Interesting artistic presentation on Joystiq, as a writer used a mouse-tracking program to follow his control movements through a short game of Diablo III, and shared the visuals. The article itself isn’t that great, but the pics are quite interesting. I included a couple in this post; click to the article for many more, plus the explanations.

    Thanks to MalmerDK for the tip, who remembers that we posted something exactly like this years ago, though I was unable to find it with a quick search.

    Tristram Cathedral
    Demon Hunter – Level 33 / Nightmare Difficulty
    Section Completion: 11:16

    With a focus on ranged attacks, my mouse tracks for the Cathedral [above, red outline indicates character position] show a wide radius of attack. Usually, I would plant my Sentry into the ground, hole up in a section of the map and fire into the distance. Every section of the Cathedral was explored in this run and I was partnered with the AI-controlled Templar to ensure success. [Non-overlay path image]

    Using a program that maps mouse movements as a heat map, it’s easy to see how far out of the center position my cursor would focus on to attack enemies.

    How many of you guys bought new mice for Diablo III? How many have broken them already, either by wear and tear or by using it as a projectile after a 10th consecutive death and forced full replay thanks to those poison meteors you find at the end of Act Two?

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