ticket from us, or any other fansite, and you’re wondering when you will receive confirmation from Blizzard, Bashiok posted some info you’ll find of interest.

    Bashiok: Badge bar codes will be sent to all non-attendees (fansites, press, contest winners, etc.) on August 14th.

    “Non Attendees”? Is there a big difference between me who won a ticket and someone who bought a ticket?

    Bashiok: No, just how the badges are approved and when they’re sent out. It’s a normal attendee badge, you just didn’t buy it on the website like normal folk.

    Elsewhere, Bashiok helped hijack a thread with more Blizzcon commentary. It doesn’t sound like we’ll see much of him loitering around the show this year.

    Blizzcon is in 10 days.

    Bashiok: WHY IS IT SO SOON

    I should specify that the D3 team is solid with everything they’re working on for the show, I’m just dealing with community and at-show event type stuff. I always want to be able to chat people up but this year I’m behind the curtain, figuratively and literally. But, it’s all for the fans attending. Hopefully they enjoy the show. I’ll have time to lounge around and talk to people at PAX.

    And of course, Ozzy is going to be at BlizzCon. Which is ridiculously awesome. Best BlizzCon ever?

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