Where Has Your Mouse Been?

Interesting artistic presentation on Joystiq, as a writer used a mouse-tracking program to follow his control movements through a short game of Diablo III, and shared the visuals. The article itself isn’t that great, but the pics are quite interesting. I included a couple in this post; click to the article for many more, plus the explanations.

Thanks to MalmerDK for the tip, who remembers that we posted something exactly like this years ago, though I was unable to find it with a quick search.

Tristram Cathedral
Demon Hunter – Level 33 / Nightmare Difficulty
Section Completion: 11:16

With a focus on ranged attacks, my mouse tracks for the Cathedral [above, red outline indicates character position] show a wide radius of attack. Usually, I would plant my Sentry into the ground, hole up in a section of the map and fire into the distance. Every section of the Cathedral was explored in this run and I was partnered with the AI-controlled Templar to ensure success. [Non-overlay path image]

Using a program that maps mouse movements as a heat map, it’s easy to see how far out of the center position my cursor would focus on to attack enemies.

How many of you guys bought new mice for Diablo III? How many have broken them already, either by wear and tear or by using it as a projectile after a 10th consecutive death and forced full replay thanks to those poison meteors you find at the end of Act Two?

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18 thoughts on “Where Has Your Mouse Been?

  1. Haven’t bought a new mouse, but I did have a mouse-related death when all of a sudden my wireless mouse batteries died mid-playthrough. At first I thought it was a server issue (It’s always Blizzard’s fault right?) but when the cursor wouldn’t move, figured it out.  It was kind of funny actually, but if I ever play hardcore I’m definitely going to get a wired mouse.

  2. This is the first pc game I’ve seriously contemplated buying a gaming mouse for.  I currently have a wireless logitech mouse with 5 buttons, two of which are tiny little buttons up near the scroll wheel.  It’s not the easiest thing to use when there are skills assigned to them, but after a couple of days of making the best of it with them, I actually do pretty well.

    • What keys would you program to your mouse buttons? For Diablo 3, it seems like I only use the keys 1, 2, 3, 4, the two mouse buttons, and Q to use potions. I use I for Inventory once in a while, but that’s pretty much it.

  3. Mouse is holding up better than my hand/fingers TBH.  Have to do finger stretches during item sell breaks.   😛

  4. With a little photo editing here and there, those could make good abstract images… o_o

    • Yep they would TBH I like the look of the 1st one in Black and white, all it looks like it needs doing to it is the edges smudged/blurred IMO.

  5. My Inferno stopped accepting clicks int he middle of my first try at Act I boss. I could move the cursor around the screen, and still do my action bar skills, but I couldn’t left or right click. Died so quickly XD Luckily I have back-up gaming mice but that was quite nerve wracking I assure you.

  6. Had to get a mouse a year or so ago and its a nice razor deathadder so it is kinda considered a gaming mouse without those 14 buttons ont he side just 2 side buttons and it works well in other games like skyrim. Mouse fared rather well with the Diablo 3 open beta when I was able to get in will be getting a new pc and will keep this mouse for it and use the mouse and keyboard that comes with it for my spare pc that wont have a keyboard and mouse becuase the current ones on the spare which are both a $3 mouse and $3 keyboard from logitech will be going to the pc I am currently on which will be my new HTPC since it can easily handle 720p unlike my current HTPC. The current HTPC will be a spare linux box for those that need to use the internet since linux is prataclly virus poof right now and I wouldnt have to worry about anyone screwing it up.

  7. Got myself a Razer Naga for the occasion 🙂 I’s really sweet having all those buttons to play around with. On a more pressing note, where can I get the mouse tracking software? 🙂

  8. My 5 year old Logitech was on the fringe of dying (every 4-5 of my clicks the mouse would double or triple click) so I went ahead and got a new mouse. I got one of the Diablo 3 mice from SteelSeries. It’s actually a pretty decent mouse and the theme is always nice. It doesn’t have 15 buttons, “super grip”, or some weird ergonomic shape. It handles well, has as many buttons as I like (left/right, wheel click, and two by the thumb–but the mouse has 3 additional that I won’t use), and feels good in the hand.
    Easily better than a Naga or any wireless mouse out there.

    • I also bought a Diablo III mouse, pleased with it in every aspect.  The way I click during boss fights (HC) I think their claim about durability is probably true.  The quality is there and I think it will last a long time. I was coming from a Razer Lachesis that decided to brick itself during a firmware update.  I’m probably never buying a Razer product again.

      • I certainly wouldn’t go that far. I have a Razer keyboard that I absolutely love and some of the more simple Razer mice are pretty good. That said, I don’t know if I’d want a mouse other than the D3 one.

  9. I have the Razer Deathadder.  I like the fact it doesn’t have a bunch of buttoms (just 2 extras on the side).  I tend to use the keyboard for all actions and mouse for movement.  The egonomic design was weird at first, but after a day or two, it felt so comfortable placing my hand on it.

  10. I’m going to buy a Razer DeathAdder next week. I’m using my old MX518 at the moment. 🙂

  11. I got a Steelseries Sensei especially (well, mainly) for D3. I was using an MX1000 but it’s signal got screwed up for some reason.

    Funny thing is, as I dont use a mousepad, my desk is engraved now by my D3 antics. 

  12. Got Logitech G700 on board. Awesome choice, excellent working piece of mouse. Wireless, charging battery via USB.
    Really good mouse. IMHO best choice for DIII now, especially that you can assign SHIFT for button G4 😉 

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